Mon Ruk Sai Fah Laab (2010)

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Mon Ruk Sai Fah Laab
Mon Ruk Sai Fah Laab


  • Title: Mon Ruk Sai Fah Laab / มนต์รักสายฟ้าแลบ
  • Also known as: Lighting Love
  • Duration: 46 Episodes
  • Genre: Musical / Comedy / Romance
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Monday to Friday Evening
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: May 6, 2010 to June 24, 2010
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Dida Video



KIND WARNING: This is a long review, my apologies. But, I hope you enjoy reading this. It will ruin the fun if you decide to read this because I pretty much told you everything, except for the small parts of course. Also, the movie itself is long, but I enjoyed every bit of it and find it good in every episode. It is not like the other lakorns how some parts are just long, boring, and meaningless. This has something exciting stored in every part of the lakorn. Enjoy! =)

Pransom (pre'ek) returns to Thailand hearing the news that his dad, Tunai, is ill in the hospital. He says good-bye to his then-love, Nanenut. Nanenut would later go to Thailand once their long-distance relationship failed her as she waited for Pransom’s return to her. Pransom arrives and hears that he has to marry Duandem’s daughter, Duanchai. Duandem is a long-time friend of Pransom’s family and Nounkae, Pransom’s mom, agreed with Duandem to let Pransom and Duanchai marry each other when they were grown-ups. Pransom dislikes the idea and decides to go out on his usual ride to relieve his stress on his motorcycle with his young sister, Ging (played by Grace).

Kankamon (nang'ek) is the usual Cinderella being raised by her evil step-mom, Weepa. Weepa forces Kankamon to drop out of school because the tuition was draining all of their money, but Kankamon worked hard for that money all by herself. Kankamon lost her mother, Ganda, at the age of 5. Her dad, Geng, then married Weepa and together they have a son, Gon (played by Gino). Gon never liked anything his mom did to Kankamon. Gon always took Kankamon’s side. Kankamon is able to live with the love of her little brother and faithful friend, Chong. Chong transport people by motorcycle. Chong knows that Kankamon’s life is sad without her telling him and he collected money with a group of his other coworkers to help out their good friend Kankamon. With that money, she buys an identical motorcycle to Pransom’s from Seay. Chong said Seay would give her a good deal. Seay did give her a good deal with the only money she got from her friends because he fell for her beauty and had eyes on her from that day he met her.

Kankamon and Gon go riding and saw a dog got hit by a car and decide to help out the dog by taking him to the vet. They hear the conversation at the vet that they need someone to pick up a sick animal and Kankamon volunteers to help out. That later becomes a living for her and Gon by transporting animals. Well, she heads out to the location to pick up the animal. Pransom and Ging happened to be eating at a restaurant there. Pransom and Ging heads out but gets in the wrong motorcycle and drive off. Kankamon and Gon get in the other motorcycle but quickly realized that is not theirs. So, Kankamon calls her motorcycle gang to help out and catch up to Pransom for her as she quickly follows. They soon got the motorcycles situated with the rightful owners. But, they would encounter each other many more times and call each one another names, such as the gay dad and the tomboy mom.

Geng and Weepa soon have trouble with Seay when Seay comes after the money that they owe him from months. Seay threatens them if they do not get to money to him on time. Then, Kankamon comes home in time to see that Seay’s people were pulling things out of their home. Seay becomes soft and asks how Kankamon is related to them. Weepa quickly tells Seay. Seay later talks with the dad and mom to marry Kankamon and that there would be no hard feelings about the money owed. Weepa agreed. And, Kankamon, being the faithful daughter that she is, agrees to marry Seay for her family.

Duandem was so busy telling her Duanchai to not miss out on the opportunity to capture Pransom has her husband that they get in a bad car accident resulting in Duandem’s death. Before her death, she asks Nounkae to promise her that Pransom would marry and take good care of Duanchai. Of course, Nounkae agreed.

Pransom and Kankamon stressed about the marriage they go out individually to talk things over in their minds with their young sister and brother. Well, they are caught in the rain and run for cover where Pransom and Kankamon meet each other for the first time face to face, but not realizing that one another were the motorcycle drivers that they fought with all the time. Gon and Ging are worried about their big brother and sister and decide to go look for them walking in the rain but meeting each other for the first time as well.

