Phring Khon Roeng Mueang

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Phring Khon Roeng Mueang


  • Title: พริ้งคนเริงเมือง / Phring Khon Roeng Mueang
  • Also known as:
  • Duration: 15 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/Drama
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday-Thursday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: April 13, 2017 --- June 1, 2017
  • Theme song: ฉันไม่มีสิทธิ์แล้ว by: บงกช เจริญธรรม

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Media of Medias Public Company Limited



Pring gets adopted by her older brother and his wife Pratiap who cannot have children. Pratiap punishes Pring constantly for being lazy and not doing what she is told. Pring holds a personal grudge against and marries the kind doctor Pinit who loves her at first sight just to get away from Pratiap and show that she can have a better life without her. Being the obnoxious person she is, Pring always gets into fights with her mother in-law and her greediness prevents Pinit from offering free services to his patients. Pinit gets so stressed that he dies just as Pring is about to tell him she is pregnant with his child. Pinit's mother brings Pring to the countryside due to the Japanese invasion. Pinit's best friend and fellow doctor, Prasan has loved Pring since the moment he saw her and writes to Pring that he would like to confess something to her. A heavily pregnant Pring rushes back to the city and goes into labour. She is helped into a bomb shelter by a student named Pairoj. Pring is taken to the hospital after giving birth to a baby boy. Prasun gets jealous as Pairoj constantly visits and flirts with Pring when she reveals she is a widow. Prasun takes Pring back to the countryside but bombs are being dropped on the way and Pring insists on hiding in the grass. Prasun and Pring get hot and heavy and make out and Pring asks for him to marry her and take her to live with him. Prasun is hesitant and Pring gets angry, no longer letting him touch her. Pring's mother in-law forces Pring to go get a doctor to see her sick husband. Pring goes to get Prasun and bombs are dropped again. They go stay in a bomb shelter and Pring gets drunk. Prasun rapes her as she calls out for Pairoj. Pring freaks out at Prasun in the morning but nonetheless they both go to her father in-law who dies. A lazy Pring accidentally kills her baby as she goes to sleep in the forest rather than take him to get his shots. Her mother in-law decides to become a nun and gives her entire fortune to Pring. Pring marries Pairoj who lies to her about needing money to pay for law school. He really goes to gamble and when Pring finds out he convinces her to get involved in gambling as well. Pring tires of him and Prasun comes to visit Pring and Pairoj overhears that they had slept together once. He tries to sleep with Pring but Pring hates him now and Pairoj is so hurt he kills himself. Prasun ends up being Pring's good luck charm when gambling and her brother in-law finds out that Prasun is actually married. Pring has a need to win so she doesn't tell Prasun she knows in hopes that if she agrees to marry him, he'll leave his wife. However, Prasun doesn't leave his wife and on Prasun and Pring's wedding day, she arrives to shoot them both and then herself. Prasun is shot right in the crotch and can no longer satisfy Pring in bed, which causes her to have her sights on the new doctor she hired, Somprasong. Somprasong falls for the nurse Areepan and Pring tries to seduce him with a future of riches if he agrees to be her lover. Pring pressures him to sleep with her and he reluctantly does it. Prasun becomes a drunk and burns the clinic down and jumps off the building to his death. Somprasong feels guilty and goes to start a new life with Areepan. Pring is adamant that Somprasong is her husband now so she follows Somprasong to his house. She fights Areepan for him and causes Areepan to have a miscarriage. Somprasong wakes up at the hospital to find Areepan gone and finds Pring at his house in Areepan's clothes and he thinks it is Areepan so he goes to hug her from behind. He tells her that they can have another child and Areepan sees the entire scene and kills herself. To get his revenge on Pring, Somprasong goes back to live with Pring and everyday he follows the same routine. He asks Pring for money to go drinking and when he comes home he beds her. Pring is unhappy that her money is running out and Somprasong hits her when she refuses to give him money. When he tries to leave her, she lies that she is pregnant. Her sister then tells Somprasong that Pring isn't pregnant and Somprasong sees her period pads. He leaves Pring and is shot in a protest. Pring actually becomes pregnant and she gives her baby to her sister. Pring's sister Choy is the third wife of a noble man and the first wife's son, Boonchuay falls for Pring. Pring has nothing now so she decides to seduce him and live with him. He is a good husband but isn't rich enough for her tastes. She owes money to Khun Luang and he tricks her into becoming his wife in order to erase her debt. Pring leaves Boonchuay for Khun Luang and soon falls for his twenty year old son Premruthai. Prem fights his feelings for Pring and decides to marry Malinee to help forget about Pring. Malinee is jealous of Pring and gets into a fight with her causing Pring to lose her baby with Khun Luang. A vengeful Khun Luang kills Malinee and threatens Pring to be faithful to him. Pring finds out that he used his men to rob her so she'll agree to be his wife and poisons Khun Luang to death. Pring goes to Prem's room and begs him to have just one night with her and Prem agrees. Pring doesn't stay out of his way and slaps women that she accuses of wanting Prem. Prem regrets sleeping with Pring and decides to go abroad. Pring tries to hang on to him but he shoves her off causing her to fall face first into a broken pot. Pring becomes scared and has a mental breakdown. She tries to kill Prem's new wife when he comes back. Prem goes to see her and Pring has completely lost it, asking for Prem but not recognizing that he is the man in front of her. Pring lives with Choy, the only consistent person in her life and Choy and her children leave Pring to live in her own world. The end.

By: Cupid Candy


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  • this is a remake

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