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Klar, or Klarissa in long; is the coolest most dorkiest HOTsauce of a Sarnies out there. She snoops around downloading stuff she shouldn't be because her hardrive is getting a little too full... and then yaps on the radio when she's bored. Her taste in music is as spectacular as her unique personality. (oh man whoever wrote that, please come forward so i can send you a check) At the moment, she currently is in search of a significant other, yes gentlemen, she is taking applications! (please one at a time...) Once you become acquainted with Klarissa, you will be intrigued by her charisma. *wink*

Klar is also known as the infamous DJ Naughty K, who never fails to play the latest jams on SaRnworld Radio.

She also loves to read trashy romance novels, the trashier the better.

The requirements for her men

1. Must be taller than her ( > 68 inches because she's 66 inches tall)
2. Must have a stable Job
3. No baggage older than 5 years old
4. Must know how to speak fluent english and their native tongue
5. Must love kids and pets
6. Must reside within the USA and be cleared by the gov't.
7. Must not have a criminal record of any kind, parking tickets and DUIs are ok
8. Must be born year of the Dog or Horse
9. Must like to eat because she loves to cook
10. Must like to not argue and just say yes to everything (must be VERY patient)
11. Must be able to live up to or do better then her novel's scenes.

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