Mon Ruk Look Toong (2010)

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Mon Ruk Look Toong
Mon Ruk Look Toong


  • Title: มนต์รักลูกทุ่ง / Mon Ruk Look Toong
  • Also known as: The Music of Love / Charm of the Countryside
  • Duration: Episodes 17
  • Genre: Drama / Musical
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Friday - Saturday - Sunday (Prime Time)
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: December 26, 2010 - February 4, 2011
  • Related show: Mon Ruk Look Toong 1995, Mon Rak Look Toong (2005)

Production Credits

  • Producer: Kobsook Jarujinda
  • Director: Narong Jarujinda
  • Screenwriter: ???
  • Company Name: Step Onward



A classic Thai country musical love story, set in the colorful era of the late 1960s. The original was a movie from 1970. Every decade, there has been a remake of this story. In 1982, it was remade into a movie. In 1995, a lakorn version was remade starring Saranyu Wongkrajarng and “Nampueng” Nattharika Thammapreedanan. It was hit. Ten years later in 2005, there was another lakorn remake starring Kob Suwanant and “Por” Nattawut Skidjai. Also in 2005, it had a 2nd movie remake. I’m sure this version will not be the last remake of “Mon Ruk Look Thung”, it is the latest.

The plot of “Mon Ruk Look Thung” centers around the love story of Khlao, a very poor, highly indebted farmer who is in love with Thong Kwao, a young woman from a wealthy family. Their love is sincere and they want to marry; however, her parents disapprove because Khlao is poor.

From her parents trying to pull them apart and sending Thong Kwao to Bangkok to live with her aunt and to participate in beauty pageants, from other women who are in love Khlao and the men who are in love with Thong Kwao, from every force that is trying to pull them apart, because their love is sincere, they are able to reconcile from misunderstandings, able to gravitate towards each other in the end and have a happy ending.

It is a very beautiful love story, very innocent, very genuine. Hopefully like the 1995 version, the music will captivate you. It’s a sweet romantic comedy with singing that will make you smile and be happy. From Lyn's Lakorn Blog.[1]

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Theme Songs

1. Mon ruk loog thung : Chaiya Mitrchai

2. 10 muen : Por Tissadee

3. Mae roy jai : Por Tissadee

4. Kaaw oak ruang : Por Tissadee and Jitapa Jampatom

5. Sunya dai mai : Por Tissadee and Jitapa Jampatom

6. Yood hai jai hai ter kor yom : Kosin Rachakrom

7. Nam long Nok rong : Benjapol Chueyaroon

8. Nok rong nong chum : Nattapatchara Wipunkorratrakool

9. Noi jai ruk - May Fuengarom

10. Sao na koi koo : Nattapatchara Wipunkorratrakool

11. Roob lor thom pai : Nattapatchara Wipunkorratrakool

12. Por jom jud hai : Suntisook and Worrarit

13. Nah noke sapok pai : Eakkachai Sriwichai

14. Mon ruk loog thung : Eakkachai Sriwichai


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