Ngao Hua Jai

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Ngao Hua Jai
Ngao Hua Jai
Ngao Hua Jai


  • Title: Ngao Hua Jai (เงาหัวใจ)
  • Also known as: The Heart's Shadow
  • Duration: 16 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm ???
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: 2010
  • Theme song: "Kon Jai Rai" By Woranuch Wongsawan (Noon)
  • Theme song: "Leum Mai Keng" By New Wongsakorn Poramathakorn

Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director: Ekkapob Thanyongmahasakul
  • Screenwriter: Rojarek
  • Company Name: Kantana



New York: In a party, inside a luxurious room in a high rise, a cold blooded businessman named Wisawade was having fun buying failing businesses and selling them off for a profit. Everything in life was able to be bought with money, this was the moral that he lived by, even love could be bought. Wisawade dated many beautiful models and celebrities, he bought them anything they wanted. But every woman who dated him had to agree by one rule, they couldn't hope for a long term relationship since everything was just for fun. Everything that Wisawade's women did when their time ended was simply walk out or with a check in hand. The only woman who could handle him was Lucy, the daughter of Apinope and a Caucasion woman. She simply ignored Wisawade's behavior and was his number one date.

Wisawade received an email for Wainick, his half brother, to come home immediately. The export and import weaving factory that Wainick was taking care of was having problems. Wisawade was the eldest son of Wimala and a rich resort owner in Southern Thailand. Wimala divorced Wisawade's father and married Wainick's father who was much younger than her. However they also got divorced because he couldn't handle Wimala's nagging and picky behavior. After Wisawade's father died, he left him a fortune. Wainick looked up to his older brother like a father figure, Wisawade was his idol. Wisawade was furious when he came back and found out there was nothing wrong with the company. Wainick simply wanted his brother to talk to their mother about a girl he liked. The problem was she was just a worker in the factory and a widow with a son. Wisawade knew the woman was trying to catch his brother, so he asked Wainick to bring the girl to see him. Wisawade was surprised when he met Anchisa, the girl Wainick liked, because the woman who was standing in front of him, the person who caused memories of his hurtful love and revenge to return.

Six years ago in New York, Wisawade fell in love with a woman named Arusa. He had hoped to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her. However his happiness shattered when he found that Arusa had forged his signature on a check worth 3 million dollars to give to another man. The hatred and revenged he had towards Arusa caused him to become a cold blooded businessman. He never met Arusa again.

The woman Wainick liked look very similar to Arusa, the charming woman who betrayed him so many years ago. Anchisa was surprised when she saw Wisawade causing her to faint. Anchisa denied knowing Wisawade but he didn't believe her because not only did she look like Arusa, but she also had the same mannerisms. Anchisa tried to avoid Wisawade, causing him more suspicions around her. Wisawade agreed to look over the factory to help Wainick and allow him to talk to their mom about Anchisa. His true intentions were to find out more about Anchisa.

Anchisa asked quit the job so she could escape Wisawade, however when she went back home her 5 years old son Sikkawat, who was a hemophiliac, was bleeding and had to take him to the hospital. Because of this, she wasn't able to quit and went back to work under Wisawade's suspicious eyes. Wisawade understood that Anchisa was trying to catch Wainick.

Wisawade transferred Anchisa to different department so he could have a chance to get closer to her, he also wanted to see if Anchisa was the same person as Arusa. The closeness between Anchisa and Wisawade made many other factory girls, especially Sroy who already disliked Anchisa jealous. She accused Anchisa of trying to get both the older and younger brother. Sroy would pick on Anchisa, but Chidchom, Anchisa's close friend couldn't take it anymore and dumped a food tray on her head. Wisawade was furious and accused Anchisa of using her charms on Wainick. Wimala also thought that Anchisa was trying to catch Wainick.

Wainick was unhappy that both his brother and mother was against his love. Anchisa often missed work without giving a reason. Wisawade followed her and found out she was taking care of her son. Sikkawat's adorableness made Wisawade sympathize for the boy and often came to play with him without Anchisa's knowledge. Wisawade found the ring Anchisa gave Sikkawat to wear around his neck and remembered that it was the ring he gave to Arusa. This made him sure that Anchisa and Arusa were the same person.

Anchisa had a borther named Atikhun who used to be a severe gambler to the point of risking everything even his own sister. Atikhun had lots of debts, and the person who had to pay them off was Anchisa while Atikhun would go into hiding. Atikhun used money to upgrade himself and tried to catch Lucy. He thought of offering up Anchisa as a bed partner to Tamin, a powerful man who operated in illegal dealings. Anchisa argued with her brother because this time she refused to do so. Atikhun plotted to have her become Tamin's mistress but it was foiled by Wisawade. Wisawade remembered that Atikhun was the man Arusa was having an affair with and left together six years ago. Anchisa couldn't deny anymore that she and Arusa weren't the same person. Wisawade was even more vengeful because Arusa continually deceived him and didn't get over her behavior of catching rich men. He enacted revenge on her by having her become his mistress, if she didn't agree to it he would give Atikhun to the police.

