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We've had a video site before but it died due to some circumstances which will not happen again. The site will be centered around asian entertainment videos. There is very little restrictions and for now I've enabled everything including embedding and facebook (which rocks! ;)). The upload limit is 800 megs so alot of video files can be accommodated. Even though its free for all for now, controls will be clamped on later on such as having just one copy of the same video.

The vid site is integrated to asianfuse forum for now but can easily attach to other forums if they want to join it. Just PM Darvil so your forum users can login to and be logged in. You won't have to do any changes except enable converge on the forum.

Best Practices to follow on the site


Tagging is really important. What I suggest is to try to add as much tags as you can per video. For example, if its an MV, I recommend adding the singer name to the video. Names MUST be added using an underscore. For example if its a video with Anne Thongprasom, the tag should be Anne_Thongprasom. This is done because Anne Thongprasom is actually 2 words and tags should be one word to keep things tidy and neat. This is important because if you click on a tag like "Anne_Thongprasom" on the video site, then all the videos tagged with that will appear. I plan to have a special page on the video site that will list all the common tags in a nice format so you can reach special titles/names/categories. Some of the other reasons to tag would be if the video were from a subtitling group for example. That way all their videos can be tagged together under a name.

Multi categories

Many files can belong to different categories. For example a music video that is also an OST. In that case, the uploader should use more then one category.

TV series uploads

For lakorns especially, it'll be good to link to our wiki page (if we have one on that series). Of course it would be nice to have the main actors/actresses tagged too. This is starting to sound like alot of work!

upcoming features/ideas

Wiki Tags

The idea of this feature for the site is to make it so that EVERYONE (except guests) can modify tags of all videos. There will be a page where a history is kept of all the changes being done. This is so everyone can help out in tagging the right info to the videos.


This is a coming soon feature that is basically similar to YT's shows page. Each TV shows/series will have its own page.

Subtitling mod

This is another coming very soon feature. On the first simple version 1.0, a panel will open below the video and a member will be able to put

Here's some other future features I'm thinking of

1.) Maybe basic management
2.) subtitle clone to other lang
3.) giving credit (automatically credit the names of the users who subbed somewhere on the page)
4.) ability to download the subtitle in srt format (its very basic)
5.) Have a section on the video page for a tiny discussion page about the sub (IE if it was inaccurate some people can post some comments on it).
6.) Have a page on the site on the latest subtitled videos and most highly voted
6.) (if the BW usage is too much then I'll have to secure to prevent leeching).

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