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Sarath!!! She is also known as G.O.D. Meaning "Girl of Danger" She keeps her eyes on all of SarNWorld but, don't be fooled by her charisma and spankin' hot glasses, she's one hot mamma.


This young, gorgeous girl preys on the non-existent Korean men in the flashchat and offers spunk and excitement when she makes her rare appearances. She's a Big Bang LOVER, but knows that Suju is 10x better! She loves to cook for her lovely family, especially her niece.

SW authorities have attempted to catch her for her art of seduction, but have been unsuccessful.
Alias she has used in the past include the following:
2. G.O.D
3. Kermit
4. Stupid Cupid
5. SUSHi
8. Booger
9. Pocky

... list still pending...

If you are able to catch her... please report her to the proper authorities.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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