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Bank Preeti Barameeanat
Bank when he was younger


  • Name: Preeti Barameeanat ปรีติ บารมีอนันต์
  • Nickname: Bank
  • Profession: Singer/Producer/Song Writer/Actor
  • Date of birth: October 20, 1982
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 178cm
  • Height: 64kg
  • Star sign: Delete this and Fill in here
  • Blood type: Delete this and Fill in here
  • Graduate: Arts BA degree, Bangkok U.
  • Marital Status: Dating Ninew
  • Hobbies: Singing, Dancing
  • Band: Clash 2001-2011
  • Favorite Quote: Tomorrow's a new day, the sun will rise again, night is only for awhile.



Musicals / Stage Play

  • Hong Nuer Mung Korn - The Musical (Exact & Scenario 2010)


Bank was the lead vocalist of the band Clash which started since high school and disbanded in 2011. They have successfully released 13 albums with GMM Grammy.

Bank is a very talented singer who has been through hardship, he say's that the worst day of his life is when his mother passed away. She was diagnosed with Leukemia. His mother was his best friend, his teacher, and his doctor. When Bank was a young boy his family was really wealthy because his father ran a successful hair salon. At that time Bank and his family lived a great life, and were confident with their success. In a flash, his father was in crazy debt and had to run away or else the creditors will kill him. Because of all the debt: Bank, his younger brother, his mom, and his grandmother lived a hard life. His mom and grandmother had to borrow money from friends and family so they could buy food and make life for Bank and his brother easier. His mom had 3 jobs, trying to raise the family on her own she did anything she could for them until his 2nd album came out. For months, they lived without water or electricity. Bank tried to help by washing dishes for money etc. so that he could pay for his own stuff, rather than asking his mother. It was around 2008 when his family cleared all debts. After facing all the debts, Bank had to face his mother's death. They had to choose whether to let her stay on the machine or let her go, Bank decided it would be best to let her go. He ordained for his mother, and to this day he will never forget her. Bank has made 2 songs dedicated to his mother: "Tur Ja Yoo Gup Chun Ta Laud Pai" and "Grahb Din"

Credits to "Wun Wan Yung Wan Yoo" interview talk show.


  • Album One (2001)
  • Soundshake (2003)
  • Soundcream (2003: Special Acoustic Album)
  • Brainstorm (2004)
  • Crazy Clash (2004: Greatest hits from 2001-2004)
  • Emotion (2005)
  • Smooth Clash (2006: Special Acoustic Album)
  • Very Clash (2006: Very best Album)
  • Crashing (2006)
  • Fan (2007: Special Album)
  • Rock of Ages (2008)
  • Clash Army Rock Concert II: Chewit, Mittraparb, Kwarm Ruk (2009)
  • Nine Miss U 2 (2010)



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