Samee Thee Thra (2001)

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Samee Thee Thra
Anne & Au
Anne & Au


  • Title: Samee Thee Thra (สามีตีตรา)
  • Also known as: Husband Imprinted
  • Duration: How Many Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy/Action ???
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Mon-Tuse
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: May 14, 2001
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name
  • Related to: Samee Tee Tra 2014

Production Credits

  • Producer: Maloot Salowart & Da Hathairath
  • Director: Maloot Salowart & Da Hathairath
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Prince Production


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Ann plays a women who seems to have bad luck with marriage and some even believe that she is jinxed. She has been married two times before and her third marriage is falling apart. She has a best friend named Pern (Tanya). Her third husband dies from a car crash and Ann finds out that he has cheated on her on non other than her close friend Tanya and Tanya is pregnant with his child. Thus marking the end of their friendship.

Withe everything that is going on in her life she tries to kill herself but doesn't succeed. Thanakorn lives with his dovorced mother and his father is a person with a royal background. Thanakorn and Ann meet on several occassion by accident and in a way she is a very strong women cause she pursues him. He is a person who is traditional and in a way afraid to approach a women.

As their relationship develops they fall in love and Thanakorn proposes to her. His mother doesn't really want him to start a relationship with her because of her "jinx" but Thanakorn wants to be with her. But his mom tells Ann that she doesn't want Ann near her son because of her unfortanate love life. So Ann avoids Thanakorn but he pursues her and in front of a large crowd on the day of Ann's flowershop grand opening(I believe) he confesses his love to her and that they are going to get married without Ann's confirming it. And his mother finally accpets it wanting her son to be happy.

Tanya now Ann's arch enemy/rival also falls for Thanakorn when she meets him because she is an employee in the company that he works at. By this time she is like 5 months pregnant. So he helps her out seeing her condition.

The two get married and more problems stir because of Ann's distrust of his relationship with Tanya, who it seems to me is out to ruin Ann's life. Also because of his parents as well as her parents. Ann's mom (Dang Tanya) doesn't approve of the marriage becuase she thinks that he is out for her money and doesn't really love her daughter. Ann insecurities lead her to ask Thanakorn to quit his job and the two ignore each other for awhile but his love for her is strong and he eventually leaves his job for her.

Angie plays a nurse in this movie and she is Ann's younger sister. Jeb falls for her when he comes in after an accident and meets her and starts to pursue her. But his bigger purpose i would say is her money but his charms win Angie over and he soon proposes to her.

Jeb is a playboy at heart and he also meets Tanya and the two become linked sexually and Tanya also becomes pregnant with Jeb. Using this to her advantage she tells everyone that she is pregnant with Thanakorn. So Ann's relationship with him cracks even more. With the addition of Tanya telling Thanakorn that Ann never loved him. Their relationship came to an end when Ann sees Thanakorn's signature on papers admitting Tanya into the hospital so Ann believes that it is Thanakorn's child. They argue and Thanakorn brings up the fact of Ann loving him and asks if she does and she answers "No".

So Thanakorn returns to his mother but Tanya also follows and demands to live with them and he agrees but he and his mother leave once Tanya thinks that she has won. Ann confused if she should get divorces calls Thanakorn and Tanya picks up and she rubs the fact that she is living there in Ann's face. So angry Ann divorces Thanakorn and he goes to live at the beach house with his mom.

It was time for Angie and Jeb's wedding day but Ann finds out that the baby in Tanya's stomach belongs to Jeb and she tells her sister and they run away from the wedding together. Upset Jeb goes to see Tanya and they argue and Tanya had been boiling some water and she accidentally hits it and it falls on her and she becomes scarred for life.

Thanakorn is going to leave for America cause he got a job offer there and he secretly comes to see Ann at her flowershop. Ann brings flowers to the airport when she finds out that he is going to leave but she arrives to late cause he was already gone. Ann's character begins to mature and she goes to see Tanya at the hospital when she hears about her condition and she tells Tanya that she has a child that still needs a mother when she finds that Tanya wants to commit suicide.

Angie goes to study abroad and as time passes Thanakorn also returns. Ann visits Thanakorn's mother every now and then and one day she sees Thanakorn but they still are on bad terms, having a little anger towards one another.

To add to it Thanakorn girl friend from America is visiting him and she automatically assumes that it is is girlfriend and gets really jealous. She bumps into them now and then and one day he gives I think he ordered flowers and she delivered them to him and he gives it to his American friend and she kisses him as Thank you and Ann pulls Thanakorn away furious and he tells her that he doesn't want her messing with his life.

Ann heart broken from this goes to stay at her beach house. Thanakorn meets up wtih Tanya and she tells him the truth that Ann did really love him. Knowing this Thanakorn follows Ann and tries to win back her heart but Ann is too mad at him. After a long hard begging and pleading Thanakorn got Ann to admit that she loved him and everything ended happily.

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