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  • Title: กรงกรรม / Krong Karm
  • Also known as: Cage Karm or Cage of Karma
  • Duration:
  • Genre: Prostitute/Romance/Family/Drama
  • Popularity:
  • Air time:
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period:
  • Theme song:

Production Credits

  • Producer: Thanya Wachirabunjong
  • Director: Pongpat Wachirabunjong
  • Author : Julamanee (จุฬามณี)
  • Screenwriter: Yingyot Panya
  • Company Name: Act Art Generation



Power of love, Power of anger, Power of feud . Stream of karma brought up people’s lives flowing by reasons of righteousness of each person

  • Nang Yoi Asavarungruengkij: ( Mai) :( Bae Family), about 45 years old, daughter of original farmers but becoming daughter-in-law to a Chinese family , her life is mixed with Thai and Chinese life style. Be diligent on career with her ideology that every single baht is worth with earnings , so have to spend with the most valuable way. Beside selling groceries, she has another business of money to money by having pieces of lands for rental and leasing.

Nang Yoi is the main support of the family, managing family living with the family business system as per Chinese culture and tradition strictly. She is a straight woman, like is to like , hate is to hate expressively. Hard character as beside as a main supporter of the family , she has passed many difficulites, facing many experiences and people so she has confidence in her own attitude.

She always makes merit with the temple with believe that merit can wash out the sins she had made in the past. Though spending life as Chinese merchant but Nang Yoi who sticks in her believes that if a son ordains, father and mother can hold the yellow robe to the heaven. Nang Yoi seems like she is lucky lady. All of her 4 sons seem to obey and listen to her order at all time, seems like she can define her own life and others but her sin complex in the past, sticking deeply in her mind still haunted and always showing her weak and fragile point out.

  • Raynu: (Bella): 25 years old, educated only grade 4. Obviously pretty as real Thai lady,open-minded, lively, good manner to everyone, sweet and sincere but hardcore at the time of battle sometime.

Having her own dream literally and intending to make her dream come true, seriously doing everything with full effort, obviosly ideology to live on her own legs with her own capability. Grateful ,an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, ready to fight in any form, uncomplex attitude. Within the strength , hiding life complex which failure in the past. She failed to sleep with her brother-in-law till getting pragnant to be a boy. She keeps inside her sorrow as cannot tell anyone and her own son call her “sister “ instead of ‘mom’ , beside that she was forced by her mom to work as prostitute to get away from poorness.

Her dream is to have family, living as normal as other people, staying with the one she loves, earning on her own honourly.

  • Kamol /Asa/: (James) : The third son of Nang Yoi , about 19 years old, after graduated grade 4, he starts to work with his family business, doing everything as per his mom’s order, no complain, no hesitation, good mood guy, having own attitude, ready for any changing and movement that happen, compromise with this world, being middleman between Nang Yoi and those daughters-in-law, good minded guy, having good moral, love to help people sincerely.

Be the son who is the least carable from Nang Yoi, the least beloved but finally he is the closest son and the most taken care to Nang Yoi. Kamol cannot get away from being Nang Yoi ‘s tool to overcome her daughters-in-law without knowledge that the way of her controlling to her son’s life , brought up with the dishonour and hurt her son’s mind to be ashame ( Nang Yoi managed Phiangphen to be daughter-in-law without knowing the secret that Phiangphen is selling a pup to her. )

And at the end, lessons from brothers push Kamol to select the girl who is not acceptable by Nang Yoi at all as Junta is very poor and having blemished past.

  • Private Prathom Aswarungruangkit (Hai Chai): (Phet ) : 22 years old (2-3 years younger than Raynu) the oldest son of Nang Yoi ,good looking chinese guy,stopped to every girl, after ordained he went to be a soldier at Takhli (Air Force).

graduated only grade 4,polite,mild,unexperience about karma , his body scents is so good leading women to taste him He is mild , well obey to his parent, responsible as the oldest son but at the same time ,be ready to be sensible to a new woman who step in even though his heart is with Raynu

  • Junta :(Yiiiwha)  : Pretty , bright girl, sweet looks from Lub Lae Town, similar age as Wanna. She is a worker in a shop selling monk- products., she is sweet, polite, less speaker, pretty, Beloved by grandma (Ama) and Mui Nee till they want to support her for better future life.

Junta keeps her love with Prasong (during ordaining) secretly but have to be sad as Monk has to quit and marrying with Philai as per Nang Yoi’s command. The ladyness of Junta causes many guys to fall in love including Kamol, but Kamol has to step back as Palad Jinnakorn is also flirting with her. Junta was so hurt with love as previously she was cheated by a high ranking soldier till she slept with him. Later on she came to know that he has already got a wife. That soldier gave her money to do abortion, she ran away from shame to Chum Saeng Village. And having strong intention not to have any more love throughout her life.


Trivia or Interesting Info about this Lakorn

Alek Teeradetch was pair up with Bella, but drop out due to his conflict schedule.

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