Manee Yard Fah

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Manee Yard Fah


  • Title: Manee Yard Fah (มณีหยาดฟ้า)
  • Also known as: The Princess
  • Duration: 12 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy/Romantic
  • Popularity: Top Rated
  • Air time: Monday and Tuesday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: June 27, 2000 - August 8, 2000
  • Theme song: "Jai Chun Mee Pieng Ter" by Joy Siriluk Pongchuke

Production Credits

  • Producer: Kai Varayuth & Mam Thititma
  • Director: Ahdooln Boonbood
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: No Problem Co. Ltd.


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Princess Areeya from Bura Manee Faa was heir to throne, once her grandfather past away, because she was the oldest princess and that her cousin who was to be king fell of a horse, so it was up to Areeya to be up to throne. Her grandfather was aware of Areeya's danger in Bura Manee Faa so he sent her to Thailand, to sign an agreement to exchange gold for Thailand's aid.

Once in Thailand at the welcome reception, Areeya was kidnapped by the bad guys. She tried to escaped by jumping off the boat (where she was held)and into the ocean. Meanwhile Charnchon has been staying on the island nearby, because he wanted to relax and escape the problems in the city especially the girls that were hitting on him, plus his girl friend has just left him for some other guy. Then Charnchon heard a gunshot and was suspicious of what was going on. He later found Areeya coming out of the water and was being chase and shot at by the bad guys, he then swam out to sea and saved her.

Willy & Ann

When Areeya awoke on shore, after almost being drowned, she told him that he can't touch her and no guys can because she's a princess. Charnchon, on the other hand, didn't believe her. He told her that he has a tent set up nearby, but Areeya insists on staying by the shore in case some boat comes by, so Charnchon left her where she was, thinking she was crazy. As it got darker and started to rain Areeya ran into the forest and was caught by Charnchon who drag her (he actually carry her) to his tent.

When Areeya finally got into the tent, Charnchon got out of his wet clothes told Areeya to change her clothes as well, so she did, with the help of Charnchon.

The next morning, the bad guys came to the island looking for Areeya, but Charnchon and Areeya always escape just in time. During their whole experience together, they never got along. Charnchon finally ask for her name. Areeya told her title, which to Charnchon was quite long indeed. He still believed that she's lying so Areeya told him the reason why she's in Thailand, it was to sign the paper in return for help from the Thai armies. Areeya remembering her host, and wanted to get back to them right away, but Charnchon wouldn't let her he told her to wait another 2 days before his friend come to pick him up. Areeya agreed.

Meanwhile, with the trouble of Areeya's disappearance, her grandfather had to tell the commissioner, who was the head of the army, what had happen to Areeya so he and the army can help search for her. Although, they had to find another person who look like Areeya to pretend to sign the paper, because they don't want other people to know about the disappearance of princess Areeya, only the important people will know.

Manee Yard Fah

As time on the island past by the two got closer and closer they somewhat had good feeling towards one another but didn't express it openly. Two days later Charnchon's friends came to pick him up, but they didn't have time to talk to him because they have to help search for the princess so they left a boat for Charnchon. Charnchon and Areeya found the boat and travel back to city, but then they found a news paper article that have a picture of the fake princess in it so now Charnchon is confuse on whether Areey is telling the truth of not. Just to be safe Charnchon check in at hotel for Areeya to stay while he go see his commissioner about the so-called Princess.

He went to see the commissioner (or colonel) and told him everything about the crazy girl that said she was a princess, the colonel was excited and told Charnchon that he had found the real princess because no one else know that the princess was missing so how can that girl be a fake and pretend that she was the missing princess?

With meeting with the colonel Charnchon went to get Areeya and united her with her people and her grandfather. Hearing about the war at Bura Manee Faa Areeya's grandfather decided to have Areeya stay here in Thailand for a while just to be on the safe side. Soon Areeya's grandfather wanted someone to protect Areeya and ask for advice from the colonel on what to do, the colonel came up with an idea that Areeya should change her identity and live her life as a Thai woman. Areeya's grandfather heard about Charnchon who had save Areeya in many occasion and had protected her with his life so he chose Charnchon to be that one who could protect Areeya. The colonel's plan for Princess Areeya's protection is for her to marry Charnchon and live her life with him as a Thai woman and have everyone see that she is not princess, but just an ordinary girl.