So, come wedding day Ging has a plan to get Pransom out and Gon has a plan to get Kankamon out. Ging hires a prostitute, Tip, to come and destroy Pransom’s wedding. Her money came from her little piggy bank. Gon calls Seay’s many-wives to come and destroy Kankamon’s wedding and Chong to come and meet Kankamon and Gon as they run out of the wedding. Pransom and Kankamon hop on their motorcycle and drive off as fast as they can and end up running into each other and arguing to a point that they have to see each other’s faces and realizing that they were the other people that they met the night of the rain. They look at each other amazed because both were wearing a groom and bride clothing. Seay’s people follow them and they run into the nearest hotel to get away to talk about what to do and agree to marry one another just to get their lives situated and fool their families being pressured by the kids since the kids were able to be friends first for the better of the two sides. Seay runs into Duanchai and Seay falls for Duanchai’s beauty and is excited that she is wearing a wedding dress so decides to be the pervert that he is and take Duanchai to a hotel room to be his wife. They happened to go to the same hotel that Pransom and Kankamon were at. Pransom and Kankamon struggled to get away from them with the help of their lovely young brother and sister.

Pransom and Kankamon go to sign a document stating that they were husband and wife. Next, they took that document as proof to their families that they can no longer marry the other person because they were already married. Pransom took Kankamon to his dad in the hospital where the rest of his family was at, except Nope, Pransom’s younger brother. At Pransom’s wedding, Nope decides to protect Tip when she destroyed the wedding and they got to know each other better. So, Nope and Tip have a relationship.

Tunai liked Kankamon from the first time he met her because Kankamon looked just like Ganda. From the past, Tunai and Ganda were to marry each other as their parents arranged. Tunai took it seriously but Ganda already fell in love with Geng. Geng and Ganda run off together on the day of her wedding and Ganda told Tunai that she is willing to die than marry someone she did not love. Tunai viewed it as something that he can no longer force to go his way so he decides to let them get away. Nounkae hated her at the beginning because Kankamon took Pransom away ruining everything and then it took Nounkae away to figure out why Kankamon looked so familiar. Nounkae later remembers that she looked like her husband’s old lover and hated Kankamon even more. Throughout the lakorn, Tunai does his best to figure out who is Kankamon’s mom because they look so alike. Kankamon keeps her personal life to herself and tells them that she does not know who her mother is. But, Tunai has a hard time believing that so he comes back from the hospital to be at home.

Ging and Gon call Pransom and Kankamon their dad and mom because each side had mistaken that they were each other’s children so they play along with what the other side had mistaken. Nounkae is astonished to find out that Kankamon is only 19-years-old and Gon is six meaning that she had him when she was only 13. Truth is, she did have him at 13, but she did not give birth to him. But, Kankamon fools everyone that is exactly what happened when she was 13. She could care less what they think of her because the marriage was to fool everyone to help her and Pransom at the moment. Being in Pransom’s home results in the truth about Pransom and his family, but Kankamon and Gon keep playing their role that no one in Pransom’s family know about. Kankamon is tricky but it is only for her and Gon’s safety because she just met Pransom and does not know about trusting people too easily.

At this point, in Pransom’s home there is his dad and mom, his older sister, Wimonkae, who is the only one that dislikes Ging, Nope, who is never home at night, Jouy and Lichi, the husband and wife maids, Duanchai, Ging, Gon, and Kankamon. The home is crazy. To add to the fun, Nanenut comes to Thailand searching for Pransom. Then, Tip decides to lie to everyone in the home that she is pregnant with Nope’s child and she joins in, but she has a plan to capture Pransom.

Later on, Jao and Duangkaew, husband and wife, came from Washington, D.C. to Thailand in search of doing business and joins in Pransom’s home. Wimonkae still has feelings for Jao. They had a relationship from the past, but it was Ging that ruined it for her. Ging is actually Wimonkae’s daughter so that would make her Pransom’s niece. That will explain why Wimonkae hates Ging so much. Ging cried when she found out the truth because this mean lady was her own mother. Wimonkae has her own excitement as well. Wimonkae is really not Tunai’s daughter. Nounkae was raped in her younger years, but Tunai raised Wimonkae as his own. Duangkaew used to be good friends with Wimonkae, but does her best to separate Jao and Wimonkae because Wimonkae has no problem expressing her feelings for Jao in front of Duangkaew. Jao gets so upset with the mess that he misses Jao Ying Noy, another arranged marriage by their parents. He calls up Jao Ying Noy to talk about things and he enjoys the peace that he has with her and realizes that peace and comfort is inside of someone and not the outside, so beauty means nothing when it comes to happiness. Jao and Jao Ying Noy actually signed documents stating that they were husband and wife already but Jao ran away that day of their wedding. They have kept in touch with each other throughout the years, but it was not until towards the end of the lakorn that he makes things right between Duangkaew and Wimonkae and celebrate his new married life with Jao Ying Noy.