Arusa agreed but she didn't tell him Atikhun was her brother not her ex-husband. She also didn't tell him that six years ago it was Atikhun who forged Wisawade's signature on the checks, not her, to repay the gambling debts of Pakorn his father and himself. The mafia had held Pakorn for ransom. Arusa was ashamed by her brother and father's actions towards Wisawade and decided to break it off with Wisawade. Arusa flew back to Thailand because her mother wasn't well, but before she made it back, her mother had already died and their house was taken because of her father's gambling problem. Her family broke up. Arusa found out that Atikhun had a son with a bar girl and the mother left them. Arusa took the child in as her own and tried to earn money to raise her nephew and start a new life. But everytime she seemed to get back on her feet, either Atikhun or Pkaorn would get into more debts and came back so she could pay off the debts for them.

Wainick didn't give up trying to win Arusa's heart. He asked Chidchom to help him, and she did even though she was secretly in ove with him. Wainick wasn't able to succeed easily since Arusa had closed off her heart. Wimala and Wisawade were also two large obstacles. Wimala hated Arusa more now since she saw that her two sons were fighting over a common factory girl who already had a child. Wimala saw Arusa as unfitting for her son, Sroy also played a part in making Wimala hate Arusa. Wimala offered Arusa money to leave her son's life but Arusa refused and promised to stay far away from Wainick. Atikhun found out about the money offer and came to Wimala to promise her that he would take care of things. Wimala saw Arusa's family as a bunch of swindlers. She urged Wisawade to marry Lucy and for Wainick to go study abroad.

Lucy's father wanted her to marry into Wisawade's family because his family name was starting to crumble. Although Lucy was beginning to fall for Atikhun's charms, but to uphold her status she continued to go out with Wisawade. Wisawade wanted to mess with Arusa so he brought Lucy around to show off and often made Arusa do chores for Lucy at home. Both Wisawade and Lucy knew they didn't love each other but they wouldn't say anything and continued to pretend they were lovers. Arusa was hurt by his actions but put on a happy face, hoping that Wisawade would marry Lucy and stop bothering her and her son. Wainick was happy Arusa was helping out at home and would follow her around catering to her needs. This made Wisawade jealous. Wisawade called Arusa into his room and raped her. Wainick was furious and punched his brother for defiling the woman he loved. Wimala had to come and intervened before they could kill each other over a lowly girl.

Wimala fired Arusa but Wainick still looked after her. Wimala told Wisawade to take care of everything and accidently told her about how Arusa used to steal the money and accepted to pay off the debt by being his mistress. He told this to Wainick and Wainick asked Arusa until she admitted to it, in hopes that he would leave her alone. Wainick drank and crashed his car and ended up in the hospital. Arusa went to visit him but Wimala yelled at her to leave. Arusa was hurt and decided to go to Tamin and agreed to be his mistress in exchange for 3 million to repay Wisawade. Wisawade was furious and got back at Arusa by asking Lucy to marry him. On the wedding day, it was the same day that Arusa would go to Tamin, Atikhun came to see Lucy. At first he meant to use her but he ended up loving her and went to steal Lucy away. He told Wisawade that he wasn't Arusa's husband but he was her brother. Sikkawat was his son, not Arusa's and Arusa never became involved with any man since she came back from New York six years ago.

Wisawade broke into Tamin's house and rescued Arusa. They both argued and Arusa fainted and he took her to the hospital. Arusa was pregnant, Wisawade agreed to take responsiblity but Arusa pushed him away for being so mean to her. Wimala came and yelled at Arusa, saying she wouldn't accept the baby as her grandchild because she didn't believe that Arusa was pregnant with Wisawade. Pakorn's wife left him so he came back to Arusa but met with Wisawade instead. Pakorn told Wisawade everything about the past. Wisawade had misunderstood Arusa all this time and was sad about how he treated her. Wisawade tried to find Arusa but couldn't. Atikhun and Lucy left to enjoy their life, but he had to come back because Tamin's people were after him since he had stolen Tamin's money. Atikhun was shot dead and Lucy was upset so she went abroad and never came back to Thailand for not wanting to pretend anymore.

Wainick hadn't fully recovered but he was upset over his brother and Arusa so he left the hospital and went to see Chidchom so she could help. However, Chidchom's parents took her back home to get married. Wainick realized that he couldn't live without her so he went to stop the ceremony in time. Wisawade went to go make up with Arusa according to the address that Chidchom gave him. Arusa thought that Wisawade only wanted their baby. Wainick couldn't stand to see his brother depressed so he and Chidchom to kidnap Sikkawat and write a randsom note pretending to be kidnappers. Wisawade gave everything to help Arusa and their son until Arusa forgave him. Wimala accepted Arusa because she became sick and Arusa took good care of her. She also had a cute little boy to help her get better. The bright world came back to Arusa in the end, the dark shadow that was over both their hearts changed into a shadow of love and understanding.




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  • One of the many lakorns Noon accept before marrying her husband

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