At first both Charnchon and Areeya disagree to accept the plan but in order to protect Areeya's safety both agreed. So they got married, but during the ceremony, each thinking to themselves of the promise they had made that they could get marry only once in their life time.

Time has passed and Charnchon show Areeya how to live like an ordinary person, he taught her how to cook, clean, etc. Each day they got closer and closer until they had feeling towards one another, but both wouldn't admit it instead they fought and had to get their own ways.

One day Areeya found a new friend who own a book shop name YordRuk, who instantly fell in love with Areeya. He came by her house and talk with Areeya which made Charnchon mad and did gestures toward Areeya to show YordRuk that they both are in love.

With no reason at all Charnchon's ex-girl friend , Rosaline, showed up and started exclaiming to Areeya and her three friends that Charnchon had promise her that he would marry her.

From that day on Charnchon and Areeya wouldn't talk to each other without arguing, due to the jealousy one had for another - Areey for Rosaline and Charnchon for YordRuk. The colonel saw that this was happening and it would be bad for the people to see that they are not in love which could cause people to get suspicious of why they got marry so fast. The colonel decided to invite Charnchon and Areeya to his birthday party to show everybody that they are in love and the gossip about them breaking up is a false news.

When Rosaline realized what the colonel is trying to do she called up Charnchon's mom, who is a high class and rich person, and told her about Charnchon's marriage. At the party Rosaline had a plan with YordRk to ruin Areeya's face by having Areeya meet with YorkRuk while Rosaline show to Charnchon's mom that Areeya was having an affair. Their plan didn't turn out the way they wanted because Areeya was save by Charnchon who punch YorkRuk in the face for trying to kiss Areeya. When everyone came out to see if what Rosaline said was true or not they ended up seeing Charnchon and Areeya hugging and kissing instead. Charnchon's mom finally met Areeya and instead of going back home she decide to stay with them and see what Areeya can do as a house wife.

When Charnchon's mom arrive at their house Areeya and Charnchon had to hurry and clear out their bedroom because Charnchon had been sleeping in the other room. Charnchon's mom got a little suspicious, but said nothing. The next morning Charnchon went to work while he left Areeya with his mom. That day Charnchon's mom test Areeya on house cleaning, until Charnchon's mom was satisfied and praise Charnchon and Areeya to have a happy mirrage.

After Rosaline heard that her plan was ruin she started another plan which is to lure Charnchon to her condo by sending a suicide letter to him at work, then have YodRuk tell Areeya that Charnchon and Rosaline was still together and have her see them together. Their plan work, when Areeya got to Rosaline's condo she saw Charnchon hugging Rosaline and started to cry, Charnchon tried to explain but it didn't work so Areeya slap him and ran off with YordRuk. Coincidently the bad guys was around and they saw Areeya running out and got on YordRuk's motorcycle so they decided to follow her. Charnchon came out and was suspicious of the car following Areeya so he went after Areeya. The bad guy's stop YordRuk and Areeya by the beach, Areeya tried to run away along the beach but they caught up. Then Charnchon came just in time to rescued Areeya but he got shot on his left arm because he uses his body to protect Areeya. At the hospital YordRuk saw how much Areeya love Charnchon so he confess the whole plan and how Rosaline was the one who thought of the ideas. Areeya and YordRuk then became good friends again.

While at the hospital Areeya went to talk to the colonel and he told her that she have to leave Thailand tomorow because they found out that the head of the bad guys was her cousin, Makee, but Areeya ask if she can stay one more day, because she wanted to thanks Charnchon, but deeply, she was still worry and cared about him.

When Charnchon got back from the hospital Areeya made him a candle light dinner which made him very happy, but then she started crying. She didn't tell Charnchon that she have to leave tomorrow she just told him that they aren't fit for each other. While they were sitting by the stairs looking at the stars Charnchon told her this story about the stars and she was in tears. He told them about how their future would be together. That night they spend the night together, Charchon not knowing that she will be leaving tomorrow.

