Khu Si Phi Mue Prap

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Khu Si Phi Mue Prap


  • Title: คู่ซี้ผีมือปราบ / Khu Si Phi Mue Prap
  • Also known as: The Ghost Buster
  • Duration: 20 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/Drama/Action
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Saturday - Sunday
  • Broadcast network: Workpoint TV
  • Broadcast period: March 17, 2018 --- May 26, 2018
  • Theme Song:

Production Credits



Starting at the Lieutenant Tie (Tik) police. the Young talent through training courses. After the training was completed, he was called into the investigation unit of Deputy Suthat to investigate the drug. Involved with gang luxury car tax evasion investigation team.Lieutenant Arun, a tough guy, and Lieutenant joined in with a bunch of 645 cars. After that, there is the spirit of Lieutenant Siam (Chakrit), a police officer. The old car that was the car that Siam was killed and staged as a bad cop on drug trafficking. Siam souls want to prove his innocence. With the help of Tie.

Tie started to work. Siam is like a partner. Bound to know the Pure. The Pure is following the luxury car gang tax escapes. The information from Pure makes it closer to Oty and Tom. The brothers control the gang. Tired of being subordinate to the Associated Press, Tata was infiltrated into the gang of Tomy and Tom, seeking information on drugs. The fake bundles into the oyi successfully. But purely secretly tied with. I have to admit that I'm not the only one. Pure dedicated life to this news, both Lertsak, the owner of the Thai Daily News at Pure work and (Duta Chutin), also did not agree. What do you do because you worry about it? But if it was meant to do anything, then there would be nothing to stop her.

Liu (Kwan Nijapak ), a former lover of Siam. The prosecutor made a case of Siam before the end of the case that Siam is a drug trafficker. And what makes Liu most regret is that she is unfaithful to her. Ong, the girl who works as a partner to Siam. After the Siame trial ended one year. Liu is still sinking with sadness, but the captain As a close friend of her and Siam who take care of her. She knew that he is more than her friends, but her heart would not have space for him. Liu learned the truth from Oui after the Siam trial ended almost a year ago that all the court statements that she was lied to. Because there are some people whom you do not know, who threatens to force her to lie, the truth is that Siam loves Liu always. He died of an overdose before Liu was able to catch up

After Oye died, Liu met one of the rings, which Oya tried to bring to her. It was a ring that Siam bought to give her the last day before being shot dead. Liu regrets that understand wrong Siam. And I think it will be a good time to revisit Siam. Siam Wasconfident that drugs that sent the gang to sell. It's a drug that comes from the middle of the police. And smuggled out for sale. I do not want to believe that dark. His closest friend is behind the drug trade, Deputy Associate Suvat to meet the Sun (Weerasak Nilpad)To make this case to the Sun. To ask for the lead Oty. Sunni listeners with interest. The commander of the Sun is a high ranking officer who is behind the Dark Lord. And there are benefits to the gang. Liu found evidence that the old evidence in the case of Siam. And to open the case again. How to tie with Siam will help Liu. And deal with the gang? The love of couples Liu and Siam and tie with Pure will end. need to follow in the ghost. credits to: mydramalist

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