King Pai (1998)

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King Pai
King Pai


  • Title: King Pai (กิ่งไผ่)
  • Also known as: Perhaps add a translation of the title here
  • Duration: How Many Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy/Action ???
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Fri - Sun
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: 1998
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Bpenjarun Thamsin
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Dara Video


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This lakorns centers around the lives of two men, Chulachit (Bee) and Foong (Likit). Chulachit came to Thailand at the age of 7 from China after the death of his parents. He came to stay with a distant aunt, Aunt Juang, a housekeeper for a minor prince. Foong is the favourite grandson of the prince but his grandmother hates him because he is unruly and doesn't seem at all like his parents. After Foong's father dies, his mother is unable to take care of her children so she gives them to her parents and she remarries a soldier. Her parents disapprove that she has remarried beneath herself. Foong has a sister, Fueng who is snooty and vengeful even though she is just a child. Fueng and Foong never get along and are constantly fighting. Fueng and Foong's grandparents have a daughter late in life, Ying Pan, who is around Fueng's age. Foong and Chulachit become close companions and Foong becomes sort of a big brother to Chulachit. Chulachit constantly protects and defends Foong even though Foong is in the wrong. Foong's grandfather dies and Foong no longer has anyone who loves him unconditionally and his grandmother cannot put up with him anymore so she decides to send him to boarding school. Angry that his grandmother uses some harsh words, he attempts to set her on fire and runs off, declaring that he won't come back until he is rich and successful. Chulachit's uncle wants to raise Chulachit in Hong Kong and Aunt Juang reluctantly gives Chulachit to his uncle. The years go by and Chulachit comes back to Thailand as a successful engineer working for an American company as he has lived in America for most of his life. He now goes by the name of John Lee. He sets off to find his Aunt Juang but finds out that they have sold the palace and moved away. Coincidentally he meets Fueng and Ying Pan but he is unwilling to reveal himself. Ying Pan is attracted to him and invites him over to her house, he tries to find a way to talk to Aunt Juang so he asks if he can compliment the chef. Fueng denies him the opportunity, saying Aunt Juang doesn't like to talk to guests. Fueng is attracted to Chulachit but her arrogance and obsession with propriety causes her to be rude and uncivil towards him, she constantly admonishes her aunt, Ying Pan, for flirting with John despite her already being married. Ying Pan has been separated from her husband for a while because they live very different lives and have very different attitudes. Fueng's half sister, Sinee (Noon) goes to apply for a job at the company where Chulachit works and after Chulachit finds out her connection to Fueng, he asks for her to help him see his aunt Juang. He tells her the story of his childhood and Sinee is happy to help. Sinee takes Chulachit to her grandmother's house and reunites him with Aunt Juang. Chulachit pretends that he cannot understand or speak Thai and only Sinee and Aunt Juang know the truth. Chulachit has to go to Chiang Mai to try get a job done. The current supervisor there seems unable to get the job done and Chulachit is sent there to see what is wrong and get the job done. Before he goes, he asks Sinee to find Foong for him because he desperately wants to see his friend again. Sinee promises and takes Aunt Juang to send him off. Turns out Foong is working on the job that Chulachit is sent to get done. Foong has spent his childhood and youth robbing people and he had gotten rich off of it. He has visited Aunt Juang once and Fueng made so many verbal jabs at him that he left before seeing his grandmother. Foong is addicted to Heroin and has helped the previous supervisor swindle the company by dragging out the job and claiming that supplies have run out so they can buy new ones but has been selling it off instead. Foong changes his name to Khamjhon and he and Chulachit do not recognize each other. Foong constantly tries to scare Chulachit off by shooting him and getting his crew drunk and unruly so the job doesn't get moving. Chulachit isn't fazed and enforces many rules to try to combat Foong. Foong can't stand it anymore and goes to murder Chulachit in his room but he refuses to do it in secret so he gives Chulachit a chance to say his last words. He ends up seeing the necklace that his grandfather gave to Chulachit as a child and their true identities are revealed. Chulachit manages to get Foong back to his family, along with Foong's wife, Buaphat, and Foong agrees to get treatment for his drug addiction. Fueng disapproves and tries to convince her grandmother that Foong's presence is going to tarnish their good name but Ying Pan and her are always at odds and Ying Pan sides with Foong and convinces her mother to let Foong stay. Chulachit takes Foong to get treatment and Foong and his grandmother become close. Foong is unable to stop himself from getting taking drugs and becomes addicted again. He and Fueng get into an argument after Fueng finds out that he is addicted again and Foong runs off without Buaphat. He goes back to the man who got him addicted in the first place and was behind the entire scheme of swindling Chulachit's company. He takes on a job for him and he gets shot by the police. Fueng takes out all her anger on Chulachit and blames him for meddling and bringing Foong back even though it is none of his business. At first Chulachit had feelings for Fueng but now after she had taken her anger out on him and angrily sent his Aunt Juang away, he has decided he wants nothing to do with her. Chulachit, Aunt Juang and Sinee go to see Foong at the hospital and he asks Chulachit to take care of his sister and asks Sinee to take Chulachit. Sinee and Chulachit go to spread Foong's ashes after he dies and Chulachit asks Sinee is she is going to keep her promise to Foong and they hug. By: Cupid Candy.


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