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Mae Ying
Mae Ying
Mae Ying (credit: on picture)


  • Title: Mae Ying
  • Also known as: แม่หญิง
  • Duration: ?? Episodes
  • Genre: Period
  • Popularity: Medium rated for ch7 - Rating of 8
  • Air time: Mon-Tue @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: Apr. 6, 2009 - ???
  • Theme song: "Mae Ying" Num Sornram

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Thongchai Prasongsanti
  • Screenwriter: Wiranpach
  • Company Name: Compordee


Note: Contains spoilers!

- A playboy who first meets Orn by almost hitting her with his car. He is the son of state official Luang Luang Waranuruk

- Daughter of Prince Rangsee and Lady Malaiporn. Ex-girlfriend of Euer Issara and later Pram's partner. She escaped the Rangsee palace and disguised her self as Orn Issara, Euer's sister.

- Ex of Jak and Prince Rangsee. A singer and Euer's best friend. Later revealed to be the mother of Orn.

- Younger sister of Pram. She mistakenly believes that Euer loves her, even after his death.

- A famous singer in the country and the ex-girlfriend of Orn. He later dies after injuries sustained from the assault carried out by Jak's henchmen.

- Prince of the Rangsee palace and was the husband of Mom Wapee and Lady Malai.

- She is a gardener that runs a business in the area and lets Orn stay in her house. Younger sister of Nom Jeeb.

- The nanny of the Rangsee palace

- A rich woman who looks down on Plern and runs several gambling rings

- The villian (P'rai) of the lakorn who is a reporter and is the ex of Mala (who he is trying to win back) and had an affair with Mom Wapee.

- The mom of Panuga and Oonahit. The wife of Prince Rangsee and had an affair with Jak.


Mom Jao Ying (Woman Relative To Royalty) Ornalom or Tan Ying Yai (Elder Princess) Dork Fah that is prim, proper, and perfect down to the fingers, beautiful in physical appearance, well groomed in manner and speech. She was groomed with the most class. She refused the intention of the prince who is her father. Her father wants her to marry Mom Jao (Male Royal Relative) Taywun Wichai a young man who comes from a good family and is very wealthy that would help back up her family who has nothing except their family name left.

Ornalom is more then happy to follow her father’s wishe’s as gratitude if that is the intention of her father and not the intention of Mom Wapee his young wife who wants her to marry for the wealth of the family and so that she could break her away from the palace. Tan Ying Yai only has a problem with Mom Wapee but with her younger sister and brother who are from different mothers Tan Ying Panuga or Ying Lek who is more sensitive then she is; is only a few years younger, and Tan Chai Ornhit the younger brother who is only 6 years old, Tan Ying is really good to them especially with Tan Chai Noy whom Ornalom loves most. Tan Chai is also really affectionate with Ornalom more than Panuga who is his full sister.

Ornalom also has another important reason as to why she refused to marry Mom Jao Taywun. In truth she is seeing and in love with Eur Itara a singer and songwriter who is famous across the skies of Thailand. She and Euer knew each other in the old student’s reunion. He is the person that wrote the song for a review that she had to perform in. The two have feelings for another since then and started to see each other gradually. Many of the songs that are famous from Euer has the motivation because there is Oranlom as his motivation. The love that Euer has for Ornalom is a love where he worships her because she is as noble as heaven’s flower. The love that Ornalom has for Euer is true love and honest, dedicated towards him only; but everyone in the palace even Nanny Jeep who raised Oranalom since she was born and never sides with Mom Wapee disagree’s with Euer and see’s that Euer is an entertainer and low class compared to Oranalom. Her father is very upset with her over this and see’s that she has low standards like her mother who ran away with her lover. Half of the noble blood within Ornalom doesn’t make her standards any higher. After arguing with her father that night Ornalom dresse’s like a guy and secretly climbs over the palace gates to go meet Euer; but on her way there she meets with a group of drunken men and she quickly run’s away. She is nearly hit by a car that car belongs to Prarm Theprat, the son of Luang (State Official) Ranuruk, Pram has a name in the society in the sense that he is a playboy. After arguing with the young man that ran in front of his car he is really surprised to find that the other person is not a guy as he thinks. Even if she doesn’t agree with the sharp faced, dark skinned, bad mouth guy she asks him to take her to the nightclub and Pram is even more shocked at her behaviour and bravery and lectures her about going to a place that has many men; but he takes her anyway and refuses to accept money from her.

