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  • Title: Sor Sam Sai (ซอสามสาย)
  • Also known as: Three Stringed Violin
  • Duration:
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Popularity:
  • Air time:
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period:
  • Theme song: *Opening Title
  • Theme song: Ending Title:

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This lakorn revolves around Saeng's (Pu Montri) three sons. The eldest son is Aroon (Dodo), the middle is Tinnakorn (Pete), and the

youngest is Tawan (Off). Saeng is a music director as well as a musician. Back in the days, he was a very famous director, along

with Kaekai's father, Khun Kane, who is a composer. It was through during one of his concerts that Saeng met his wife, who is the

daughter of a very wealthy family. However, her family hates him because he is poor and thinks he is a low life good for nothing

musician. The two get married anyway and have three sons. One day, when all of their kids were little, the mother dies in a house

fire leaving Saeng to raise his three sons alone.

All three sons grow up to be handsome men with different personalities. Aroon, the eldest son, takes after his father and becomes

a professional saxophonist performing in a local pub. While he isn't performing on stage, Aroon is a playboy. Tinnakorn, the

middle son and our pra'ek, is the most charming out of all three and the most intelligent. He is also the most rebellious and

coolest out of all of his brothers. Tinnakorn remembers clearly the day his mother died and he blames his father for her death

even though deep down he loves his father very much. The youngest son, Tawan, is the sweetest and most calm of the three.

However, Tawan has one flaw...he's has polio which causes one of his legs to be immobile.

Aside from Saeng's family, we have Kaekai, the only daughter of Khun Kane, the famous music composer who is best friends with

Saeng. Kaekai is a beautiful woman with the good girl image and very mature. She and Tinnakorn first meet in the streets, where

he ticks her off. Since then, she holds a grudge against him and despises him. Kaekai's life is also complicated. Besides her

father, Kaekai also resides with her stepmother and her step sister, Pom. Soon afterwards, her stepmother's younger brother,

Danu, also moves in with them, often giving Kaekai a hard time because he wants to hit on her. Kaekai's biological mother, on the

other hand, moved out of the house after her father brought her stepmother in. Kaekai's mother becomes a nun.

Now on the with the plot...Aroon's playboy nature soon gets him into trouble with a woman named Chom, who is a dancer/ singer at

the pub he works at. He gets her pregnant and she moves in with him, later giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Later, Aroon is

tricked by a guy who offered to grant him a record deal. Instead, the guy steals Aroon's copyrighted work without a signed

contract. Aroon is angry and kills him which lands him a spot in jail. Luckily, he is only sentenced for a few years.

Tinnakorn, on the other hand, is secretly in love with Kaekai but he often teases her and makes her hate him even more. Tawan, is

also in love with Kaekai but she only sees him as a brotherly figure. To make things worse, Pom, Kaekai's stepsister, is smitten

with Tinnakorn and she thinks Tinnakorn loves her too. Pom's mother hates Tinnakorn because he's poor and has a bad

nature. Later, Tinnakorn is offered a job at Danu's banking company in which he gladly accepts. Danu sees potential in the

college-graduate-to-be Tinnakorn so he makes Tinnakorn his personal assistant.

One day, Saeng and Khun Kane decide to organize another concert with Saeng as the director. The same day, Tinnakorn ticks off

Kaekai leading him to rape her. Afterwards, he feels bad and is very sorry. The incident makes Khun Kane despise Tinnakorn. At

the same time, Danu persuades Tinnakorn to help him scam the banking customers for all of their money. Khun Kane and Kaekai

happens to be among those customers so instead of fulfilling Danu's wishes, Tinnakorn begs his brother Tawan, to inform Khun Kane

and Kaekai of Danu's plans while he, Tinnakorn informs the rest of the customers. This leads Danu to go bankrupt so he plans to

kill Tinnakorn. At the time, Tinnakorn happens to be at Kaekai's house confessing his love for her but only for her to chase him

away. When Tinnakorn exits the house, he is shot by Danu. At this point, Kaekai realizes she loves Tinnakorn and gives birth the

same day to a healthy baby boy.

In the end, Saeng passes away due to his illnesses. Aroon is released from jail and reunites with his family after approximately

eight years or so. Kaekai and Tinnakorn are happily together while Tawan is heartbroken and loveless.


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