Seub Sao Rao Ruk

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Seub Sao Rao Ruk
Seub Sao Rao Ruk


  • Title: Seub Sao Rao Ruk/สืบสาวราวรัก
  • Also known as: Young Detective Of Love
  • Duration: 15 Episodes
  • Genre: Action/Comedy
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Fri-Sat-Sun @ 8:20PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: 2005
  • Theme song: "Seub Sao Rao Ruk/Young detective of love" Micky
  • Ending song: "Ruk Tur Kon Diew/Only love you" by Taxi

Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director: Weerachai Roongreung
  • Screenwriter: Changpanreung
  • Company Name: Dara Video



"here's a summary from ThaiDramafan...

murder vs. six sense

Grich is a student of university.He has a older brother Gnit. Gnit is a policeman.He is excellent.Their parents are proud of Gnit. But suddenly a murderer came to kill Gnit. Gnit died. Grich was also injured.His heart stopped for 30 minutes. But he survived. From then on, Grich has something like sixth sense. When his hand touches a person or things,he can know the past or the future.A girlfriend of Gnit Nisa knows that Grich has sixth sense. She is a police,too. She asked Grich to find the murderer of Gnit.

Grich started to help Nisa.But,her boss Tan doesn't believe Grich's sixth sense. Grich has a friend, Lin She is a daughter of a good family. She is rich and beautiful. She is a girl like a queen in a university. Grich loves her, but he knows that they differ in social standing. Pin Pin is wearing glasses.She is not confident herself. He use computers very well. Mai Mai is a best friend of Grich. He doesn't have parents. He grow up in a temple. He is a champion of Judo in a university. They make a team "Suup-Saao-Raw-Rak".

Gonya and Luukgai often disturbs them.Gonya like Grich,Luugai like Mai.They want to disturb their love. In a temple which Mai stays,there is a girl Luuknam. Luuknam also don't have parents.Grich and his friends saved her from the twicer.When Grich touched Luuknam,he watched the scene that Chanyanii was killed by a murderer. Grich don't know Chanyanii.And Grich watched the scene that his brother was killed. Grich watched murderer's face. He was a son of Amon who is a famous businessman.He was killed few days ago.

Chanyanii is a woman who was a mistress of rich man.The neck was wrung and she was killed. Luuknam is an important witness.They must save her. Grich and Lin become more friendly. Mai loves Pin even though he knows that Pin loves Grich. When father Wisis of Lin knows that Lin is helping dangerous works,he forbid to work as "Suup-Saao-Raw-Rak" anymore.Wisis and his follower Siwas always keep an eye on Lin.

The murderer comes to kill Nisa. She injured. She becomes bedridden. Nisa sends E-mails to team "Suup-Saao-Raw-Rak" from hospital. Tan takes care of Nisa. Nisa feels that Tan loves her. One day, Lin was kidnapped. Grich tried to find where Lin is. Grich watched the scene that when he go to help Lin, Grich are shot and die.He knows that if he go to help Lin,he will die. When they go to help Lin,they see that the person who kidnapped is her father Wisis.Wisis made Chayanii pregnant and killed her. (posted by BlueMoon on [1]edited for improved readability

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