Once Ornalom meets with Euer she talks to him about the issue that had happened. Euer feels inferior because he has nothing that could be compared to Tan Chai Taywun. Ornalom reaffirms that she never thought about birth rights and fortune. For Euer she is willing to leave everything and be with him. The two promised to get married. He also tells her that he wrote a new song called Sood Hua Jai and whenever it is finished being put onto disk he will give it to her as the first person so that she could know who is “Sood Hua Jai (Depts of Heart) is. That night the two return home peaceful, but Ornalom is shocked when she returns home and Chai Noy has waited to see her and told her that Wapee has said that the Prince (her father) will send someone to shoot the person that Ornalom is in love with so that she will marry Tan Chai Taywun!

Ornalom quickly goes to Euers house and forces herself to break it off with him in return for his life and safety. Once she arrived at his house she meets Mala Momthip who is an older and beautiful woman. She also seems very familiar with the house. She is also to play the piano music that Euer had written for Oranlom. Ornalom mistakes this and is very sad. She leaves a letter with Mala to give to Euer before she disappeared.

At Rangsee palace Tan Chai Taywun came to see Ornalom to tell her about the engagement ceremony that will happy in the coming week. Ornalom pretends to be sick so that he could return home. Mom Wapee knows that Ornalom is lying and scolds her. Ornalom attacks back and tells her that her fortune she will give to Panuga and Tan Chai Noi, but she refuse to bow her head down to Wapee regardless of anything! Before the day of hte ceremony Tan Ying Yai cuts her hair short and she has decided that she will change herself into a different person. The ceremony starts and there are many guests, but Ornalom has disappeared from the palace without leaving a trace!

Once the prince finds out that his heiress is missing he is really angry and proclaims that he will cut all ties with his daughter and will not leave her lover to be extra weight on the world. Wapee overhears and because of anger of not getting the title that she desired she tells Jak Tarongwet her secret lover that she has been having an affair with to take care of Euer. Jak is a reporter for entertainment who acts elegant but in reality behind closed doors he is broke and always short of cash. He accepts Wapee’s wishes and promises to fullfill them.

Euer was on his way from Songkhla after talking to his mother about himself and his wedding to Ornalom and also to his friend Raywat who is an songwriter. He is extremely happy that his mother agrees, but his dreams are all crush and falls to pieces once he recieves the letter that Ornalom has left for him. All his dreams quickly dissolves in the letter because Ornalom tells him that she has never truly loved him, but she was temporarily infatuated because she was young. He is really sad and depressed as if his heart has shattered. He recieves a call from someone who wishe’s to meet with him in hopes of discussing Tan Ying Ornalom. Once Euer arrives the the destination he is knocked unconscious and severely beaten. He is beaten to the point where he has to get surgery on his brain in order to survive!

Praotee a young teacher in the university who is prim and proper quickly comes and visit Euer with concern. She has fallen for this young artist with all her heart and also believes that he feels the same way about her in return when in reality he see’s her as a friend. Praam the younger brother of Praotee and distant relative of Euer know’s this in a painful way that all the while that his sister is pouring her heart into loving Euer he is still dreaming and fantasizing about Ornalom Rangsee who had left him with no remorse. The young artist stops Praam from speaking of her negatively because he still continues to love her even if she has left him. Praam isn’t angry that Euer see’s his sister as just a friend because he understands that love cannot be forced. Rather he is upset with Ornalom who played someone Euer’s feelings. Praam promised to himself that if he ever meets this woman he will get rightful revenge against her for hurting a good man like Euer. Brpam decides to keep a secret that Euer does not love his sister Praotee in consideration for his sister’s feelings, but in the end the surgery is unable to carry Euer’s life. Praotee is Euer’s exceeding motivation until the very last second. He made a wish to himself that if he is ever reborn he wishe’s to reborn and be a love servant to her to pay back all the good feelings she had for him. Euer dies with Praotee still mistaking that he loves her.

