Lai Kinnaree

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Lai Kinnaree


  • Title: ลายกินรี / Lai Kinnaree
  • Also known as: The Kinnaree Conspiracy
  • Duration: 16 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Romance/Action/Mystery/Historical
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Monday-Tuesday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: October 24, 2022 --- December 13, 2022
  • Theme song:

Production Credits





Urassaya Sperbund as Mae Ying (Lady) Pudsorn

Mae Ying (Lady) Pudsorn is the only daughter of Mhor (Dr.) Mhode. Her mother is Mae Pikul who is Mhor Mhode's second wife. Lady Pudsorn has a half brother. His name is Mee. Lady Pudsorn is very exquisite. She has a shining bright and sparkling big round eyes. She is elegantly tall and slim but perfectly curvy. Her hair is long and sleek. Her body always smells sweet. Her voice is sweet and clear like crystal. Her smile makes anyone seeing it get absent-minded. Lady Pudsorn is brilliant, quick-witted, and has good communication skills. She is forward-thinking, progressive, decisive, straightforward, strong-minded and courageous yet well-mannered, tenderly sweet, generous. She also has gentle gestures and polite verbal interaction. Since Lady Pudsorn was just a little kid, she loved to assist her father in doing every single thing like following him to pick herbs in the forest, copying and memorizing treatises on medicine her father taught. Therefore, Lady Pudsorn gradually absorbed how to be a doctor and inherited medical knowledge from her father automatically. Mhor Mhode passed on all of his medical knowledge and foreign language skill to his daughter making Lady Pudsorn a skillful doctor and expert in both traditional Thai medicine and western medicine as well as able to speak, read and write French. Lady Pudsorn also has a chance to use her forensic medical knowledge in solving murder cases when faith brought her to have a chance to examine the body of a foreigner who was found dead by drowning. And faith also brought her to meet Aok Luang (Viscount) Indra Ratchpakdee and Monsieur Robert and got to cooperate with them in investigating the death of that foreigner who was an important French cargo ship captain by having the future of Ayutthaya Kingdom at stake. Lady Pudsorn is familiar with men because she has to cure both male and female patients and she felt dislike Luang In since they first met. But later, she becomes shy and blushes every time he stares at her. And when he is with her, she started to behave affectedly and expresses her anger and sulk through her body language which she never been before. She knows that Luang In used to have a wife Lady Duangjan but passed away many years ago. Lady Pudsorn has also known all along that after he met her, he has started to fall in love again. But when Lady Pudsorn unexpectedly got to get engaged with him, if he hasn't forgotten Lady Duangjan, where does Luang In place her in his heart? [1]

Nadech Kugimiya as Aok Luang (Viscount) Indra Ratchpakdee

Aok Luang Indra Ratchpakdee or shortly called Luang In is the only son of Aok Ya (Marquess) Wichaiprakarn and Khun Ying (Marchioness or Ladyship) Sae. Aok Luang Indra Ratchpakdee is a fine high-ranking police of Krom Pra Tamruaj Nork Khwa (Metropolitan Police Department). Luang In has a handsome masculine face across all handsomeness. His eyes are sparkling. His nose is prominent. He has a long thin mustache and a light beard along his jawline and cheeks. He looks gorgeously fierce. He is elegantly tall with a strong and perfectly built physique. Many ladies in the royal palace have a crush on him. Women's hearts tremble when he just glances around toward them. He has devoted himself and been honest to his career as a nobleman in the police department. Therefore his career has grown very fast. He has a brave heart and valorous gestures. He is prideful, recklessly venturesome, and fearless. Criminals and villains in the city are all afraid of him. He was called Luang In Jai Singha (Lion Heart). Luang In is also determined, straightforward and aggressive. And when it comes to working, he is very serious and strict seems like he is cruel and ruthless with everyone. That made Lady Pudsorn disliked him at first. Luang In has a heartbreaking memory. Since Lady Duangjan who was his wife and first love passed away many years ago, he has lived in despair and devoted his whole life to work like he has no heart. But when faith brought him to meet Lady Pudsorn and got chances to get close to her while investigating the death of Captain Sean together, his heart comes alive again. Luang In has become tender, heartwarming, in good spirits, always has a smile on his face. And he loves to tease Lady Pudsorn and stares at her with his gorgeous, meaningful and sparkling eyes like thousand stars shining in it making Lady Pudsorn shy and vulnerable all the time. Even though he is still confused about whether Loving Pudsorn is a betrayal to his deceased wife Duangjan. But when Luang In knows his own heart that he loves Pudsorn and never felt like his heart is on fire and wanted to be near anyone all the time even Duangjan like he feels with Pudsorn. Luang In started to express his feeling for Pudsorn through his actions like crazy. He does everything: being dramatic to get her attention, buttering up her hoping to get her care, whining like a baby when she is not around or spends not enough time with him, dissatisfying and showing his jealousy when other guys especially Robert get her attention, always fixing his eyes on her, always finding the way to be around her, finding a million excuses to continue staying at her house. And when a chance accidentally comes, he has no hesitation to ask for permission from her moms to engage with her. And when they already engaged, he exercises his right as her fiance fully. [2]