The next morning Areeya was gone without saying goodbye except for a note that she wrote saying that their future would be impossible and told Charnchon that he would find someone that was better than her and wished him happiness in his future. With this letter Charnchon went back to work feeling sad and lonely.

Back in Bouramanifa, while waiting for Areeya, Areeya's fiancee, Warit, had gotten closed to her cousin, Gadegeow. He promised that he would marry her when Areeya comes back. When Areeya arrive her grandfather wanted her to get marry right away so she can help save the country, Areeya accept even though she was feeling sad inside.

The bad guys strike again by putting poison in Areeya's food but luckily her aunt, who was Makee's mom, ate the food instead. Areey's grandfather heard about this and decide that they need someone strong and someone who would be able to protect Areeya's and keep her safe, the only person that he could think of was Charnchon.

The colonel got a request for Charnchon from Bura Manee Faa to help protect Princess Areeya, the colonel told Charnchon that he have another duty coming up which is to travel to Bura Manee Faa and protect the Princess. With this news Charnchon was happy and excited that he would be able to see his wife again.

Areey first heard that Charnchon was coming from her little sister, Alita, who met Charnchon earlier. Areeya hurried out to go see her grandfather's place so she can see if it was really Charnchon, but before she got there a car pull up and then she saw Charnchon getting out of the car. Areeya was happy to see him, but was surprised that Charnchon acts as if he never saw her before, with this it made her sad. Charnchon left Areeya to take a tour around the palace with the help of a soldier name, Alun.

His work started when he went to inspect Areeya's room, she wasn't happy to see him there and got even madder when she told him to leave but he wouldn't. Charnchon said that he came here to work not to bring back the old memories. Areeya told him that she knows that he was hurt and that she wanted them to start over as friends. Charnchon said that it wouldn't be necessary because he's heard this line before and he doesn't want to be stupid for the second time. To Areeya, Charnchon didn't seem like the same person she used to know. Charnchon said that he's not the type of person who live in the past and that he wants to be known only as a protector of the princess.

When Charnchon follow Areeya around she tried to make him jealous by talking sweetly to Warit, that is when Charnchon found out that he's Areeya's fiancee. Meanwhile Alita, Areeya's sister who he met earlier, had started to like Charnchon. While Charnchon and Alita were talking Charnchon ask her about what had happen in Bura Manee Faa and Alita told him that one time Warit had found a torn picture of Areeya in Makee's room, this make Charnchon even more suspicious of Warit and that he might be the bad guys.

One night Warit went to Gadegeow's room and slept with her, when he got out he ran into one bad guys who was trying to get into the palace, so he ran after him. Seeing that the bad guy was trying to kill a soldiers Warit took out his knife and try to stab the bad guy but miss, so he stab into one of the soldier. With all of the noise everybody came out and saw what happened including Charnchon and Areeya. Charnchon order the soldier to take Prince Warit and lock him up until tomorrow, hearing this Areeya wouldn't let him so she tried to stop Charnchon but he told her that there's enough evidence to say that Warit is a bad guy. Areeya said that she wouldn't let him do this to her fiance, and said that they'll see what her grandfather will say tomorrow.

Areeya grandfather ask for evidence and ask if anybody have any good reason that could help Warit from being kill. No one said anything unitl Gadegeow came and told him a story she made up. So Areeya's grandfather let Warit go and told Charnchon to be more carful next time, but Areeya said that she wouldn't let Charnchon get away with it, because Charnchon almost kill an innocent person, so he will have to leave Bura Manee Faa. Charnchon agree surprising Areeya, which make her feel sad.

After Charnchon left Areeya went to sit in the garden and cried until she was capture by the bad guys, she found out that it was Alun and she also saw Makee there also. Charnchon leaving was just a plan that Charnchon made up to lure the bad guys out. Areeya and Makee was about to get kill but Charnchon got there to save them just in time. Charnchon and Areeya ran away while the other soldiers fought with the bad guys but they didn't get a chance to caught the main guy. While Charnchon and Areeya stop to take a rest Areeya ask Charnchon why he had to come back, he has been torturing her with his love for her. Areeya asked him why does he have to be nice to her when she's trying to forget him. Charnchon replied, saying that even though she's not his, but she's part of his live now so he can't leave her like this. He promised that when she is safe, he will be the one to leave. Just when Charnchon hugged and kissed Areeya on the forehead, Makee walked in and saw them.