As for Ornalom once she runs away she goes to stay with Bpa Kaew who is the younger sister of Nom Jeep. Bpa Kaew’s house has a rose garden and their profession is selling flowers. Ornalom tells Pa Kaew of what she was forced to do that caused her to run away. She also instructs Pa Kaew to not address her with her rank but to tell people that she is her niece that came from the country name Orn Intsira. At the Red Rose house there is also Plern the niece of Bpa Kaew whom her parents are really poor so they send her to live with Pa Kaew to help with work. Plern is often bulied by Pranee a rich woman who is the lead woman in many card gambling rings. Pranee often speaks of Plern in a vile manner because she is afraid that Dohng or Pratya her teenage son will like Plern. Ornalom often has to discipline Plern who has a inner issue with poverity and tell her to be happy with her own legal job and living style. Other then Plern Ornalom is also close to Nou Jiew the daughter of one of the assistant flower picker’s daughter. Jiew is a very energetic and happy girl. She often talks to Ornalom and she likes her alot because she thinks that Ornalom is pretty and nice at the same time. The more Ornalom saw Jiw the more she thought about Chai Noy. Even if she believes that running away was running away from all the problems she had; little did she know that the big house beside Pa Kaew’s house is the house of Praam and Praotee.

After Luang Waranuruk the kind-hearted and charitable father of Pram passes away. Pram who had just finished his education in farmland and agriculture and has the dream of becoming a farmer as a normal man, but he is worried about his sister so he refuses to go anywhere. One day he went to the house red roses of Pa Kaew’s to buy some flowers. He calls the mysterious young lady, “Mae Ka” Ornalom is shocked with this name he had called her; so she responded by saying that they had no flowers. Jiew had to warn her and she was able to drop her pride and sell the flowers to Praam. Praam finds the mysterious young girl very interesting; even if he doesn’t remember that he has met her before, but he can tell right away that her posture and manners is not that of an average person.

In Euer Itsira’s funeral, Mala who is Euer’s best friend came to pay final respects to the singer. The older woman who is beautiful stands close to Praam with great suitability; causing Jak her ex-husband to be jealous. Jak is regretful that he let her slip from his hands especially since he see’s that she is wealthy and successful now he wants her back even more. Praam is surprised that Mala doesn’t care the least bit about Jak even though he’s a entertainment reporter. Mala reveals to him that in the past she had her name to hold her head up high, but she gave up everything to be with Jak who was only using her which caused her to hate him a great deal. After Euer’s funeral Jak goes to Mom Wapee to collect the money for taking care of Euer, but Mom Wapee tells him that The Prince didn’t mean for Euer to die. His words were just from anger causing her to be unable to go collect the money from him. She then gives him the personal jewlery of Ornalom who didn’t take them with her upon running away; and tells him to sell them for money.

At the Rangsee Palace Mom Jao Ying (Princess) Panuga or Tan Ying Lek (Younger Princess) just returned home from ut of the country. She is very surprised to find from her mother, Mom Wapee that P’ Ying Yai (Elder Princess) ran away with a guy. She use to look up to Ornalom so much, but because of her rank and pride she says that Ornalom is no longer her sister. Panuga returns to be a teacher in Interior Design at Silpakorn University the same Univerisity that Praotee is a teacher at. She then has the chance to meet Praam who comes to pick up his sister everyday. Once Praam see’s her mannerism and posture it immediately makes him think of another woman that he knew or met before. He see’s Ornalom that day when she rowed the boat to bring the flowers to his house. He argues with Ornalom with fun and bullies her to get angry so that she could go inside his house causing Khun Aree the very imperious and arrogant housekeeper of the Theprat family to come and chase her away in a rude manner. Ornalom responds without backing down causing Khun Aree to dislike her even more and tells Praam to stay away from this country girl; but it appears that Praam tries to find more reasons to go see her more often. He often row’s his boat to go and buy flowers all the way at the Red Ros House almost everyday. Jiew likes Praam and calls him Khun Cake and they talk to each other with high closeness. Praam has the chance to ask for Ornalom’s name. Once she tells him that her name is Orn Itsira the younger sister of Euer he is very shocked!

Praam is sure that the young girl is lying and wants to know why would she do such a thing. Her story is stuck to his head and once Praotee see’s the flower tray that Ornalom had arranged she tells him that she wants to learn how to make those flower arrangements. He then offers to go and ask Ornalom to teach her and he tricks her into accepting to teach Praotee how to arrange the flowers. Praotee see’s her and is very surprised that the person who claims to be Euer’s sister is a really cute and innocent looking girl and it’s ashame if this type of girl has to be a bad person. The two are both curious as to why Ornalom has to lie about being Orn Intsira, Euer’s younger sister. Praam thinks about finding the answer later.