New Chaiyapol Pupart as Monsieur Robert

Robert is French. He is secretary and close subordinate of Captain Forbin the military attache in French embassy sending by King of France to the Ayutthaya Kingdom. Later King Narai borrowed Captain Forbin from King of France to help to work as commander-in-chief controlling all foreign militaries in the Ayutthaya Kingdom. Therefore Captain Forbin has been well-known and widely respected by foreigners and Ayutthaya people from noblemen to commoners making Robert be respected at some level as well. Robert is a gorgeous man with a bright smile. He is intellectual, has a good heart, polite and such a gentleman. Robert was stunned and impressed with the smile, beauty, and sweetness of Lady Pudsorn since they first met. The more he gets to know her the more he admires her kindness, brilliance, and courage that he has never seen in other Ayutthaya women. Lady Pudsorn also feels good with him since they first met as well because Robert gave her respect and accepts her as a doctor. Robert secretly falls for Lady Pudsorn and would like to build a relationship with her. But later Lady Pudsorn engaged to Luang In, despite his disappointment, he accepted and congratulated both of them. He has remained his friendship with Lady Pudsorn and Luang In all along. Even after he went back to France with Captain Forbin due to a politic reason, he continues keeping in touch with them. [3]

Nattavat Kaewbuasai as Aok Khun (Barron) Sanpinit

Aok Khun Sanpinit or shortly called Khun San is a young police nobleman. Khun San is Luang In's close subordinate. They are like brothers who can die for each other. Luang In is Khun San's role model. Luang In does not only teach Khun San how to work but also takes care and gives him advice about his life and his love as well. Khun San falls in love and is trying to build a relationship with Lady Lukejan who is a cousin of Lady Pudsorn. [4]

David Asavanond as Captain Sean

Captain Sean (Or as called Ca Pi Tan Chong by Ayutthaya commoners) is French. He is big and tall. Captain Sean is an important cargo ship captain who has an influence on maritime trading in Ayutthaya. He was found dead like drowning in a canal of a temple. While he was found he dressed up like royal ladies making his death so suspicious. Anyway most important of all, the death of Captain Sean may be used by the French army as a rightful reason to seize Ayutthaya Kingdom. [5]

Diana Flipo as Madame Clara

Madame Clara is Captian Sean's wife. She is half Mon (Astroasian). She has an exquisite face and sleek long hair. Madame Clara is a sweet lady. She dresses like western ladies. Madame Clara is about the same age as Lady Pudsorn but she looks older than her actual age probably because she is mixed-race and she got married and has a kid since she was young. Madame Clara has a son with Captian Sean. His name is Henri. He is not even one year old yet. People knew that Madame Clara is the wife that Captain Sean proud of. But no one knows that actually, Madame Clara's life is so unfortunate. And even though Madame Clara is the wife of the victim, her name remains in the suspect list because she is the last person seeing Captian Sean alive before turning up dead the next morning. [6]

