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'''Credit: Mahalo @ AF for pictures (edited by Phat)'''
'''Credit: Mahalo @ AF for pictures (edited by Phat)'''
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[[Category:ThaiDrama]] [[Category:ThaiDramaYEAR]] [[Category:Channel 3]]

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Plerng Chimplee
Plerng Chimplee
Plerng Chimplee


  • Title: เพลิงฉิมพลี / Plerng Chimplee
  • English Title: Flame of Chimplee
  • Duration: ?? Episodes
  • Genre: Period/Romance/Drama
  • Popularity: TBA
  • Air Time: Mon-Tue
  • Broadcast Network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast Period: September 30, 2014---
  • Opening Theme Song: TBA
  • Ending Theme Song: TBA

Production Details

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Add info here



Aum is the owner of a big logging business but he pretends to be a manager when he goes to the forest to check up on the employees. Bella is the grand daughter of the village elder there and is chosen to dance for the new manager (Aum). Love at first sight, but the mom hates her cause she's poor. She wants Aum to marry Bow's character Kae-Kai. Kae-Kai and the mom stirs up a lot of drama. Bella's grand dad dies and she runs away because she also thinks that Aum is marrying Kae-Kai. She goes to live in a Jao Por's place who wants her as his mia-noy and Aum sees her and misunderstands. He kidnaps her and they're happy while alone.

Aum is forced to marry Kae-Kai who claims that she is pregnant with his kid. Bella is also pregnant but her kid dies (still born). Then Bella finds out the truth that Kae-Kai's son is not Aum's but before she can tell the truth Kae-Kai is murdered. Bella is framed for the murder and also for having an affair with Aum's brother. Aum gets mad and kicks her out of the house.

Bella and friends go to the city and find a job as dancers. Aum and her meet again but Aum is still mad at her thinking she cheated on him. Bella goes back to the forest to try to prove her innocence. What will happen to her and her love?

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Credit: Mahalo @ AF for pictures (edited by Phat)

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