Praam meets Mala coincidentally at the intersection and the two go and eat together. As of right now Jak is trying to get Mala to join the Golden Voice Record Contest once more. Mala says that she doesn’t want any help from Jak. She knows that he is returning to her because he see’s her as a source of money and gold. Everything that she had lost she is able to withstand, but the one thing that she is unable to tolerate is missing her daughter. The mistake that she ran away with Jak cause her to be unable to go back and face her daughter. The fact that her daughter is born or royalty makes her even more nervous. After speaking to Mala, Praam goes to see Panat an older man who is the manager of a newspaper, but in reality he works for Praam the person who has the title of being a playboy and likes to tell people that he hasn’t finished school and the real owner of the newspaper, but Praam doesn’t want to reveal this truth to anyone. He likes to act like a floating person and cause people to mistake him. Panat tells Praam that Jak took a expensive set of jewlery to sell to him. Praam buys the jewlery set and wants to use it to belittle and humiliate Jak who is trying to get back with Mala. He also tells Panat to try and find out the person who had hurt Euer.

Ornalom in the disguise of Orn Itsira comes to teach flower arrangements organization to Praotee causing her to meet with Praam often. The two continues to argue with one another without either side backing down. In the heart of Praam he continues to be curious about Ornlom’s lie . He is also unable to contain himself from adoring her. Praam often refuses to accept the story about Euer and Ornalom continues to stand her ground without backing down. Until one day the two goes to a temple celebration with Jiew and they have fun with their surroundings. Orn looked exceptionally beautiful that day. Praam is even more sensitive towards it when the two are in the same boat alone because Jiew has already fallen asleep. Praam is unable to take it anymore and wants to know the truth. Praam tells her that Euer has passed away! Ornalom is very shocked and screams once Pram confirms with her. Pram tells her that his family is close to Euer and tells her that Euer was lovers with Praotee. Oranlom listens to this with pain and admits that she is not Euer’s sister. Pramam is curious that Euer’s death has to deal with a woman and she confirms that she is not that woman. Praam who is unable to control his feelings steals a kiss from Ornalom causing her to be very upset and returns a slap as retaliation.

The next morning Mala comes to see Praam at home. She feels a strange closeness with this adorable young man. The feeling she has with him is different causing ehr to meet with the teacher who makes the flower arrangements and teaches Praotee. She doesn’t want to believe that the young woman with such a innocent face could be a liar. After Mala and Ornalom leaves, Panuga and Mom Wapee comes to have lunch with the Theprat brother and sisters. Mom Wapee see’s the real wealth of Praam and encourages her daughter to hold his heart. After he quits aruging with her and acts normally Panuga see’s that he is not just a floating person and starts to have some feelings for Praam.

There is something else that draw’s Praam to be interested in Orn again. He finds out from Mala who just remembered that the teacher who teaches Praotee how to arrange flowers is the same young woman who left a letter for Euer. Praam goes straight to Orn and tricks her by calling her Ornalom. She is very shocked and her figeting ways causes her to have to confess that she is not Orn Intisira. She reveals to him some of the truth that she loves Euer no less then Praotee. When she first found the truth from Praam she was very sad, but now she is able to get over it. She isn’t regretful that she loves Euer and isn’t regretful that Euer loved Praotee. The reason why she has to hide her identity and stay with Pa Kaew is because she didn’t want Euer to face danger from the elders in her family. Euer laughs at her and says that everything she said is a fairy tale.

Ornalom’s attempt at peace is disturbed when Panuga who often visits Praam’s house see’s Ornalom and pretends not to recognize her. Once she see’s Ornalom mannerism’s and posture she is swayed and goes back to ask her mother for the truth once again. Her mother tells her that the person that Ornalom ran away for is named Euer Itsira and Panuga argues with her mother that it’s not true because Euer has passed away. She continues to force her mother to tell her the reason that Ornalom ran away or else she’ll go ask herself. The appearance of Ornalom causes Wapee to feel uneasy so she tries to convince Jak to take care of Ornalom and Jak tries to tell Wapee to get Panuga to get with Praam he pretends to be concerned about her, but in reality he wants to break Wapee and Praam apart because recently they seem really close with one another.

