Nantaporn Sawangchaeng (Nancy)

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Nancy & Louis when they were young


  • Name: Nantaporn Sawangchaeng
  • Nickname: Nancy
  • Nationality: Thai with Spanish
  • Profession: Singer / Actress
  • Date of birth: April 30, 1984
  • Birthplace: ???
  • Height: 158 cm.
  • Star sign: ???
  • Blood type: ???
  • Marital Status: ???
  • Hobbies: Reading
  • Education: Matae Dae School (M.6)

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About (Nancy Nantaporn)

  • Nancy star out sing when she was young. She and her brother Raffy star a group together sing. They were with RS. Company. Later Nancy went solo and Raffy went to college.

  • Her best friends were Mommay & Earn. Both of them are singer also.

  • She released two album "Fly High" & "So Close" after those two album she went back to school.

  • After a few year later in 2005 Nancy came back to sing. She released her first special album call "Nancy & The Pianist."

  • Nancy also an actress but doesn't act a lot. She only did one TV. Series when she was in her teen.

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TV Series

  • (Old Series)Unknown Title: Play with Ruy


Music Albums

  • Raffy Nancy's greatest hits album (year ???)
  • Solo album ' The Angel' ( year ???)
  • Unknown album: sing with Earn & Pin (year ???)
  • Nancy - Fly High album (Released : 12 February 2003)
  • Nancy - So Close album (Released : 9 July 2003)
  • Nancy & The Pianist. Special album (Released on 26 October, 2005)

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