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ChenrukNote aka Nai

Nai is awesome!!! She lives a high profile life in the heart of the sunny state, California. Most of her time is busy spent promoting individuals like Marduk and making sure that he is a success so that her reputation as a loyal subject will also be renowned. ChenrukNote, undoubtedly, is a sparkling diamond(yes she is that worthy)of SarNworld and without her the lives of many will be bleak. In the brief time that she is at SarNworld, she has already formed more acquaintanceships than can be counted on her ten fingers.

ChenrukNote is also known for her affection of almonds and ice cream, especially, the latter. "Icecream is what rocks her life, refreshes her mind, and replenishes her soul!"

Nai's kind heart is composed of nothing but the best ingredients on earth. She is passionate about everything that she commits to and voluntarily helping others is an important aspect of her life. She takes but never fails to also return the good deeds. As said by Darvil, "What Nai lacks in height, she makes up in talent."

However, this kind heart of hers already has an entitled owner. Sorry, unlike the Monkey King, she is faithful and will only choose to love one at a time. Besides, she still has years to come if she ever decides to become a player like her mentors lol.

  • Number 14 on Marduk's crush list
  • Conceited(Next in line to Marduk because no one is as vain as Marduk)
  • Natty's beneficiary, one day her knights and the round table will be mine!
Note Watcharaboon Leesuwan...Nai's Star Crush
Just a Nai haha

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