Kam Lai Mas

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Kam Lai Mas


Production Credits

  • Producer: Nong Arunosha
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company name: Broadcast Thai Television




In a pond of Tinnachart palace, Riewthong (Jui) who is daughter of owner puppet group of this palace meet H.R.H. Princess Rumpa Tinnachart (Janie) who is daughter of Her Highness a owner of this palace. Rumpa permanently love H.R.H Prince Direk (Teoy). Riewthong also love Direk as well.

Rumpa make an appointment with Riewthong for clearing of both of them. But Rumpa stab her by a knife, and try to steal a gold bangle at Riewthong's wrist. Riewthong refuse about that, because she promise with Direk that she don't take a gold bangle until she died. Rumpa hit her wrist, and gold bangle torn seperate. Rumpa take it with laughing.

Riewthong try to beg for her life, but Rumpa shove Riewthong away to a pond. Rumpa notice that you will live at here forever. Riewthong body sink into a pond. When she almost died, her eyes is full of anger. Riewthong pray before she died that no matter how long have the time passed, she will come back to get her bangle, Rumpa you bitch.


Glaomart interest in a beautiful bangle. That bangle was carve the name of Riewthong. She need to get that bangle, but Ta's mother reserve that. When Ta's mother get that bangle. She meet strange event many time, so she give Glaomart a bangle. When Glaomart get this, people on her house meet strange and dreadful event.

So Glaomart doubt about that. When she find out. She know that owner this bangle is Riewthong. She is daughter of owner puppet group. His highness who is Ta's great-grandfather is loving Riewthong, and support her, and his highness son love Riewthong either. He need her as his mistress, but Riewthong can't live with a man who she don't love, because she love one H.R.H. Prince.. Meanwhile, Prung who is Riewthong step-bother secretly love of Riewthong for long time. Love in the past make a whole thing such as hurt, love, relationship, and anger at the same time. What effect in the past will happen in present? and How is it ending ?

--Cr. lakorn guchill, TV Truelife (Source: asianfuse wiki)

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