Torranee Nee Krai Krong (2012)

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Torranee Nee Krai Kong
Torranee Nee Krai Kong


  • Title: ธรณีนี่นี้ใครครอง / Thoranee Ni Nee Krai Krong
  • Also known as: Who does this earth belong to?
  • Duration: Episode ???
  • Genre: Romance/Comedy
  • Popularity:
  • Air time: Friday to Sunday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: June 29, 2012 ---
  • Theme song:
  • Relate to: Tongranee Nee Nee Krai Krawng 1998

Production Credits

  • Producer: Mam Thitima Sangkhapitak
  • Director: Jaew Yuthana Lorphanpaibul
  • Screenwriter: Jaew Yuthana Lorphanpaibul
  • Company Name: No Problem



After Athit graduated from an agricultural college, he decided not to continue studying in order to open a chance for his brothers and sisters to study after they stopped studying and let him study until he graduated, He's the oldest son of 10 kids in an inferior government officer's family.

Athit didn't think to work in the government job. He dreamt to own the land and use his knowledge to make it useful, so his father decided to send him to Grandma Daeng because he wanted his son to redeem his guilt. Athit's father is Grandma Daeng's oldest son and has 20 siblings. He stole Grandma Daeng's money and ran away from home because he didn't want to work hard in his mother's farm.

Grandma Daeng welcomed Athit because all her children got married and left home, and no one wanted to carry on the farming work from her. When Athit stayed in grandma's farm, he had to work without salary because Grandma gave him the money for his siblings' education funds intead. So, Athit had to work to repay for this debt and for his father's guilt in the past.

Grandma Daeng treated Athit very well after she tested and trusted him. So, she decided to gave Athit her empty land to make it useful. Athit seemed to be Grandma Daeng's favourite grandson now.

Darunee was a young girl and younger than Athit, but she was adopted to be Grandma Daeng's youngest sister, so her status was Athit's great aunt. She disliked Athit and thought that he was her enemy because she was jealous of him and feared that he would stole all Grandma Daeng's love from her. Athit also didn't give in to her, so they always quarrelled and fought with each other. It made Grandma Daeng distressed.

Athit worked hard to develop the farm with his knowledge. However, he made a mistake by growing the Cavendish Banana in his farm for selling. He didn't know that this kind of banana is seeded and inedible. When Darunee knew it, she wanted to tease him, so she didn't tell him that this kind of banana is inedible. She also told all workers not to tell Athit because she wanted to humiliate him later.

Darunee's evil plan was successful. Athit lost his face and he was very hurt, so he went out to drink and got drunk. When he woke up, he found that he made a slip to Thongprasri, the grocery's daughter. He woke up in her room and she cried that he raped her.

It became the big deal. Grandma Daeng tried to help Athit as best as she could. Darunee felt guilty because Athit had trouble because of her. Athit was seriously sick, so Grandma Daeng forced Darunee to take care of him closely. However, they still fought with each other behind Grandma Daeng's back.

When Athit got well, he got the trouble. Thongprasri was shameless and came to force Athit to accept her as his wife. Athit was sure that he didn't rape or sleep with her, but he didn't want Grandma Daeng to lose her reputation if Thongprasri and her family sued him, so he accepted to be responsible for her. So, Grandma Daeng let them get married. But Athit kept avoiding Thongprasri. He didn't even go to attend the wedding and didn't even stay in the same house with her.

Thongprasri's parents incited her to move to live with him in the farm and she really did. Athit didn't care about her. He tried to stay away from her and didn't go to sleep at his house. He just kept working in the farm and went back to sleep at the worker houses instead. Thongprasri was very lonely. Later, she got caught that she committed adultery and got pregnant. So, Athit chased her away back to her home and now, Athit was free from this fake marriage.

---to be continued ------

---Credits To Wishboniko

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