Kularb Son Narm

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Kularb Son Narm
Kularb Son Narm
Kularb Son Narm
Kularb Son Narm


  • Title: Kularb Son Narm/กุหลาบซ่อนหนาม
  • Also known as: Rose with hidden thorns
  • Duration: 11 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Romance
  • Popularity: Rating of 10
  • Air time: Fri-Sun @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: January 22, 2010 - February 14, 2010
  • Theme song: "Kae Ter" - Dan Worawech
  • Ending Song: "Kaw Rong" - Dan Worawech



Dan, in this series, is Paron. He’s in love with Panapha (Bow Chotima), a young volunteer school teacher, his father Pakon (”Num” Santisuk Promsiri) disapproves, so he runs away with her to live in Mae Hong Son, a province in Northern Thailand. Somehow his father along with his older brother Phurinot (Oil Thana) convinces Paron to come back to Bangkok to get engage to Rujira (Paeng Panchanida). If he does so, they promise to stop interfering with his relationship with Panapha. Paron agrees.

When Paron is giving Rujira her engagement ring, Panapha sees them and is shock. Panapha runs away after making eye contact with Paron and he chases after her in order to give her an explanation that he is doing this for their relationship. He never caught up with her because in his hurry, he was not cautious, and was hit by a car. From the accident, he becomes paralyze and experiences memory lost.

Believing that she has been tricked and made a fool by Paron, Panapha decides to kill herself and also the baby inside of her. When her older sister Palilai (”Ae” Issariya Saisanan) learns of her suicide via the news, she is devastated to the point of going crazy. Panapha’s father Prart (Thon Jakkrit) suffers a mental break down when he learns of her death.

From Panapha’s suicide letter, Palilai learns that Panapha committed suicide because of a broken heart. She felt deceived by Paron–why did he start a relationship with her when he already had someone else? The letter makes Palilai hate Paron and it makes her want to take revenge on him. So she does.

She learns from Nuna (Oh Petlada), her best friend, that Paron was in an accident and is about to be release from the hospital to be taken care of at home. Nuna has been hired as his permanent nurse. Palilai takes the opportunity of knowing Nuna to her advantage for revenge. She pretends to be Nuna and goes to Paron’s home to be his permanent nurse. Her plan is to make him fall in love with her to teach him the disappointment of love and trust and to make him remember Panapha. As she is building a relationship with Paron, Phurinot (Paron’s older brother) falls for her too, secretively.

Fast-forward through the summary because I’m lazy to translate it completely, Palilai learns the truth that Pakon and Phurinot were the ones that caused her sister to die, not Paron, she starts to feel guilty for what she is doing. As Palilai is uncovering the truth, Paron regained his memory and remembers everything from his past with Panapha. He is devastated about what happen and is completely angry with his brother and father for causing a rift between him and Panapha. The one thing he doesn’t know yet is that Palilai, the person he loves now, is Panapha’s older sister. His brother Phurinot learns of Palilai’s identity first and decides to kidnap her to his family’s vacation house as punishment for trying to deceive his younger brother Paron.

Credit: Lyn's blog

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