Ayingcha Aimee Cowell

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Aimee Ayingcha Cowell



  • Name:Ayingcha Cowell
  • Nickname: Aimee,Ashley or Amy
  • Profession: Model,actress,nurse and designer
  • Date of birth: December 23 1989
  • Birthplace: Bangkok,Thailand
  • Nationality:Thai/American/France/British/Chinese
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 96lbs
  • Best Friends: (Popular) Emma Starz Puttiritda,Izabela Gillinoise(American),Paige Wyrm(American) Kim Jitranasanay Puttariam
  • Star sign: ???
  • Blood type: AB
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Hobbies:Reading,watch tv,shopping,Sleep,talking on phone and baking(don't like cooking)
  • Sport: Soccer&Gymnastic

== About Aimee: Aimee is a billionaire since she were born.Her father is an Doctor also is her mother.Aimee's father were born Thailand his father was born in France with an Britsh father.Aimee's father's mother is thai/American.Aimee's Mother is Thai/Chinese/Britsh/American.Aimee's mother's father is Britsh and thai a mother.Aimee has 3 slibing,her sister Emma(age32) was born in Hua Hin Thailand,when Emma was 3yrs old they move to America for fees yrs then moved back to Thailand in Pattaya,Thailand fews yrs later... Vanida(age28) was born in Pattaya.She has two nickname.Vanida or Vanilla.3 yr... Ga(age26) has born in Pluket,Thailand and 3 yr Aimee was born! In Bangkok.They decided to lived in Bangkok.When Aimee was 10yr they move to America for 2yr Aimee learned at blossom elementary millionaire school.A school for rich people and Asian kids.Then moved back to Bangkok.Aimee's family decide to stayed there and didnt move her house is really big and with 3 maids n 4 assitance for Emma,Vanilla,Ga and Aimee,Aimee's assistance named is Destimy half thai n American. Credit to Wikis& and her Fc website>>>>> www.aimeeashleycowell.workpress.com also thanks to facebook & More!!!!


Put more pictures here!


Mannequin with Eak Suttipat Wittarita Ruk Tur Phiang Kung Deo with Ace Situria Pittigramra If the drama is from this same site just link it to that. The End Of The Ocean (played as mermaid) with Sunny Thirada Usaksanee Princess Of Heaven


Girls Sleepover(when she was a child)


Sagb Cosmetic Hershey:Cookie&Cream $EXY Design $HOE Make-Up Weight Loss coffee


  • Designer Of Dress(american) 2011
  • Shoe Designing contest(American)
  • IPhone cases Competitions (she designed a glittery iPhone 3&4 case each that's says $EXY
  • Catwalk of the year 2012

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