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  • Name: Thongchai McIntyre (ธงไชย)
  • Nickname: Bird (เบิร์ด)
  • Profession: Actor, Singer, Model, Producer
  • Date of birth: December 8, 1958
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Family: 6 Brothers, 3 sisters
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Star sign: Sagittarius
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: Primary Wat, Nimanoradee School. Secondary, Wat Punyaworakun School. Management maj. High Diploma, Dhonburi Commercial College

About Bird

Born to James and Ubon McIntyre in 1958, to a family of musicians. His father, James, who is Thai-Scottish, passed away when Bird was a child. He was raised by his mother and is subsequently very close to her. Whilst working as a bank officer at a branch of Kasikorn Bank, McIntyre was discoverd by the famous television producer, Kai Varayudth. From then on, he worked mutliple jobs, his day job as a bank officier and other entertainment jobs, until he quit his banking job to persue a full time entertainment career. In 1983, he entered and won the Siam Kolakan Music Foundation singing competition. There he met Tur Rewat whom signed him to Grammy Entertainment. He then released his first album in 1985, titled "Had Sai Sai Lom," which propelled him to music superstardom until today. McIntyre also stared in numerous dramas. He is most notable for protraying a Japanese solider, Kobori, who is stationed in Thailand during World War II in the lakorn, Koo Gum (1990) about two star crossed lovers.

McIntyre is considered the most famous singer and entertainer in Thailand.




  • Friend (Lotte Chewing Gum) (yearhere)
  • Jamaica (Fuji Film) (yearhere)
  • Color of the Oriental World (Fuji Film) (yearhere)
  • Panasonic (TV) (yearhere)
  • Lay's Potato Chips (yearhere)
  • USTAR (Cosmetics) (yearhere)
  • Soup at Bird's Nest (Brand)


  • Siam Kollakarn Contest : Best Singer (1983)
  • Mekala : Best Singer (1986)
  • Thailand Youth Department : Best Artist (1987)
  • Coke Music Award : Popular song vote is Korbjai Jing-Jing & Seang Krasip
  • Seesun Award : Best Singer (1989)
  • Mekala : Best Actor from Koo-Kum TV Lakorn (1990)
  • TV Golden : Best Actor from Koo-Kum TV Lakorn (1990)
  • MTV Asian Viewer's Choice Award (1991)
  • TV Golden : Best Actor from Wannee Tee Raw Koy TV Lakorn (1993)
  • Vote Award: Most Favorite Actor (1993)
  • Vote Award: Most Favorite Singer (1993)
  • Vote Award : Popular Advertisement is Panasonic (1993)
  • Prasurassavadee : Best Actor from Koo-Kum Movie (1995)
  • Vote Award : Popular Actor from Koo-Kum Movie (1995)
  • Billboard Viewer's Choice Awards first in Asia (1996)
  • Seesun Award : Best Song is Lao Su Kan Fang (2001)
  • Top Awards : The Best Singer (2001)
  • Channel V Music Video Awards : The Best Singer (2001)
  • Top Awards : The Best Singer (2002)
  • Top Awards : The Best Singer (2005)

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