Pang Sanaeha (2022)

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Pang Sanaeha 2022


Production Credits

  • Author of Book: Namdokmai
  • Producer: Sayom Sungvaributr & Nusara Sungvaributr
  • Director: Nontanan Sungsawat
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: DIDA VDO


  • Credit: Ch7hd_dramasociety Official Instagram
  • Average of



Techit (Tae) is a police officer who was ordered to go into hiding by his superior after his case with a drug dealer fell apart when the evidence against the criminal disappeared. Techit goes and lives at a resort run by Sritrung, his childhood friend. They both wanted to become cops ever since they were young. Both of them made it, but Sritrung had to quit after both her parents died in an accident and she ends up having to take care of the corn farm and resort. Eventually, Techit meets Siangwaan, a ghost who doesn't remember anything and knows nothing. He calls her Siangwaan because of her sweet voice, siang waan means "a cheerful voice". Techit must figure out why Siangwaan is haunting Sritrung's resort and why he is the only one that can communicate with her.

On the other hand, Paul, whom Sritrung and Techit believe to be the right hand man of the drug dealer. He has a history with Sritrung. He was her senior in college and they dated for a while before he had to leave Sritrung. They must work out their feelings for each other while trying to figure out the mystery of Siangwaan.

Credit: Pang Sanaeha version 2012

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