Dok Bua Kao

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Dok Bua Kao
Dok Bua Kao
Dok Bua Kao


  • Title: Dok Bua Kao
  • Also known as: ดอกบัวขาว / Khmer Title: Pkah Chhouk Sor / The White Lotus
  • Duration: 12 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Popularity: top rated/hit
  • Air time: Wed.-Thur. 2.20 pm.
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: 2009
  • Theme song: "Yoo Nai Jai Rue Kher Lom Pud Pai -Guntha Guljalok (Credits to Jakjann)

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Kantana



The main plot line of “Dok Bua Kao(White Lotus)” is derived from a legend about a wealthy woman with a pure heart from centuries ago, who sacrificed all her worldly possessions to help the poor. She eventually dies out of starvation near a swamp. As legend goes, her body is then morphed into a lotus plant. In modern times, in buddhist culture, the lotus is used for worship for that reason, because it represents the highest order of sacrifice and purity. In “Dok Bua Kao”, the lakorn, ‘Poo’ Praiya Suandokmai becomes the embodiment of the ‘lotus’ woman in modern times, she sacrifices everything for her family and gets nothing in return but heartache and pain.

Poo Priaya is Oranoot “Noot” Thathep, a young woman in her early 20s, she is the eldest daughter of Chaba (Nikallaya Abdul Dulaya) and Apichat Thathep (Chatchai Ngam), a wealthy army lieutenant from a prominent family.

Chaba worked as a servant maid for the Thathep family and her mother worked as a cook for the household.

The night before his marriage to a woman his mother had arranged for him, Apichat rapes Chaba and makes her his mia noi (lesser wife). The next day, he nonchalantly marries Suchada (“Sa” Wanasa Tongwised ), his betrothed.

Chaba’s mother learns what transpired that night and tried to marry her off to the gardener of the household, Sayrit, a man who secretly loved Chaba. Unfortunately for Sayrit, Chaba learns she is pregnant with Apichat’s child and the marriage between never happened.

When Suchada, Apichat’s proper wife, learns that Chaba is pregnant, she goes into a rampage and creates hell for Chaba. Though she is angry, she stays with Apichat because she is pregnant too.

Chaba and Suchada gives birth roughly at the same time. Suchada delivers her daughter first and names her “Noi” Kunthida Thathep (”Fai” Nichanun Funkaew). Chaba’s daughter is Oranoot “Noot” Thathep.

Apichat continues to be unfaithful to Suchada and continues his relationship with Chaba forcefully. Again, Chaba becomes pregnant. She gives birth to another daughter to which she names Kaew(played by newcomer Nai-Yana Pamee). After giving birth, she falls gravely ill. Before she dies, she makes her eldest daughter Noot promise to sacrifice everything for Kaew and especially Noi because Chaba feels guilty for being Apichat’s mistress.

Years pass. Noi, Noot, and Kaew grow up to be rambunctious little girls. Though prohibited by her mother Suchada, Noi still plays with her younger sisters Noot and Kaew. Noi is somewhat of a bold young girl,who doesn’t like to listen to anyone and loves to exert her older sister status on her younger sisters. Noot is a sweet girl who tries to please everyone. Kaew is your typical youngest sister– bratty, a crybaby, and stubborn.

No matter who is right or wrong, Noot will always get punish for any issue that may arise. Luckily, she has a friend to turn to in her time of need. That person is Rungsee (Natwat Plengsiriwat), he is the son of Sayrit, the gardener. After being heartbroken about Chaba, Sayrit quickly married another servant lady and had Rungsee

Some time later, Khun Phaisan Sarachai (Thanongsak Supphagan), a wealthy businessman and his wife Khun Waree (Kochakorn Nimakorn) move next door to the Thethap Estate. They have two sons: Pana Sarachai (New Wongsakorn) and Sawat Sarachai (Pulpat Attapanyapol ).

Khun Phaisan and Khun Apichat become fast friends and so did their children.

The 5 new friends would play together; however, Noot liked to secretly sneak out of their games to play with Rungsee, which annoyed Pana. He would complain every time Noot ran off to play with Rungsee. I think he had a kiddie crush on Noot and was jealous of Rungsee. Noot hated Pana for constantly complaining and bullying her.

Eventually, Rungsee moves away to the countryside. Before leaving, both Rungsee and Noot promise to stay in contact via letters. She will use a lotus blossom stamp to represent herself.

TEN YEARS pass. All six grow up to be beautiful and handsome individuals (Hey, I didn’t use those words, I’m just translating it). Kaew is in her final year of secondary school and have passed her University entrance exam. All six attend Kasetsart University.

Their majors: Kaew-Agricultural Science Noi-Fine Arts Noot-Science Pana-Science–>he only majored in Science to get close to Noot Sawat-Engineering Rungsee-Fishery

Pana loves to tease Noot on her studies, saying she is a bookworm. Though he doesn’t study, he is able to resolve all his academic issues. Pana tries to get close to Noot by asking her out for dinners and random dates but she would reject him frequently to spend time writing letters to Rungsee, who had to work to pay off his schooling. The rejections would annoyed him greatly and he would resent Rungsee for stealing his time with Noot.

