Nang Sao Jing Jai Kub Nai San Dee

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Nang Sao Jing Jai Kub Nai San Dee
Nang Sao Jing Jai Kub Nai San Dee


  • Title: นางสาวจริงใจกับนายแสนดี
  • Also known as: Khmer title: Kromomm Smoss, Komloss Jowm
  • Duration: 16 Episodes
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday -Thursday 8:20pm
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: 2004
  • Theme song: "Jing Jai Wai Goan" - Nadia Nimidwanit

"Piang Chai Kon Nee(Mai Chai Poo Wi Set) - Sumeth Ongarj

Production Credits

  • Original writing (novel): By Sarei Sarun, Ping Lomprapleng
  • Director: Prerapol Keadjareng
  • Screenwriter: Ping Lomprapleng
  • Company Name: PolyPlus



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Nang Sao Jing Jai Khub Nai San Dee

This series is a comedy movie. It's about both the main character lieing to each other. First San Dee saw Jing Jai wearing a very expensive dress but the dress is actually mistaken, it got switch with a actress, and San Dee saw Jing Jai looking a an expensive necklace. San Dee thinks Jing Jai is rich and Jing Jai thinks San Dee is rich. Then a rich family was finding their only child and San Dee was helping. Who is the child???? ( watch the series to find out)!

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