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Hot Marduk

Known as the "Asian Persuasion", he is everything and anything that is good about Sarnworld. Hailing from the great city of San Diego, CA, he once single-handedly saved a kitten from a tree. During his leisure moments, he loves to DJ and swoon girls with his astounding voice. In fact, he has a fan club here...Marduk's Fan Club

With so much popularity, one would think he is snobbish but, contradictorily, Marduk is the royal Monkey King that everyone loyally serves because of his humble attitude. He rules SarNworld with such ease and dignity that his contenders are constantly on the prowl, formulating conspiracies in order to terminate his extraordinary reign. No one can compare to Marduk and his altruism. He will live and become the greatest legacy of SarNworld.

There is one drawback to Marduk's superiority though and that is, his heart is conquered by Lee Hyori, so sorry girls. However, this king appreciates any and all love that he gets. There is still a faint hope ladies, at least you know he will NEVER break your heart.

Marduk's HOT Wife


Early Life

Misogynistic Views

A self-described "player hata," Marduk has not come to terms yet with his hatred of women. Thus, he plays out his confusion through sometimes ambigiously brokeback relations with Darvil and his lame attempts at hitting on girls.

Marduk's Crush List

Marduk's crushes are numerous as he can never settle his heart upon one woman other than Lee Hyori. However, until the day that Lee Hyori becomes his wife, he is still spreading his love around like wildfire. Thus, he has come up with a "crush list" that is regularly updated like a stock market. On the list is a descending order of his "crushes." As of May 19th, his current crush list is

1) Koko-Angel 2) Krystal 3) Chewy 4) Tang 5) Darvil 6) Muddie (famously known as Lee Soo Man's wife) 7) Natty 8) Nameless 9) Jensen 10) dfemc

11) Bugsy 12) Jenan 13) Paster 14) Chenruknote 15) Ahmega 16) Lekie_Lucious 17) Klar 18) Samontha 19) DaringAngel 20) Riya

(Kevin's still not on here)



In December of 2006, Marduk released his highly anticipated album Mardikulous. It was received with mixed reviews by the critics but was heavily embraced by the Sarnies. With such hits as "Kae Neung Natee" and "Oops...I did it again," it quickly rose to the top of the SW charts. However, it was the success of the hit single "Dear Muddie," that the album quickly became interforumally recognized. The song could be heard on SW Radio, Soompi, and other such medium.


Mardikulous Track Listing

1) The Marduk Show -DJ Marduk featuring Pink Mafia

2) Kay Neung Natee -Marduk featuring D2B

3) Yah Hai Jai Gun Lerl -Darvil

4) Dear Muddie -Marduk and Darvil

5) Everywhere -Dizzy D

6) An Jing -Marduk

7) Poo Chai Khon Nan Chan Hai Tur -Muddie

8) Hotel California -Dizzy D featuring Marduk

9) Pakh Dee -Dizzy D

10) Oops...I did it again -Marduk

11) Can You Feel The Love Tonight? -Marduk, Noungning, Darvil, and Dizzy D

12) Can You Feel The Love Tonight? -Brokeback Version

Love at Sunrise/Hedonism at Sunset

Marduk is currently working on his sophomore album. It will be a double album released with 5 tracks on each mini album with a total of 10 tracks.

Interesting Facts About Marduk

  • Natty aka Jae is one of the few to openly admit she thinks Marduk is awesome.
  • He is also known as "saltyplum" as well as "ling".
  • One of his most favorite person is very "explosive".
  • He owns a hot agency with a sexy slogan: Marduk's "Find A Date" Is NEVER LATE!
  • Some people prefer to date a certain race. Marduk will date only one race. And that is HOT!
  • Marduk's favorite pickup line is "Do you want a sugarplum?" And yes ladies, it always works.
  • Marduk has one particularity : He sounds damn SEXY when he tries to speak French, especially with that DE GAULLE stuff.
  • He is also the second biggest fan, next to Jensen, of DJ U-Know and Co-DJ NosePicker.

...A BIG Fan

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