Nang Maew Pah

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Nang Maew Paa
Lakorn Name


  • Title: Nang Maew Pah
  • Also known as: นางแมวป่า (Wild Cat Girl)
  • Duration: How Many Episodes
  • Genre: drama
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm ???
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: 2000
  • Theme song: "Nang Maew Pah" Pusanisa Koompraewpan

Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director: Sayom Sungwariboot
  • Screenwriter:
  • Company Name: Dara Video



Nith lives with her mom and step-dad in a forest like village. Her step-father is like head of a robbers group. She’s learned to rob and con people ever since she was a little girl. She’s a tough person and very much like a tomboy.

Chaiya is a cop and he was just assigned to head the department in her town. He goes out and explore what he was faced with and his car gets stuck in mud. Nith comes along and she offers to help them. When she sees his gun she pretends to bump into him and takes it and rides off on her motorcycle. Chaiya then realized that his gun was missing and drives off to get her. After a wild goose chase he pins her and tells her that he is going to arrest her. She begs him not to and offers him a bribe that if he doesn’t she will let him kiss her. He kissed her and she pushed away surprised and promised to bring him the gun later that night.

She rides off with him looking at her. She returned the gun as promised and she also meets Chaiya’s fiancé, who is rich girl. You know what I mean, one that looks down on countryside and not as wealthy people. Anyway when she returns home her step-father is drunk and wants to take her as another one of his wives and tries to take her there and then. She refuses and hits him over the head with something. Causing her step-father to want to kill her and so he began a search for her with his men. There’s this one guy that is decent at heart and he let her go when he found her. (I will refer to him as her uncle later on)

She tells the police on her step-father’s intention to sell drugs I think or was it a robbery they were planning and Chaiya and his men goes in after them and they kill and arrest some people. As Chaiya goes after her step-father himself. Chaiya falls to the ground and her step-father shoots him once in the arm and gets ready to fire again but Nith came out and took Chaiya’s gun and shot her step-father but he escaped.

Chaiya was grateful to Nith for her help and wanted to help her out. So he offered to take her to the city. She accepts happy that she will get to go to school. She was going to go live with a distant relative of his. Who also happens to like Chaiya. Before she goes she goes to the beach with Chaiya, his sister, and fiancé. There his fiancé has one of her guy friends take advantage of Nith. Being that Nith is tuff she punches him and upset Chaiya and his fiancé. You can tell at this time that Nith liked Chaiya and Chaiya cared a lot of Nith. She also meets a Prince who is very fond of her.

She was sent to go live with his relative and they were very harsh on her. Treating her like she was nothing. One day his fiancé comes over and talks trash about Nith and Nith fires up and she punches her after his fiancé tried to hurt her first. She goes to tell Chaiya that Nith hit her. Chaiya angered came and talked to Nith and told her off. She was going to leave but Chaiya stopped her. But after his fiancé told her that she was trouble for Chaiya she did leave. She met a lot a trouble before she got home. A sex crazed man and a lesbian.

When she got home she hid from Chaiya when he came to get her. The prince also came and she agreed to go live with him. Chaiya saw her once again at this party and he was fascinated by her new beauty and angry at the same time that she agreed to go live with the prince and hid from him. So the story goes on as them fighting a lot cause of jealousy. But one or the other will always go see the other. As well as the fiancé trying to get rid of Nith on many occasions. Including having someone rape. She also has another enemy which is her step-father and mother. Who kidnapped her. At one point the prince asked her to marry him and she didn’t know what to do so she went to ask Chaiya. He was jealous and yelled at her, saying that she didn’t need to show off to him that she was going to become a princess. She slapped him and he kissed her and just as he was about to tell her that he didn’t want her to marry the prince, which were the words that Nith wanted to hear, his fiancé came and slapped Nith. So she accepted the proposal. With Nith in his heart Chaiya also decided that it was time for him and his fiancé to get married.

When she was kidnapped she thought that she will never be rescued so she wrote a note to Chaiya telling him how much she loved him. Chaiya kept that letter close to his heart. He succeeded in rescuing Nith and when he brought up the letter she said that she was just writing whatever for fun. We also find out that Nith was kidnapped when she was younger and that her real parents were wealthy and never stopped thinking about her. In fact they were right under her nose. She had met them on several occasion cause she knew their niece-in-law. So she was reunited with her parents.

She was also to be married soon. Chaiya was growing depressed day to day. His girlfriend was also unfaithful to him. She once again tried to kill Nith but Chaiya came in time to save her. It was nearing Nith’s wedding day and Chaiya went outside to think and Nith followed him. He was reading the note that she wrote him and the two talked. Later the price came out and found the note and read it. The next day he went to Chaiya’s house and showed Chaiya the letter and they tried to explain themselves but he said it wasn’t necessary and handed her over to him. So on their wedding day his fiancé came and tried to kill Nith again but was taken to the mental hospital. They walked out together hand in hand to the doorway, smiled at one another and hugged knowing they loved each other.

source: ThaiFanutic Galaxy

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