Tak Bongkot Kongmalai as Jao Jom (King's Consort) Kinaree

Jao Jom Kinaree is the most powerful among ladies in the royal palace because she is the most and latest favorite consort of King Narai. And she is also a niece of Jularachmontri which is the head of Muslim community controlling and taking care all Muslim people in the city and also the chief of Krom Tha Khwa (Habour Department to the right) taking care of trading with all foreign nations coming from the Indian Ocean such India, Arab countries, and Persia. Jao Jom Kinaree is stunningly beautiful. She has smooth hazelnut tan skin and big round eyes inherited from her Indian race. Jao Jom Kinaree is elegant, clever and confident in herself. Life in the royal palace is not easy and she is a just junior consort and became a consort at almost the end of King Narai's reign. Things that help her remain to be the King's favorite consort are power and her strong mental strength. This King's Consort involves with Lai Kinaree (Half bird half-human) patterned sarong cloth that Captain Sean wore while he died somehow. Therefore, Jao Jom Kinaree is one in the suspect list. And there are secrets behind this cloth which will trigger a severe conflict. And the ending of it is impossible for anyone to expect. [7]

Jariya Anfone as Khun Ying (Marchioness or Ladyship) Sae

Khun Ying Sae is Luang In's mother. She is beautiful, courageous and determined. She is ready to fight for justice-making people call her Nang Singha (Female Lion). Khun Ying Sae is intelligent and very well-educated. She even knows the strategic treatise of war and many other important treatises. That's because she is the daughter of Aok Ya (Marquess) Kosatibadee (Minister of an important ministry like Foreign Affairs or Treasury Ministry) in Late King Prasartthong's reign. Khun Ying Sae was sent to be with the queen of King Prasartthong in the royal palace to work as lady-in-waiting and lived at the royal residence of the queen since her teen until she got married. Therefore, she understands politic, power, guileful, cruelness and chaos in the royal palace very well. While she was living in the royal palace about 30 years ago there was a suspicious suicide of a King's Consort Jao Jom Dokkaew involving Lai Rachasri (Lion) patterned sarong cloth. The death of Jao Jom Dokkaew later turned out to be a murder. And the prime suspect is a young nobleman who is building a relationship with Khun Ying Sae who is just a young lady-in-waiting at the time and that guy later became her husband. Khun Ying Sae together with her close friend Jao Jom Sarapee and Jao Jom Sarapee's younger brother Mhor Mhode joined investigating until they were able to expose the truth behind the death of Jao Jom Dokkaew. This heroic act of Khun Ying Sae became the talk of the town at the time. And she was given a gold plate from King Prasartthong allowing her to seek an audience with any present king of Ayutthaya in an emergency. She has never used it. But when her son got involved in solving a murder case that the person behind it is a very powerful royal lady, Khun Ying Sae can no longer ignore. It's time for her together with her close friend Jao Jom Sarapee to take action again. [8]

Kanjanaporn Plodpai [9] as Jao Jom (King's Consort) Sarapee Jao Jom Sarapee is the big sister of Mhor Mhode and aunt of Lady Pudsorn. Jao Jom Sarapee is a consort of the Late King Prasartthong who is the father of King Narai. Jao Jom Sarapee is smart, meticulous and thoughtful. She together with her friend Lady Sae investigated a high-profile case that happened in the royal palace 30 years ago involving Lai Rachasri (Lion) patterned sarong cloth until they successfully solved the case. Pudsorn is Jao Jom Sarapee's favorite niece. Although the reign has changed, Jao Jom Sarapee still has to live in the royal palace due to the royal regulations and people in the royal palace still highly respect her. Jao Jom Sarapee believes and has faith in Buddhism. So sometimes she goes to stay at the temple to meditate. After the death of Late King, Jao Jom Sarapee pretty isolated herself from chaos in and outside the royal palace. But when her favorite niece is in danger, Jao Jom Sarapee does everything to protect Lady Pudsorn. [10]