Sawat, Pana’s younger brother secretly loves Noot too much like his older brother Pana. Sawat secretly knows Pana loves Noot though he is dating her older sister Noi.

Their first year of college pass and Rungsee decides to drop out to be a farmer. Like Pana and Sawat, he likes Noot but he knows he is not good enough for her so he decides to drop out and move to the countryside to be a farmer.

During her college years, Noot struggles with her academics because of the situation at home with her stepmother and her younger sister Kaew becoming involve with the bad crowd–partying all night and drinking.

Noot struggles to balance school and her home drama. She sacrifices everything for everyone and tolerated everything that was being thrown at her. Her tolerance and kindness made Pana and Sawat fall in love with her even more.

After they graduated, Pana surprised everyone by asking for Noot’s hand in marriage from Khun Apichat. Everyone is stunned, especially Noi who thought she was Pana’s girlfriend. After the announcement, NOi attacks Noot with the help from her mother Suchada. Noi accused Noot of stealing Pana away from her and made Noot promise to stay away from Pana. Noot dutifully promised to do so.

Noot starts to avoid Pana. When he came to see her at the house, she would refuse to come down. In desperation to see Noot, Pana trespassed to her room and attempted to kiss her. They were caught by Noi and her mother. Pana leaves and Noot tries to explain herself but no one would listen.

On the day of their engagement, Noot rejects Pana’s proposal in front of the elders. After the incident, Pana goes to ask Noot for an explanation. She yelled at him saying she hated him and can never love him.

After being rejected by Noot, Pana goes on an alcohol binge every night. Noi takes this opportunity to get close to Pana.

While Noi is getting close to Pana, Sawat takes this opportunity to pursue Noot. He starts to spend more time with Noot which made Pana jealous.

Out of jealousy, Pana sneaks into Noot’s room and tried to attack her. Noi witnessed the attacked and misunderstood the scene as Noot seducing Pana and hated Noot even more. To resolve the situation, Noot lies to Pana that she loves Rungsee and she plans to marry him.

Being rejected again by Noot, Pana decides to pursue Noi aggressively. He starts going to events with Noi and telling the hi-society newspapers that Noi is his new girlfriend. Oddly, Noot begins to feel hurt by the gesture. Seeing Pana and Noi together, Noot realizes that she actually loves Pana. To protect herself and hide her budding feelings for Pana, she moves out of her father’s home to be a elementary school teacher in Chaiyaphum, Thailand. There, she meets up with Rungsee who lives and works in the area. Rungsee would come visit her often at the school. At one point, he even confessed his love for her and she rejects him saying they can only be friends Unlike Pana, Rungsee is able to accept that he can only be friends with Noot and he is able to develop a healthy platonic relationship with her.

Because they spend so much time together, people in town assume they are dating. Now at this point, crazy Pana follows Noot to Chaiyaphum and sees Rungsee with her. So now, Pana believes Noot really moved out of her family home to be with Rungsee. He’s hurt and angry.

Pana pretends to make a visit. One night, Rungsee and Pana drank together and become extremely inebriated. Rungsee goes off to sleep and Noot stays with Pana to care for him.

In a drunken stupor, Pana vented his anger out on Noot and she slapped him. In rage, he rawrs her. After the incident, he apologizes to her repeatedly and said he did out of love not because of lust. He promised to take responsibility for his actions and promised to bring the elders over to ask for her hand in marriage.

The next morning, Noot leaves him as he slept and returns to Bangkok in secret.

Sawat learns that Noot is pregnant and asked to take responsibility for the child. He wants to save her dignity in the eyes of the community. Noot agrees because she doesn’t want her child to be born without a father. Sawat promised to never touch her and if she wants a divorce, he will sign it without hesitation. They are married and Noot moves into the Sarachai household with Noi and Pana there too.

Noot tries to avoid Pana at all cost and Pana tries to get close to her at every turn. One day, Pana and Noot are arguing privately, Noi listens in on their conversation and hears Pana confessing he still loves Noot.

Deeply hurt, Noi puts up a cheerful face and pretended to be kind to Noot. Really, she was scheming to get close to Noot to harm her.

Rungsee learns that Noot is pregnant and came to congratulate her. As they are chatting, Pana listens in our their conversation and learns that he is the father of Noot’s child.

Later that night, Rungsee returns to his hotel and drowns himself with alcohol. Though he congratulated her on her new family, Rungsee still loves Noot. He is devastated by the news.

As he is getting drunk alone, he gets an uninvited visit from Noi. She offers him money to kidnap Noot and start a family with her. He refuses. She starts to insult and even insulted Noot. He’s drunk and he’s heartbroken so he attacks Noi and rapes her.

The next day, Pana confronts Noot about the father of her child. Unexpectedly, Noot suffered a miscarriage.

After the miscarriage, Pana tries to get close to Noot again and Sawat becomes jealous. The two men fight for Noot’s affections and Noot becomes annoyed. Noot divorces Sawat and returned to the Thethap household to live with her father.