Jak goes to see Ornalom and uses her mother as a issue and also knows her mother’s name, Mom Malaipan. Ornalom starts to feel sensitive towards it but forces herself to be strong because she still doesn’t trust Jak. Jak tells her that he will come back everyday until she trusts him. Panuga is unable to remain calm and she goes to see P’ Ying Yai (Older Sister) and calls her P’ respectfully. Ornalom confesses to her the truth the reason why she ran away from the palace. She didn’t run away with a man, but because she doesn’t want to marry Tan Chai Taywun and she also doesn’t consider going back to staying at the palace anymore. Panuga is suspicious that the reason Ornalom wants to remain there is because she is interested in Praam. Ornalom denies, but Praam’s action towards her and trying to be close to P’ Ying Yai causes Panuga to feel jealous and tries to stop the two.

Praam goes to the club that Mala sings at and finds that Jak is using the secret of her daughter to force her to marry him. Jak says that the more Mala prolongs the decision the more her daughter who is struggling will get worst. Praam as a man offers to help her and asks for her to tell him everything who her daughter is. Mala is grateful in Praam’s intention but doesn’t want to cause her daughter any more problems on top of not wanting her problems to involve Praam. She decides that she will take care of this herself while Praam overhears Jak postponing money issues with two henchmen named Nat and Wat coincidentally. The words that they spoke cause Praam to be suspicious that Jak is possibly behind the death of Euer. Jak tells them that he will let the newspaper accept them to work there and Praam calls Panat and tells him to be ready to hire those two people in which he see as the key to finding out more about Euer’s death.

Jak comes to leech more money off Wapee and this time Panuga see’s the incident and find that her mother is having an affair with Jak and also finds that her mother is the reason that Mom Malaipan the mother of P’ Ying Yai have to leave the palace. Mom Wapee tries to make many excuses with her daughter and how she did it because it was nessacary. Mom Wapee accidentally lets it slip out that she hired Jak to kill Euer! Panuga’s word changes and she feels remorseful and wrong to her sister Ornalom. She wants to bring her older sister back to the palace and promises that she will succeed. Mom Wapee once she finds the truth then rushes Jak to hurry and finish Ornalom off to get rid of a torn.

In the day of the Golden Voice Record Winner Announcement Jak decides to take care of Ornalom and Mala at the same time. He thought that once Mala accepts the award he will contact her and use Ornalom as a wager for her to marry him; after that he will take care of both of them (in a sexual way) because he is fond of Ornalom; but his plan to marry Mala again he cannot reveal to Wapee who is very envious over him. He then lies to her that he will only take care of Ornalom so that she could be humiliated and have no future just as Wapee wants.

In the day of the announcement Praam comes to see Ornalom and invites her to go with him, but she refuses and he warns her to becareful once he found out that Jak has been coming by to see her often. Ornalom wants to tell him that she thanks him for being worried about him but because she is jealous about Panuga who often comes to see him she uses Jak as a sarcastic measure and also asks him who will he choose between Tan Ying Panuga and Mala the beautiful singer. Praam is very upset to the point where he has to let the truth explode that in his heart he chooses her. Once she forgets about Euer he will steal her to be his. Ornalom is a bit shocked from what she has found out; Once Praam leaves jiew tells her that on the day they went to the temple celebration together Khun Cake use to tell her that if P’ Orn marries him, he will never let her work hard and suffer again often. Ornalom never thought that Praam thought of her so deeply in that way. It appears that it’s Jak who uses sleeping aids on her.

On Wapee side she is afraid that her daughter will interfere with the plan of Jak to take care of Ornalom on that day so she locks her daughter in her room. Luckily Chai Noy who was passing by heard his sister’s cry for help. He lets her out and the two talk and understands each other more. She also finds the truth of her sisters real innoncence and the feeling of jealousy that her brother loved her oldest sister more disappears. She then quickly leaves to go help her sister. She hires someone to row a boat to the Red Rose House, and on her way there she see’s Jak who has her sister and is unable to help, but also captured. Luckily the person rowing the boat saw what had happened and went to the Red Rose House to tell Pa Kaew who then goes to tell Praam, but doesn’t see him because he is at the Announcement Ceremony. Meanwhile, at the party Mala wins the Golden Voice Record as intended. Panat comes late because he finds the truth that Nat and Wat was an accomplice to Jak to hurt Euer as Praam believed, but right now there is a new job. Nat excuses himself and let Wat do it by himself. Praam also finds that Mala use to be the Wife of one of the Prince, but falls due to dating Jak. Panat also tells him that from the confession of Nat there is a woman involved. At first Praam mistakes and think it’s Ornalom, but at that moment Mala comes crying ask for Praam to help because Jak called her to threaten her to quickly marry him in the next half hour or else her daughter will get raped; continues to tell that her daughter is Mom Jao Ying (Princess) Ornalom Rangsee who is the same person who left the letter for Euer and is Praotee’s flower arrangement teacher! Once he finds that Ornalom is in danger the anger that he had towards her for breaking Euer’s heart disappears and becomes a mountain of worries and concerns and he quickly goes to help her.