Oh Anuchit Sapunpohng as Mhor (Dr.) Mhode (at a young age)

Mhor Mhode is a father of Lady Pudsorn and Mee. He is a famous folk doctor. He is talkative, friendly and loves to meet new friends. Mhor Mhode loves to learn and love to ask questions making him having a lot of foreign friends including English, Portuguese and French. Therefore Mhor Mhode has the mastery of both eastern and western medical knowledge. Unfortunately, he died since his young age because of the tiredness from devoting himself to cure patients not long after the great disease outbreak that took enormous numbers of lives which one of Mhor Mhode who didn't survive that outbreak is Lady Duangjan late wife of Luang In. Luckily, Lady Pudsorn completely and perfectly inherited brilliance, medical knowledge, medical skills, as well as multilingual skill from her father. 30 years ago when there is a high-profile case that happened in the royal palace involving Lai Rachasri (Lion) patterned sarong cloth, Mhode helped his big sister Jao Jom Sarapee and her friend Lady Sae investigating. Mhor Mhode met Mae Heng and Mae Pikul during that investigation and later both of them became his first wife and second wife. If Mae Pikul was the beauty in Mhor Mhode's life, Mae Heng was his laughter, liveliness, and joy. [11]

Nattha Loyd as Mae Pikul

Mae Pikul is Mhor Mhode's second wife. She is in droves with beauty and brain. No wonder why she has a beautiful and perfect in every way like Lady Pudsorn. Mae Pikul met Mhor Mhode while he helped his big sister Jao Jom Sarapee and her friend Lady Sae investigating a high-profile case that happened in the royal palace 30 years ago involving Lai Rachasri (Lion) patterned sarong cloth. At that time Mae Pikul is just a girl following her father who is a nobleman to work in the royal palace. While she was running around she witnessed something that led to case solving. After the case was solved Jao Jom Sarapee brought Mae Pikul to live in the royal palace and work as a lady-in-waiting. Later Mhor Mhode who has secretly fallen for Mae Pikul all along asked for Mae Pikul from Jao Jom Sarapee to be his other wife. [12]

Daraneenuch Pohpiti as Mae Heng

Mae Heng is Mhor Mhode's first wife. She is the daughter of a Chinese immigrant. Same as Mae Pikul, Mae Heng met Mhor Mhode while he helped his big sister Jao Jom Sarapee and her friend Lady Sae investigating a high-profile case that happened in the royal palace 30 years ago involving Lai Rachasri (Lion) patterned sarong cloth. Mhor Mhode helped to treat Mae Heng's father until he fully recovered and Mae Heng risked her life helping Mhor Mhode in finding out who was the murderer. So Mae Heng's father asked Mhor Mhode to take Mae Heng as his wife. Mae Heng has a big heart and pretty noisy. Every day of Mae Heng is full of laughter, liveliness, and joy. Mae Heng has a son with Mhor Mhode. His name is Mee. [13]

Sukhapat Lohwacharin as Mee

Mee is Lady Pudsorn's big brother from another mother. Mee's mother is Mae Heng. Mee is easygoing, lively and joyful which he inherited from Mae Heng. Mee is Mae Heng's mummy boy. So Mae Heng always spoils him. Mee has turned out to be misbehaved, doesn't like studying, loves fishing, shooting birds, and gambling since his father Mhor Mhode still alive. Mee also has friends who are gangsters all over the city. When Mhor Mhode passed away, his family has to continue treating patients for household income and because each day there are a lot of patients come and put their faith in his family. But the one who has medical knowledge can't be the doctor because in that era the medical profession is restricted for men. Unfortunately, the only son of the family is Mee who doesn't know a thing medical. So that the two siblings have to work things out together by using Mee's name and let Mee pretend to be the doctor but Pudsorn is the real doctor treating the patients. Since then people also called Me as Mhor (Dr.) Mee. Mee used to try to treat patients by himself but he lacks knowledge. Some patients died because he used the wrong medicine to treat them. After his father passed away and he has to help his little sister taking care of the family, Mee behaves better but still has connections and friends all over the city which later becomes useful for the investigation of the murder of Captian Sean. And no matter how badly Mee behaves, the one whom Mee loves and has consideration for the feelings of is Lady Pudsorn his little sister. [14]

