Gerd Tae Chard Pang Nai

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Lakorn Name
Lakorn Name


  • Title: Gerd Tae Chard Pang Nai (เกิดแต่ชาติปางไหน)
  • Also known as: Which Lifetime Were You Born At?
  • Duration: How Many Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm ???
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: 1999
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: TV Scene


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After Non(Off Pongpat) came home from doing a commercial he notices his car has a flat tire. There were sharp nails all over the rode. A man on a motorcycle rides by, gets his gang and shoots Off and robs him. Off dies instantly and his spirit comes out of his body and is shocked to look at his dead body. He never got to say goodbye to his pregnant wife and daughter(this is also her birthday too). Meanwhile Mookthida(Ann Siriam) is working in her insurance company and her boyfriend, Kade(Johnny Anfone) comes to remind her to accompany him to his father's birthday. Ann forgets her dress and drives home promising to get to the party on time. Mook arrives to the exact area Non got murdered and the same guys try to rape her. Non's spirit possesses her freaking the gang out and they run away. Mook awakes to see Non and remembers that he was one of her insurance customers, he informs her that he's a spirit and Mook faints. Non follows her home and Mook is freaked out so she prays to the house's protector to not let Non in. Non just wants Mook to go see his wife and know how she's doing, so all night he keeps popping up in her mind to let him back in. Mook finally does because she's tired and wants to sleep. She agrees to visit Non's wife in the morning. She informs her that she dreamed that she saw Non in her dreams and for her to invite his spirit into their house. When Mook comes home she finds Kade and he confronts her for not showing up at the party. His mother is also not very happy.

Mook thought now her life would be without Non bothering her anymore, he promised not to come into her life no more. Non spent time with his pregnant wife and child, though they couldn't see him, he felt happy being with them. His wife got stomach pains so the only thing Non could do was go possess Mook and get her to take his wife to the hospital. Non was being chased and to avoid getting caught he was still in Mook's body so his kissed the doctor who coincidentally was Mook's past flame. Mook fainted and woke up to her Dodo, she was angry at him because in the past he didn't love her and had a relationship with another. Mook and Dodo were friends since they were little so this broke her heart. Dodo thought the kiss meant that she still loved him but he finds out that she's engaged to Kade. Dodo's girlfriend is really possessive so the more she saw Mook with Dodo the angrier she got. Non used Mook's body as an escape route alot which just made Dodo to believe more and more that Mook loved him. He was willing to leave his girlfriend for Mook but Mook refused because she loves Johnny now. So Dodo went ahead to sexually harass Mook but with the help of Non she escaped.

As Dodo re-entered Mook's life, it also entered new problems with her future mother in-law who never approved of Mook and Kade. Laor also created problems between them along with Dodo who very much wants Mook back causes Mook and Kade to break up. Though this happens Kade and Mook agree to get married only in name, but on the wedding day Laor helps Dodo kidnap Mook and he persuades to rawr her. Kade drives around looking for Mook and gets in an accident. Mook escapes from Dodo and finds out that her groom has been badly hurt. Every hates Mook especially her mother in-law for doing this and she gets the blame for injuring him.

6 months later.....Kade gets sent to America to heal. He comes back with Amnesia and his mother tells him lies for him to hate Mook. He and his nurse are in a relationship that his mother approves of. Mook comes to prove herself innocent by living with Kade but in the servant area. He thinks that Mook and her bestfriend Num are having an affair so Kade rawrs Mook. Mook runs away and Kade finds her. He gets his memories back and he gets back together with Mook. Then comes more misunderstandings......

Dodo and his GF move near the ocean and she's pregnant. She gets in a fight with him and gets a miscarriage. She blames Mook for everything. Dodo is really stressed out so he goes to America to further his doctor degree. His girlfriend becomes seriously depressed and locks herself in her room everyday. When Dodo comes back he just wants to be friends leaving his girlfriend to also blame Mook for that. Dodo doesn't want Mook anymore but Kade gets paranoid and causes Mook to leave again. Mook finds herself to be pregnant and Dodo's GF comes to kidnap her and try to kill her. Kade finds out from Dodo that Mook is innocent and pregnant so he goes to find her. Non possesses Kade and finds Mook though its too late, Mook already looses the baby. And Dodo got shot. Dodo's GF goes crazy. In the end Mook and Kade realize their true love and get back together and his mother finally accepts her. A year later Kade and Mook have twins which is a reincarnation of Non and his ghost buddy.

Synopsis by Cupid Candy from asianfuse

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