In the house that Panuga and Ornalom is held captive in Panuga tells the truth behind all of her mothers deeds to Ornalom before paying respects to her sisters feet. Ornalom is surprised and curious as to why Jak must use her to lure Mala to marry him. Panuga tells her that she overheard Jak talking to his henchmen and the truth is that Mala in the past was once Mom Malaipan the mother of Ornalom. She is very shocked to find the truth. At that moment Jak comes in and Wapee also comes to join up with him which isn’t in his plan. Mom Wapee wants to see the messed up look in Ornalom after being raped, but finds her daughter there. Panuga tells her mother of Jak’s plan and that he is unfaithful to her. Wapee is really angry and argues with Jak, and both sides both reveal each other’s bad deeds. Wapee says that she is going to call the police and tell them about everything and she is captured also. He then tells her that he still intends to marry Mala. Wapee is then regretful about everything that has passed.

Mala comes in as Jak had agreed with her and Jak is surprised to see Praam. Praam tells him that he is here to save the woman he loves which is On the niece of Pa Kaew. The words of Praam causes Ornalom’s scared heart to feel warm. At the same time Panuga’s heart is shattered because it is revealed that Praam doesn’t love her in that way. Jak doesn’t care about Praam’s words and says he is not letting anyone take anyone out. Mala opens up and tells Jak that she is unable to marry him and confesses her wrong doings to her daughters and wants her to see that her mother does feel remorse in her wrong doings and wants to change for the better causing the issues in Ornalom’s heart towards her mother to dissolve once she finds the truth from her mother. Wapee feels pitiful for Jak who is crazy over Mala. Jak refuses to give up and threatens Mala to marry him and he will let everyone go. Mala protects Ornalom and tells her to quickly and run away, but Praam fights with Jak for the gun and it drops. The person who picks it up is Wapee who shoots him in anger. Out of shock she drops the gun and Jak picks it up and shoots her in return. Drowning in blood Wapee dies, Jak uses the gun to protect himself and tries to run, but the police comes and catches him in time.

After all truths have been revealed. Mala and Praam are worried about Ornalom’s safety and asks her to go back to the palace and she agrees to return to Rangsee palace. Finally Praam confesses to Mala that he loves Ornalom, but not the one who is a princess because she is the love of Euer’s life. Praam loves Orn Intsira the poor gardening girl and niece of Pa Kaew. Praam takes Ornalom back to the palace and pays respect to the prince and tells him of everything that has happened. The prince is very joyous that he got his daughter back. He asks Panuga to forget of all the bad things that has happened. Ornalom walks Pram to the door and thanks him in the name of Orn.

Once the funeral of Mom Wapee has passed. Panuga decides to go and continues her studies abroad because she is still unable to get over Praam. Ornalom tells Mala of Panuga’s decision and Mala tells her that she will talk to her or she might go abroad with Panuga in hopes of changing her mind and just go as a break. Mala also tells her that Praam loves her alot and don’t think about giving Praam to Panuga because he doesn’t love Panuga. After all of the bad events that occured Praam changes himself and chooses not to act as a floating person anmore and he goes to work at the newspaper office fully. He also goes to the Rangsee Palace and tells her the truth that Euer still loved her until his very last breath. Ornalom isn’t mad at Pram and agrees that they should keep it a secret about her and Euer and let Praotee believe that Euer loved her only. Praam asks Ornalom for her love and asks her if his, “Theprat” is worthy enough for her. He doesn’t dare ask her to forget Euer but as long as he get some small pieces of her heart and thats all. Ornalom tells Praam that she doesn’t hate him him, but the look in Praam’s eyes that looks at her filled with love causes her to be unable to say it because of gratification.

Credit to Tina for the translation and channel 7 for the summary Tina Thai All Stars


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