… as Lady Lukejan

Lady Lukejan is Lady Pudsorn's cousin. When Lady Pudsorn was still a kid, Jao Jom Sarapee used to ask Mhor Mhode for Pudsorn to live with her in the royal palace and work as a lady-in-waiting but Mhor Mhode denied. So Jao Jom Sarapee chose Lukejan who is the daughter of another brother of her instead. When Lady Lukejan is still a kid and just came to stay in the royal palace, she was asked by Luang In who was still a young nobleman to help to send love letters between him and Lady Duangjan. So that Lady Lukejan and Luang In are like long-time pals. And Luang In pretty adores Lady Lukejan like a younger sister. Lady Lukejan is cute and courteous but smart and energetic. She is friendly and familiar with many palace ladies. Aok Khun Sanpinit who is Luang In's close subordinate loves Lady Lukejan. And she has a feeling for him as well. Lady Lukejan is another big help in Lady Pudsorn in the investigation.

Got Jirayu Thantrakul as Jan

Jan is an ordinary young man who used to live a peacefully happy life even though he is poor. His life got to turn upside down. He became a murderer and a prisoner on death row just because of a vicious bunch of foreigners who believed Ayutthaya people are beneath western people. Jan killed a prison guard and escaped from the prison not long before the murder of Captain Sean. Therefore Jan becomes another one in the suspect lust. Jan has to run away hopelessly and continues surviving with the grudge in his heart. Jan's mother is Juong. She is a patient of Lady Pudsorn. Luang In is the person in charge of tracking and catching Jan back to get the punishment. When Luang In's plan on catching Jan at his mother's house was ruined because of Lady Pudsorn, Luang In pretended to lock up and take Juong to prison. Actually, Luang In brought Juong to stay at Lady Pudsorn's house as a patient. And from that day Luang In has stayed at Lady Pudsorn's house to entrap Jan. When Jan came and held Lady Pudsorn as a hostage in exchange for his mom, Luang In fought with him to help Lady Pudsorn and got stabbed. So Pudsorn has to take care of Luang In closely and later he found the way to stay at Lady Pudsorn's house forever. [15]

Charlette Wasita Hermenau as Weena (In the novel is Ameena)

Weena is an Indian girl. She escaped the practice of Sati (Widow burning ritual) from India and ran away to Ayutthaya. Weena ended up staying with Lady Pudsorn because one-day Jeeb who is Pudsorn's close maid met Weena was dragging by a few hoodlums to Khun Chai's whorehouse. Jeeb helped Weena to escape and brought her to Lady Pudsorn's house. Those hoodlums who are Khun Chai's running dogs denied accepting Lady Pudsorn's offer to pay for Weena's freedom. Instead, they were going to take both Weena and Lady Pudsorn to the whorehouse. Luckily, Luang In coincidently came to meet Lady Pudsorn at her house and helped them right in time. Weena became Lady Pudsorn's people and permanently stays at her house as a helper. Weena never spoke. No one knows whether it is because she is unable to speak or doesn't understand Thai language. Anyway, Lady Pudsorn later found out that Weena can speak and even fluent in Thai. Later everyone found out that during the time before Weena became Lady Pudsorn's people, she accidentally witnessed something that makes her become a star witness of Captian Sean's murder case. [16]

Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat as Lady Duangjan

Lady Duangjan is Luang In's first love and deceased wife. Lady Duangjan died since she was still young during the great disease outbreak. Luang In brought her to see Mhor Mhode who is the father of Lady Pudsorn which at that time was still a little kid. But Duangjan's condition is too critical for Mhor Mhode to cure. Lady Duangjan died in Luang In's arms. Luang In has blamed himself for taking her to see a folk doctor like Mhor Mhode instead of a court physician and still filled with rage on Mhor Mhode. This is a reason Luang In clouded by prejudice toward Lady Pudsorn at first after he knew Lady Pudsorn is Mhor Mhode's daughter. Lady Duangjan and Lady Pudsorn's appearances are quite look alike. The one thing that clearly different is the brilliance and bravery that shines bright through those twinkling eyes of Lady Pudsorn. Lady Duangjan is beautiful, sweet and good at pampering. But quite weak and obedient as typical Ayutthaya woman. Lady Duangjan used to lived and worked as a lady-in-waiting in the royal palace. Luang In who was just a very young nobleman at the time and just started going to work at the palace met Lady Duangjan and fell in love with her. Luang In and Lady Duangjan tightened their relationship through letters until they got married. Unfortunately, Lady Duangjan passed away not long after that. [17]

Poompathit Nittayaroj as Chiew (In Novel is Usaman) (**Hem Poompathit committed suicide shortly after the fitting. The replacement to be announced.)

Chiew is Captain Paul's favorite sex partner. He lives with Captain Paul and he also knows Captain Sean. So he is another one in the list of suspects for the murder of Captain Sean. Lady Pudsorn, Robert and Luang In investigated until they find out Chiew is not the murderer but a star witness. But before the three of them got a chance to ask Chiew for the truth, Chiew was found dead in the position like hanging himself. Anyway, pieces of evidence left on Chiew's body are enough for Lady Pudsorn to find out who is the real killer. [18]

… as Lady Pim

Lady Pim is Jao Jom Kinaree's niece and lady-in-waiting. She is a friend of Lady Lukejan who is Lady Pudsorn's cousin. Lady Pim has fallen for Luang In since the first sight during the time Luang In just became a nobleman and long before he met Lady Duangjan. Lady Pim is obsessed with Luang In although she never had a chance to talk to him even once. Lady Lukejan knew about her love for Luang In all along. So she used Luang In's name to ask for Lady Pim's help in finding the truth behind Lai Kinaree (Half bird half-human) patterned sarong cloth from royal residence of Jao Jom Kinaree.

Wiragarn Seneetunti (Maprang) as Eang

Eang is the babysitter of Clara's son Henri and close maid of Clara. Eang keeps taking good care of Clara and Henri and never left their sides. Eang is the one who knows all secrets in Captain Sean's house that outsiders never known and never imagined. [19]

Puttachart pongsuchart as Jeeb

Jeeb is Lady Pudsorn's maid and taken care of her since she was a baby. Jeeb best know Lady Pudsorn's heart. Jeeb truly loves and cares for Lady Pudsorn. Jeeb is quite timid and jumpy but always ready to be fiercely protective when it comes to any matter about Lady Pudsorn. Jeeb always puts on alert and keeps an eye on everyone approaching Lady Pudsorn. [20]

Go Gosin Ratchakrome as Khun (Baron) Chai

Khun Chai is a bureaucrat of Krom Tha Khwa (Habour Department to the right) where takes care of maritime trading with foreign nations coming from the Indian Ocean. Khun Chai is not a high ranking nobleman but very powerful because he is closed to Aok Ya Wichayen. He is disrespectful to anyone but Aok Ya Wichayen. Khun Chai always goes against the law. He owns gambling dens, whorehouses both male and female. And he also does human trafficking seeking profit from forced labor and sexual servitude. His behaviors cause rage among other noblemen. [21]

Thavisakdi Thananan as Captain Paul

Captain Paul (or as called Ca Pi Tan Pong by Ayutthaya commoners) Captain Paul is another important cargo ship captain. He is another one in the suspect list because he was having a conflict with Captain Sean not long before Captain Sean turned up dead. Captain Paul is a half French half English middle-aged man. He is very good looking and still single but there're rumors of him being homosexual. Captain Paul's house is full of good looking young men in various races: Indian, Western, Ayutthaya, Chinese. Chiew is Captain Paul's favorite. [22]