Noot tries earnestly to avoid both Pana and Noi to no avail. One night, Pana climbed up a tree to her room and promised to divorce Noi. They got into an argument and slept together.

Kaew saw Pana leaving Noot’s room and phone Noi.

Noi went into a frenzy and confronted Pana. He told her he wanted a divorce because he has to take responsibility for Noot now.

At this moment, Noi is pregnant. She lies to everyone she is pregnant with Pana when really it is Rungsee’s baby. Pana denies being the father because he has never had relations with her. No one believes him, not even Noot.

Rungsee comes back to Bangkok and meets up with Pana. Pana confesses to him that he can’t possibly be the father of Noi’s child, he has never slept with her. He loves only Noot. Ding, Rungsee begins to realize he might be the father of Noi’s child. His suspicious is confirmed by Kaew.

Kaew knows all of Noi’s secret and tells him that he is the father of Noi’s child. Rungsee wants to take responsibility for Noi. He goes to see her at the house. He wants to part of Noi’s life and their child. Noi wasn’t having it and shot him. She runs outside and tried to cross the street.

Not paying attention to the incoming traffic, Noi is almost hit by a car. Luckily for her, Noot pushed her out of the way. Noot is hit by the car. In shock, Noi passes out and dreamt of a time when she was happily playing with her two sisters.

After the accident, Noot is a coma for several days and Noi is there by her side apologizing and caring for her. Noi finally realized that Noot loved her and had always been there for her. Noi decides to divorce Pana and marry Rungsee. They went to live aboard. Sawat started pursuing Kaew and they later married.

When Noot was released from the hospital, Pana tried to reconcile with her. This time, it was successful, Noot gave in. Pana promised to stay by her side and never have her endure hardship and tolerance alone from this point on.

  • aznsao9's input*

A lot of stuff happens with in this drama, but I believe that some of the parts got re-written or re-scripted because I’ve read a synopsis of it before watching the lakorn, and of the things did not happen at all or weren’t mention in the synopsis either, but then again, it’s only a summary. Anyways, like the part where Pana climbs the tree to see Noot and they sleep together, that didn’t occur at all. But what was included was Pana taking Noot to an apartment place that he had planned out just for the two of them when they get married, well he had hoped for the marriage although it didn’t happen, but he was still in love with her and want to be with her no matter what, but anyways the two lived like a happy, calm, and free from problems kind of couple for a few days. Another thing I can tell you is that the ending is totally different from what is written from the synopsis that I’ve read. It made me hella mad to watch what I did not read, but I guess it was a better ending or had a better moral or something that the director/writer wanted… who knows exactly, and I’m still mad at how it ended for the other characters, because of course the Pra’Nang got together.

Also, when looking at the starting and ending theme preview thingy, I think a little of what’s shown in there weren’t in the lakorn or may have been deleted or something, I’m not sure. Also, they’re might have been parts added that weren’t mention in the synopsis, but yeah, synopsis are just reviews of the highlights and what not, but I think that some parts that were added should have been mentioned since it’s probably related, but then again I’m not sure. Like what I mentioned up above, but I guess the person translated the original article or something, and then later an official person probably changed it.

Anyways, although what is written here isn’t all in the lakorn and then some, it was still an enjoyable lakorn, despite me wanting to smack the Nang’Rai and her mom sometimes. I totally love the Pra’Ek’s character, although he seemed lovesick and crazy at times, and although the Nang’Ek is like always seen crying at certain parts, she’s still adorable when she’s not getting blamed or beaten up for some stupid reason or something that is a total misunderstanding, or when she’s not able to speak out because of her status or wanting to protect someone. This is definitely a drama to get into that has many good parts that do not lag the plot or stressed as much as some other lakorn do. Well, during the ending, it kind of lagged, it seemed unnecessary and boring to me, but still overall it went by quickly.

New Wongsakorn Poramathakorn who plays Pana, does his character quite well. He displayed the emotions and feelings good and had me believing that he was so deeply in love with Noot. Also, he definitely gots some nice arm muscles that I didn’t really noticed he had. xD

As for Poo Praiya Doandokmai who plays Noot, also acted out her character well. Although it was annoying seeing her cry and getting pushed around though, but besides that, she has such a cute voice when speaking and her facial expressions was pretty good too.

I would definitely love to see these two in another lovely dovey drama again, or well in another drama as Pra’Nang again. They seemed to have good on screen chemistry with one another, and honestly, New and Poo seemed to look good with anyone they are paired up with.

Oh yeah, another thing, I really just wanted to watch this lakorn for the kid parts, but that doesn’t happen much, which I was disappointed about. It already shows them already grown up and the kid parts appeared only when there are like flashbacks when the person’s memory is triggered by an event, object, words or something like that, I forgot, and that’s only when you’re able to see them when they’re younger.

Give your own synopsis or get it from somewhere. If you get it from someone/some site/somewhere MAKE SURE YOU GIVE CREDIT. Very important.

If someone else want to give another review just write it under the other synopsis.

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