Nang Barb (2005)

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Nang Baab


  • Title: Nang Barb นางบาป
  • Also known as: The Sin Woman
  • Duration: 15 Episodes
  • Genre: Horror/Drama
  • Popularity: top rated
  • Air time: 20:30 HR Thailand Time (8:30PM) - Monday & Tuesday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: December 27, 2005 - February 14, 2006
  • Theme song: Opening Title: "Bua Mai Pon Nam" Bongkoth Jareontham
  • Theme song: End Title: "Khon Hin Thee Mee Huajai" (The Heart Stone)Bongkoth Jareontham
  • Theme song: Insert Song: "Krai Sak Kon" (Someone) Weerachai Rujit

Production Credits

  • Producer: Natthanant Chaweewong
  • Director: AAdul Boonboot
  • Author: "Kingchat"
  • Screenwriter: "Eklikit"
  • Company Name: TV Scene and Pictures Co.,Ltd.


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Yard and Yod are 2 ghost that haunt this old house. a 100 years ago they both committed horrible sins. Yard unintentionally got tricked by Yod into killing Madam Kamlai and her 2 daughters. Yod herself aborted her own child because she was cheating on Khun Wanathep with his slave. Both sisters were the wives of Wanathep, Yard was raped by Khun Thep because he asked Yod to help her get her sister to give in and her would reward her. So Yot hit Yard in the head and knocked her out. Yard was a loyal servant to madam Kamlai and madam Kamlai was very kind to her. Kamlai soon hated Yard because she slept with her husband and so Yard asked Yod to help her get a way to get Kamlai to like her agian. So Yod gives Yad some poison and tells her if she can cure Kamlai, Kamlai will see that you are very loyal to her, but this is Yod's plan to get rid of Kamlai and get Yard in trouble, so she can have Khun Thep all to herself. So Yard ends up killing Kamlai, but before her last breath she told Khun Thep that if he ever had another wife after her in the next lifetime he will never be able to love a girl ever again. All the servants find out that Yard killed Kamlai so they hung her, Khun Thep got so angry that his dearest Yard died, he cried for her, but when his wife and children died he didn't shed a tear. Yod's mother finds out that she caused Yard's death she stabbed Yod and put a curse on her, if she was to cause her mother to cry a tear again, she will never be able to get reborn. So a hundred years later Khun Thep was reborn as a movie director and decided to film a lakorn there about Yard killing Kamlai. Yod ends up scaring the film team, and Yard helps. Kamlai was reborn as an actress for the lakorn and Yod wants to apologize for her sins. So Yod and Yard end up possessing Ruengrin and Wisa and cause absolute chaos for the team. Pal and everyone see that Ruengrin is not herself so they find a Buddha necklace and put it on Ruengrin and Yod leaves her body to go possess Wisa. Wisa herself was in love Witsanu and Yod can now be close to Witsanu. So more chaos occurs and everyone is scared silly, Wisa's mother was Yod's mother in the past life so now she comes to see her daughter and starts crying of worry and that tear falls on Wisa....with Yod inside her, so now Yod is stuck in the house and can never come out again. As for Yard, she gets to say sorry to the new Kamlai, who is a bossy and mean person and is now scared cause she's talking to a ghost and doesn't understand why a ghost is apologizing so she ends up forgiving Yard and Yard's spirit can finally leave the house and is now getting reborn. Pal and Ruengrin end up together and Yod is now a spirit with no power awaiting the day she can leave the house.

By: Cupid Candy

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