Sira Patchara Duang Jai Nak Rope

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Sira Patchara Duang Jai Nak Rope
Lakorn Name


  • Title: (ศิราพัชร ดวงใจนักรบ)
  • Also known as: Perhaps add a translation of the title here
  • Duration: 12 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Action ???
  • Popularity: Medium Rated
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm ???
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: 2010
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Quiz & Quest


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Mina Lin, a small independent state. Rich in gold. Administered by the chief of state, a Yrsin (Sathaporn Nak Wilai) has a wife named Net fungi (Suang Suda Lawan Prasert) both had a son together is Pachara (Sornram Theppithak) Yrsin have close friends that his father used to raise adoption is. Da Construction at (infinite cloud victory speech) both grow together until Yrsin take the lead. Da Construction has been appointed as administrator of the military, Mina Lin. He has the power, after Yrsin. Construction at the Ramada was a commander of the rebel soldiers Praison Yrsin rely on fungi and Pachara take Net escape. But Praison Yrsin and blackmail them into David's at Central. The mother of two trick to kill them. But was killed before Pachara. Mother of two has been assisted by the District's (except switch fault code Partners), a leading independent small states on a state not by the Thung District's told his people that they are relatives. Da Natural successful coup and arrested at the promoter Yrsin already forced to open the safe storage room, conduit Pat "Gem leading regional position. Which requires a finger Yrsin code is Yrsin not Da Construction as it cut finger Yrsin and order Chacrn (M Si matters qualifications) to take Yrsin to kill the District's had a daughter named Brhriit (Yat Tip royal palm), and a son name ษ Phu Na (Marvin TPM) Adisorn (created Pong warrior) of a special forces commander of Thailand's best friend comes to the District's Pachara to learn to fight. Pachara to study the military in Thailand on behalf Chawin Adisorn has a son studying military alike Member 's new (nations Yo Dom Hin Construction at the Royal ษ Thiti) and a daughter attending doctor named Gill (Sri Rita Jensen). One day, during a military training hard. Pachara have the opportunity to assist the new Thani car accident. Subsequently, he has Thani Pachara life while being assassination during field training exercises. They became the best friend the same event stream at the restaurant birthday on graduation. Pachara secretly birthday gift a diamond necklace that once belonged to his father the mother engaged by depositing the waiter to give her. The first day of the actual surgery. Medical student streams. Self-invasive medical student with Thee Rush (Borom degree at the Royal ษ Thiti Hin Central), senior military officers that his son loved her someone set me free. And she was able through surgery well. Da Natural order stored at whom he sent to assassinate Prince Pachara But Pearl and his wife created The lessons son disagreed.Yrsin think that somebody died. Came back from helping survivors of Chacrn Chacrn has to be a beagle by Chacrn Yrsin aims to bring to mind On completion, while Pachara celebration. People at David's Natural to assassinate Pachara Pachara, but that may have fled. Pachara fled to hijack a car and forced the driver to take him away. But the chain to become a stream. Pachara brought through into streams invaded forest hiding in a cave north. The Da Construction them at any time by killing two. But the love for many years. Pachara fool streams that beast. The multiple streams are dangerous and need to escape Rahkornaehin two people for up to 7 days can feel the stream of a gentleman and courage can. Including tenderness toward her that Pachara. And to her special feelings towards him. Gill refused to Bangkok on Pachara to change plans to escape. Gill confirmed to be hostage to the border. The division of the New Thani has received notice from Pachara streams that run hijack car. So scared, but also a description of the plan is accepted, Pachara, leaving his sister with him. And it came up at the border to get his sister back home. Pachara Thung not return his heart, both on the stream. Chacrn trap waiting to take Yrsin Pachara. Pachara very glad that his father is not dead, although still can not remember. Net trying to mold Yrsin care. And all together they plan to recover Mina Lin night From occupied states with no ethics at David's Natural. Mina Lin, who was happy to fall. People suffering. A demonstration by the leadership of David Construction at River Palace at (Nat, safe and Thom as Kan Sri Chote Nikon), a girl friend of Pachara. The two met secretly and share recovery plan Mina Lin night. The demonstration of the laborers who were subsequent to the Pachara and Chacrn Chauใi behind. Stream monitoring the story of Mina Lyn closely And also volunteered with the medical team to take care of the wounded at Mina Lin. David Chacrn was dismissed from office at the Central and Rnrci Tong (Church Krit Rat Am m) was appointed instead. Pachara escaped injury in a medical unit to treat the subjects. And met with Dr. Pat Sira (stream), David Hunt Construction at the brook Pachara Pachara take it away. Construction at the Da Tong Rnrci used to disperse the mob violence and ordered the group leaders arrested and charged with treason The co-demonstrators were arrested if they run behind without knowing the fate Eycin (equilibrium semantic Krit) key leaders have fled to by the people of Pachara help River Palace, looking out at that stream Pachara and love she tried to close Pachara. But I can not take the ring at Pachara love her. Pachara trip to the land of the Golden Triangle. Government has sent Phu Minh Thung Na ษ son of the District's representative to attend the meeting to assist with Pachara Manit acquaintance with military power in the hands of a reasonable plan that Pachara delay Final act is to invade Central Da binding at first. However, due to an error. Pachara and help to bring into being. Take River in cooperation with Dr. Gandhi at the Rat. To make Pachara and streams ceased to cohabit. And they do it successfully. Both parties are mistaken. The love of two people will come back or not reconciled. And operating the battle to save the City Nalin is how Watch in a "conduit Pat warrior heart."

credit to ViiKii

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