Kamin Gub Poon

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Kamin Gub Poon
Kamin Gub Poon


  • Title: Kamin Gub Poon / ขมิ้นกับปูน
  • English Translation: Tumeric with Limestone Paste
  • Alternative Title: A Tale of Two Castles
  • Duration: 16 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Romance/Family/Period
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air Time: Friday-Sunday
  • Broadcast Network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast Period: July 17, 2016 --- August 21, 2016
  • Theme Songs: Chun Lae Ter Mai Chai Kamin Gub Poon by Atsadaporn Siriwattanakul (Green AF5) & Es Kantapong
  • Related to: Khamin Gab Bpoon (2001)

Production Credits

  • Novelist: Junlada Pakdeepoomin
  • Producer: Thongchai Prasongsanthi
  • Director: Thongchai Prasongsanthi
  • Screenwriter: Laai Nam
  • Company Name: Pordeecom



During the year 1943, Thailand had undergone both societal and political changes. However, one thing that never changed over time was the hatred between Praya-apibanbamrung and Prawijitsinpakarn's families. One reason was due to Praya-apibanbamrung's mother running away with Prawijit's father. This brought disgrace upon Praya-apibanbamrung's family. Praya-apibanbamrung's family have one son, Pranithit-Rukthamasathit, and three daughters: Prik, Champa, and Peep. The family's grandchildren, which are Pranithit's daugthers, are Pathama (Green), Paweena (Manao), and Paramee (Mookda).

When the government made changes so that one can no longer use their rank in status, Pranithit decided to resign from serving the government. Praya-apibanbamrung also retired. This made Praya-apibanbamrung's family decline financially while Prawijit's family kept prospering each day.

Paweena is the type of person who likes to tattle tale. She's jealous of her older sister Pathama, so she went to tell Praya-apibanbamrung that Pathama was secretly befriending Tantawan (Ice) and dating Thana (Es), the child and grandchild of Prawijit. As a result, Pathama had gotten heavily beaten. This made her subconsciously held a grudge against her own family.

During World War II, Pranithit did a business trade and was cheated. This brought a lot of distress to Praya-apibanbamrung. At the time, Pathama asked permission to go continue her studies with her beloved friend at Si Racha. Tantawan was also there. Pathama fell in love with Khun Thana, Tantawan's uncle. When Prayabamrung found out, Pathama was severely beaten again. Afterwards, she was forced to become a nun. Thana and Tantawan was able to help Pathama escape from the temple. She then married Thana. Praya-apibanbamrung was enraged by this and decided to cut ties with her.

As time passed, Paweena and Paramee grew up into beautiful women. Paweena was envious of Paramee for being more beautiful. However, Paweena is her father and grandfather's favorite. That's why they allowed her to continue her studies by going to college. As for Paramee, she only had the opportunity to learn up to high school. Paweena then met Tanpong (Guy), the grandchild of Prawijit, who just finished his studies from abroad. He became Paweena's teacher. She then attained Pathama's address and went to visit her while telling both her father and grandfather. Her father and grandfather went to drag Pathama back home. Pathama was very saddened that she was separated from her husband. She was so heartbroken that she tried to commit suicide by hanging herself. However, her aunt, Peep came to help her in time. One day, Pathama saw a photo of Thana with Tantawan, her best friend. Pathama then realized her best friend stole her husband. That made her overdose on medicine to kill herself again. However, everyone helped her in time. Her emotional state began to decline each day.

Tunpong (Bank), another grandchild of Prawijit, secretly likes Paramee. He attended a ceremony for the opening of the three women's restaurant. Tunpong had the opportunity to speak with Praya-apibanbamrung. They got along fine, but Praya-apibanbamrung didn't know he was the grandchild of his enemy. When he found out, he didn't hate him too much. Thana then sent divorce papers to Pathama, which caused her to go into shock and become insane. Tunpong couldn't stand it so he wrote a letter to criticize Thana and Tantawan. Tantawan knew she was wrong and told Thana to go see Pathama. However, Praya-apibanbamrung did not welcomed him and drove him away.

Tunpong then asked for Paramee's hand in marriage. Praya-apibanbamrung had one request. Tunpong had to change his lastname to their lastname and none of his relatives can attend the wedding ceremony. Tunpong agreed to this. On the wedding day, Tunpong's relatives arranged a wedding for them at another place. Praya-apibanbamrung stayed alone with Pathama, who has gone mad. He refused to acknowledge her. Pathama became like this due to him not letting go of the feud with Prawijit's family. It's like Kamin Gub Poon (Tumeric and Limestone Paste).


Trivia or Interesting Info about this Lakorn

  • Kamin Gub Poon (Tumeric with Limestone Paste) is a metaphoric saying that Thai's use to describe two things that do not go well together. It's much like oil and water. The title refers to the relationship between the two feuding families.
  • This is a remake of Khamin Gab Bpoon starring Joy Sirilak Pongchoke and Job Niti Samutkojorn in 2001.
  • This lakorn had only filmed for about 3 or 4 months before it was scheduled to air. Its air date was rushed because Channel 7's copyright to the lakorn was about to expire.
  • This is Guy Ratchanon Sukprakob's first lakorn with Channel 7.

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