Pu chai Mur Song

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Pu chai Mur Song


  • Title: Pu chai Mur Song
  • Also known as: ผู้ชายมือสอง
  • Duration: How Many Episodes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm ???
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: 2004
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Aew Ampaiporn Jitmaingong
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Makers Group


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Chatchom (Chai) is an ex-radio host who turns into a restauranteur in an attempt to better himself after marrying socialite Naem (Khem). Naem resents the fact that Chat chooses work over spending time with her so she begins cheating on him with several different men. Chat and Naem have a daughter, Namtarn, that Naem neglects for the sake of partying. Chat and Naem separate and Chat decides to officially end it with Naem when he catches her with a man at her condo.

Challasai and her mother, Chom, are servants to a rich businessman, Paworn. Paworn murdered his wife so he can inherit her wealth and Chom caught him in the act. He blackmails her to help keep his secret and help dispose of the body or else he will reveal that she was his accomplice. Paworn lusts after Challa and tries to sexually assault her but Chom begs him to leave her alone. Paworn and Chom have been sleeping together for years and out of all of Paworn's secret affairs, he loves Chom the most. He agrees to leave Challa alone as long as he can sleep with Chom instead. Paworn sees Naem as a new target after learning that she wants to have a lease on one of his properties to open a second clothing store. Naem is still possessive of Chat and is enraged to find him in the company of her frenemy, Prai, making Paworn's plans to seduce Naem difficult. Not to mention Challa gets in the way of him sexually assaulting Naem when she was drunk.

Challa's professor gets her a job interview at Chat's restaurant and Challa meets Chat. She embarrasses herself by treating him like a customer, not knowing that he owns the place. Challa was a big fan of his when he was a radio host but he had refused to send her his picture when she asked. Naem had taken a liking to Challa's looks and got her to become a model. There Challa meets a photographer named Mek who develops a crush on her. Naem quickly turns resentful after finding out that Challa and Chat work together and he had been taking Challa to her modelling jobs. She has a major meltdown after seeing Challa and Chat together.

Challa and Chat grow closer after working together and she bonds with Namtarn. Namtarn learns to let go of any hope to see Naem and favours her father more. Naem's parents don't like the idea of Namtarn staying with Chat and they try to talk Naem into getting back together with Chat. Naem is raped while drunk by Paworn and eventually falls for his false promises of a life of luxury and moves in with him. She decides to divorce Chat and stay out of her parents and Chat's fight over Namtarn. Her parents resort to getting their gardener to act like a pedophile and hang around Namtarn's school, offering her things and a scared Chat takes Namtarn to stay with Naem's parents. When Chat eventually goes to take Namtarn back, they refuse to and Ning, Naem's younger sister has to concoct a plan to take Namtarn out of the house and back in the care of Chat.

Paworn grows impatient with Naem and is annoyed by her spoiled attitude. Naem gets into a fight with one of the servants he was sleeping with, Gamlai and is forced to fire Gamlai. Chom finally gets the confidence to quit and she and Challa leave the house. Chat's restaurant is destroyed by Prai's jealous husband and Challa is without a job and helps her mom sell food. Challa awaits for Chat to invite her back to work for him but he doesn't show up, only Mek is there despite Challa telling him that she just wants to be friends. Chat eventually shows up to ask Challa to come back to work and Mek convinces Chom to talk Challa out of it because it is dangerous to work at a place that has been destroyed by a mysterious enemy.

Chat takes Challa with him to visit Prai after she asks to see him. Prai's husband is bitter over her cheating on him and running away from him, so he tricks her into taking a modelling job only to have her drugged and filmed having sex with a model. Chat tells Prai that Challa is his new girlfriend and she goes ballistic. Chat and Challa then reveal their feelings and they start a relationship. Challa is tricked into meeting up with Mek and he takes her to a seedy motel. She runs off into a dangerous neighbourhood and refuses to go back with Mek even after his many entreaties and promises to never do this again. She manages to call Chat and he and Mek get into a punching match. Defeated, Mek decides to go abroad and never come back.

Paworn convinces Naem to marry him and he soon shows his true colours afterwards and beats her out of annoyance over her extravagance and shallowness. He calls Gamlai over to sleep with him and she tells Chom about Naem having married Paworn and Chom suspects the worst, that Paworn is going to kill Naem for her fortune. Chom goes to visit Paworn and gets Gamlai to try to get Naem out of the house. Paworn had promised to let Naem go home after giving her a new necklace and apologizing for his behaviour, he had messed with her car beforehand and planned to make her death look like an accident. Naem refuses to follow Gamlai and Paworn is enraged that Chom visited him to trick him as she was his favourite. He takes Naem hostage and an enraged Gamlai points a knife at him. They both struggle over it and she accidentally stabs him and in return he stabs her back after hitting Naem over the head. Both Gamlai and Paworn die. Namtarn refuses her grandmother's request of going to live with Naem, stating that Naem didn't take care of her when she was sick, so she isn't going to take care of Naem when she was recovering. Naem decides to go abroad. Chat proposes to Challa and they decide to start a family together. The End. By: Cupid Candy

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