Tang Parm Kammathep

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  • Tittle : Tang Parn Kamathep
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  • Duration :TBA
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  • Air Time  : TBA
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Story line is like Sawan Bieng + Jam Lei Ruk

Pimonpa(N'ek sister) will marriage with Traipope(P'ek) father, even thogh his loving stepmother sick. So, Traipope hate Pimonpa so much, even though he never met Pimonpa Artorn who is ex lover of Pimonpa so sad about this. He try to contract her through her younger sister Pattaralada(N'ek). In wedding night, Traipope pretend to be Artorn, and send Pimonpa appointment letter. Pimonpa very angry, she order Pattaralada meet Traipope replace her. When Traipope meet Pattaralada. He misunderstand that Pattaralada is Pimonpa. He take her away from wedding, because he need to break his father wedding ceremony. Traipope take Pattaralada to the residence, and he hurt and defame Pattaralada in several way.

When Pattaralada gone. her relative worry about her except Piminpa. She not report this to police. Pimonpa and her husband take a honeymoon, and don't care about Pattaralada.

Pattaralada will escape from Traipope. She put croton in Traipope food, but she poor Traipope. So, she take Traipope to hospital. Traipope impress in Pattaralada goodness, so he take her to home. Then Traipope know that Annop(pra'ek father) have a accident. his father become paralysis. Traipope visit his father, and he know that Pattaralada is not his father new wife like he understand.

Pimonpa bored about her handicapped husband, so she hang out everyday, and Traipope have to work instead her. When Pattaralada come home, she need to starting a job. Artorn help her about this. She work in Traipope's company, when Traipope meet Pattaralada again. He very glad, but Pattaralada pretend to ignore him. Pinmanee who is Pattaralada mother worry about happening when Pattaralada missing. She match Pattaralada and Yongyuth. Pattaralada get along well with Yongyuth, so they are friend. Yongyuth have girlfriend already that is Tarika.

Yongyuth and Artorn will pick up Pattaralada each time. Traipope jealous her so much. When Annop know that Pimonpa don't take care of him, so he turn to ex-wife who take care. Pimonpa try to get back with Artorn, but Artorn don't care. It make her drink so much. When she drunk, so she sleep with Kamnueng who is her old employee. He record a video for blackmail Pimonpa. Pimonpa so serious about this. She borrow Pattaralada's money. Pattaralada worry her sister, so she will borrow Traipope's money,but there is something wrong. Pattaralada take a money from safe of company.

When Traipope know his money missing. He misunderstand that Pattaralada intend to steal company money. Traipope angry so much, so he fire Pattaralada. Pattaralada ask Pimonpa for money, but Pimonpa don't care about this. Traipope offer Pattaralada to marriage with him for paying a debt. Pattaralada can't look for solution, so she take Traipope offer. Pattaralada very hurt, because Traipope misunderstand her. After wedding day, marriage life between Traipope and Pattalada unhappy, because they have unforgettable deeply heart. Pimonpa divorce with Annop. She get many property. Kamnueng ask her for money. Pimonpa very angry, so she shoot Kamnueng. Pattaralada and Artorn manage for bail Pimonpa out. She taken helping from Yongyuth. It's very messy, and she don't tell any person in house.

When she come back. Traipope very angry. He strongly abuse her. Pattaralada so sad. She run away and she was crashed by car. She need to go Hospital. Traipope try to reconcile Pattaralada, but Pattaralada don't give up.

Pimonpa is free, because Kamnueng don't take a action. Pimonpa turn to good person ,and restart with new life. Artorn beside her. Pimonpa pay back Pattaralada, and they get back together. Pattaralada pay back Traipope, and beg for her free, she need to end up everything. Traipope so sad, and he drink so much. Then his body declined, when Pattaralada see that. She give in Traipope, and back to loving wife of Traipope.

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