Big Sarut Vijittranon as Aok Ya (Marquess) Yomaraj

Aok Ya Yomaraj is a direct boss in Luang In's chain of commands. [23]

Sirintra Niyakorn as Juong

Juong is a poor old Ayutthaya commoner. She is the mother of Jan. Juong is a patient of Lady Pudsorn. Her condition used to be very critical but Lady Pursorn saved her life. Luang In took Juong into custody to bait Jan to come out to rescue her. But instead of putting her in jail, Luang In brought her to stay at the patient room in Lady Pudsorn's house to be under her care. [24]

… as Father Paumarc

Father Paumarc is a French priest who became a personal physician to King Narai. Father Paumarc has the mastery of western medical knowledge and great surgical skill. Father Paumarc helps Pudsorn in the investigation by advising on forensic medicine. When Luang In got stabbed by Jan and when Lady Pudsorn got poisoned, Father Paumarc was the one who saved their lives.

Oliver Pupart as Aok Ya (Marquess) Wichayen (Real name: Constantine Phaulkon)

Aok Ya Wichayen is a Greek adventurer, who became a prime counselor to King Narai. Aok Ya Wichayen is the most powerful nobleman at the time because he is King Narai's most favorite. Aok Ya Wichayen supports western people to oppress Ayutthaya people causing the rage among Ayutthaya people from royal members, noblemen to, especially commoners. Aok Ya Wichayen hates and wants to get rid of Captain Forbin who is Robert's boss because Captain Forbin has become King Narai's favorite as well as him. Aok Ya Wichayen can do everything for his own benefit. He tries to use the death of Captain Sean to be a rightful reason for the French army to seize the Ayutthaya Kingdom. So he will get benefits from France. [25]

Thanayong Wongtrakul as Luang (Viscount) Gocha-Ishak [26]

Kik Danai Jarujinda as Mhor Jeen (Chinese doctor) [27]

Visarut Hiranbuth as Aruh (In the novel is Hiran) [28]

Prakasit Bowsuwan as Chiese Hok (Hok)

Sira Patrat as Chai [29]

Wonchana Sawasdee as Aok Rangkaya Putra [30]

Prissana Klampinij as Choi [31]

Credit to Rosie Mystica


The reign of King Narai was the most prosperous during the Ayutthaya period. Ayutthaya kingdom at that time has great commercial and diplomatic activities with all foreign nations especially the west. Everywhere was full of foreign immigrants, merchants, missionaries diplomats and military personnel. Foreigners especially westerners were backed to oppress Ayautthaya people causing the rage among Ayutthaya people. Lady Pudsorn is the beautiful daughter of a famous deceased doctor. She well inherited medical knowledge from her father. Aok Luang (Viscount) Indra Ratchpakdee is a handsome police nobleman who is responsible for the peace and safety of people in the metropolitan area. Monsieur Robert is a handsome French guy who closes to an important French military diplomat whom King Narai borrowed from King of France to work for. Faith brought the three of them to met and work together in investigating the suspicious death of an important French cargo ship captain who died while wearing female sarong cloth with Lai Kinaree (Half Bird Half Human) patterned which is the kind of pattern prohibited for royal ladies in the palace only. Therefore this case has the existence of Ayutthaya Kindom at stake because it may trigger the war by being claimed as a rightful cause for the French army to seize Ayutthaya Kindom. The investigation leads the three of them to many somehow involved people, many stories and many suspects which each of them has unexpectable secrets. Moreover, one of the suspects is a very powerful lady in the royal palace too. Besides that, the investigation also leads those two gorgeous and high-profiled guys to fall for Lady Pudsorn and both of them ready to compete to win her heart. What should Lady Pudsorn do? Credit to Rosie Mystica

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  • Hem Poompathit committed suicide shortly after the fitting. The replacement to be announced.


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