4 roon 4 woon

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  • Title: 4 roon 4 woon/ 4 รุ่น 4วุ่น
  • Also Known As: 4 version 4 problems
  • Duration: 29 episodes
  • Genre:Sitcom
  • airtime:???
  • popularity:Top Rated
  • Broad Cast Network:Ch9
  • Broadcast Period:Feb 4,2012-May 13,2012
  • Theme Song: Her debut album NooNa by Noona Nuengthida Sopon

Production Credits

  • Production:add info here
  • Director:add info here
  • Screenwriter:add info here
  • Company Name:add info here



4 different people who are brothers and sisters besides Charlie played by [Noona Nuengthida Sopon] who was left in the front door of a family as the present Charlie[Noona] grows up with Khun Nai, P'Chang[Toni Rakkaen], and Chang Noi. Later on Charlie and P'Chang end up liking each other and end as boyfriend/girlfriend. to be continued with season 2 says Noona nuengthida and Toni Rakkaen\the cast of the show.


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