When they got back to the palace Makee told his mom what he saw between Charnchon and Areeya, but then Alita came in and heard their conversation and went to tell her grandfather. Hearing this Areeya's grandfather tried to get Charnchon and Areeya to confess, but they denied it. With both of them denying her grandfather decided that Areeya will marry Warit as soon as possible.

The next day Areeya and Warit was preparing to take pictures for their wedding when Charnchon interrupted. Charnchon hesitated a little when he saw how beautiful Areeya look in her dress, but he told them the news that he's going to capture the bad guy, Alun, as a wedding present from him to the couple.

That night Areeya went to Charnchon's room. She told him that she came as Aree, the wife of a marine captain. She told him that he's not the only one suffering, and that she's going to tell her grandfather to cancel the wedding and that she already has a husband. Charnchon was happy to hear these words and took her in his arms telling her that he loves her, that he couldn't stand her with another guy and he started kissing her. Areeya confessed that she loves him also and promised that in the morning, she'll tell her grandfather about the two of them and that Charnchon will stay and stand beside her to look after her country. Charnchon quickly moved away from her asking if the only reason why she wanted him is because he could protect her from the bad guys. Charnchon told her he can't do it if she only wanted him to wait and serve her and follow her everywhere she goes. He told her to leave before he throws her out. Areeya was disappointed saying that this is not what she came down to see him for, she said that she had lower herself so she can see him but she thought wrong of him & hope they'll never see each other again, so she walk away in tears.

That night Warit went to Gadegeow's room as usual but was met with Alun who turn out to be Gadegeow's husband also. Alun was about to shoot both of them when Gadegeow said that she didn't have anything to do with Warit and that he rape her and force her. Warit believed her and changed his mind to shoot only Warit who yell out that Gadegewo was lying, but Alun wouldn't believe him. Seeing the chance Gadegeow grab a knife and stab Aun in the back. Warit stood shock as Gadegeow confess everything to Alun, how she had to sleep with him in order for her to use him to kill everybody and that she had never like him instead she felt disgusted whenever he was close to her. Then Alun died and Gadegeow force Warit to help her kill Areeya or else she will kill him.

Areeya, still crying in her room was interrupted by Gadegeow who said that their grandfather was feeling very sick and that they should go see him. Areeya follow her out of the room and was surprise to see Gadegeow reaching for a knife and pointing it toward her, so she found out who that Gadegeow was really the bad guy. Being force into a room behide the book case Areeya saw Alun's dead body with Warit standing nearby looking scared.

Charnchon feeling bad about what had happen to him and Areeya decided to go see her and get everything over with. He saw that Areeya wasn't in her room and later found out where she was and go there just in time to rescued Areeya. In the end Warit stab Gadegeow and then got shot by Gadegeow then he stab her again until they're both dead.

The next day everything was over so Charnchon decided to leave to Thailand since he is not needed here. Alita heard that Charnchon was leaving and told him not to leave and that she love him, but Charnchon told her that he can't love anyone else except for his wife only. He told her that he see her as a friend, so he walk away. Alita ran to tell Areeya what happen, this made Areeya cry and went to see Charnchon as his car drove away.

Areeya's grandfather saw that she seems different and asked what she's feeling. She just said that she have a head ache, but her grandfather didn't believe her, but he knows what she is feeling. He knows that she love Charnchon and that it's alright for him and everybody here if she would like to marry Charnchon. Areeya felt happy and quickly left to see Charnchon.

The next day at Chanchon's work, Charnchon and his friend was walking back to work when they were met with a car driving toward them. Out came three of Charnchon's friend's wife and the last person that step out was Areeya. Charnchon and Areeya walk up to each other and Charnchon salute her calling her 'Chao Ying' (Princess) but Areeya said that it's Aree, and that she's a wife of a marine captain. Charnchon replied that in her country she is 'Chao Ying Areeya' and he is 'Chao Ying's' husband. Aree asked where would be a good place to live, and Charnchon replied that it doesn't matter as long as they're together, then they hug.

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