Weepa joins Seay’s team to get Kankamon back by taking Geng as a hostage and torturing him by giving him medication that messes up his mind. Weepa writes letters and takes video pictures to try and send to Kankamon, but most failed to reach Kankamon because everyone knows how brave Kankamon is and that she would do anything for her family. Although, some news does reach Kankamon with Duanchai helping Weepa because Duanchai wants Pransom and is threatened by Weepa that if Duanchai does not help her she will tell the whole world about her relationship with Seay. Duanchai agrees to help but she later moves on to her own bigger steps to get rid of Kankamon even if it meant putting her in human trafficking and/or killing Kankamon. Duanchai gets caught in the end and so does Weepa but Weepa’s troubles are not as bad as Duanchai’s because Weepa never had thoughts of killing Kankamon, just getting her back to repay her debt to Seay. Weepa was actually the one to use a drug overdose on Ganda that resulted in Ganda’s death. Weepa was a maid in Geng and Ganda’s home. But, she realizes that no matter what she tries to do to Kankamon, Kankamon always succeeds. Weepa realizes that all this time was really her fault and changes a little bit towards the good, which resulted in Kankamon being saved several times before something terrible happened to her.

Kankamon was so curious about why Tunai wanted to meet Ganda so Kankamon got the idea that she looked like Ganda so much that she impersonates Ganda. Ganda’s parents are the biggest investors in the business with Tunai’s family and were left to take care of the business until Ganda returns. Ganda gets 80% of the business and money. The home that Pransom’s family lives in is actually Ganda’s as well. At first, Tunai wanted to search for Ganda’s children so he can pass on what belongs to them because he was not even sure if Ganda was still alive until Kankamon came to fool him. Kankamon finds out the truth and plays on until the very end. Pransom wanted Kankamon to meet Ganda so much since they look alike but Kankamon always refused. When Pransom and Kankamon got a divorce, Pransom has always been the one to kind of express his feelings for her and wanted to make Kankamon jealous so he told her that his mom already arranged for him to marry and take care of Ganda’s daughter. So, who is Ganda’s daughter besides Kankamon? Kankamon brings in one of her motorcycle buddies, Googouy, who is gay, to play the role. Pransom’s family sees Googouy and is disappointed. Nounkae really cared about the money and Kankamon wanted to test if Pransom actually loves her or money.

Kankamon was always a favorite for the kids because she was so fun to be around. When she was looking for a way to make money, she transporting people from place to place and took the kids with her while she worked with Ging holding on to the money and Gon keeping track of who was next in line. Then, Kankamon took the kids on a competition to sing and dance for a chance to win $50,000 baht. Kankamon was all about working to find a living the right way and not dealing with any bad things. She teaches the kids that it is all a part of life. Even though she is the true daughter of Ganda, she does not want any part of it if it will only make matters worse. But, in the end, everyone decides that they want to make everything right. She will be the daughter-in-law of the home anyways in the end so it really did not matter much anyways.

In the end, Kankamon’s deal with the fake Ganda did not end very clearly between the characters but viewers get the point that everything is revealed. Kankamon goes back to her poor life working, but leading a happy life. Being poor may be a bad thing to Pransom’s family, but to her it means nothing but just something in life she has to deal with. Everyone ends up loving Kankamon for being who she was and making everyone light up and be happy. Wimonkae tries to fix her problems by deciding to go find peace by going to a temple far away where her friend was at. Nope did get addicted to drugs, but later develops himself into someone better and being the good son for his family. Tip finds a new life by being with someone old enough to be her father, but will give her happiness and money that she needs. Nanenut leaves to return back to America realizing that she can no longer make Pransom love her again like they used to. Pransom and Kankamon find each other once more and this time it is for the rest of their lives with Ging and Gon.

--StarDaoStar 12:56, 23 August 2010 (PDT)


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