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Pidsawat 2016
Pidsawat-The past
Pitsawat-The present


  • Title: พิษสวาท / Pidsawat or Pitsawat
  • Also known as: Poisonous Love/Poisonous Affections
  • Duration: 18 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/Drama/Historical/Present life
  • Popularity: Top Rated; huge hit with very high ratings
  • Air time: Mon-Tue
  • Broadcast network: ONE HD
  • Broadcast period: July 19, 2016 --- September 19, 2016
  • Theme song:
  • Relate to:

Production Credits

  • Novelist: Thommayanti
  • Producer: Niphon Piwnen & Takonkiet Weerawan
  • Director: San Sikaewlor
  • Screenwriter: Pimmada Pattanalongkon, Wannatawil Suknoi, Pimsirin Pongwanitsuk, Natharika Yaemsiri
  • Company Name: Exact



May Contain Spoilers

A ghost that is suffering because of her love and duty. Her duty is to protect the nation's treasures ever since the end of the Ayutthaya kingdom. Centuries of vendetta and vengeance. Centuries of wondering as to why her lover had done such a terrible thing to her. She never knew why. The only way for her spirit to move on, to not having to look after the treasures for eternity, is for her to find a "replacement." Ubon or in the current time, Saroshinee, does not wish for anyone else but him, Akkanee, the man that she loved more than her life. Love is love. A pure love expects the same in return. But when what she had in return is torment, she tries to find justice that she sees fit.

Credit to Kudaranai at Asianfuse Forum

Storyline- Kaewkungsai @bloggang

Present Life:

Akkanee is an archaeologist who loves antique so much. He already has a lover who is Thipapa, but they are not yet married because it seems like he is waiting for someone.

That's when Sarochinee came into his life. She is a beautiful and mysterious woman. She is a millionairess who also loves antique from the Ayutthaya period. Most importantly, she has a piece of Siraporn, which Akkanee is researching.

When Sarochinee appeared, she caused fear in many people around her. Nobody can answer why unnatural deaths occur with people around her. Everybody whoever breaks a promise has to die. Nobody knows why, but everybody feels that Sarochinee is somehow involved.

Sarochinee's arrival brings back the past of Ubon, a woman from Ayutthaya. Karma starts to circle again, until everybody reincarnates, and meets together in this present lifetime. This is just the beginning.

Past Life:

Akkanee is a soldier in Ayutthaya's ending period. He killed Ubon, who is his wife. He sacrificed her to protect the nation's treasure. Ubon was very angry at Akkanee. Because of his actions, she was cursed for centuries and was not able to reincarnate. The Heavens pitied her and allowed her to find a successor that will take her place. If Ubon can't find a successor, she won't be able to reincarnate again and has to remain a protector of the treasure for eternity. For this reason, Ubon came back as Sarochinee. She come to take Akkanee's life as her next successor.

Credit to Krisayaporn at Asianfuse Forum

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Trivia or Interesting Info About This Lakorn

  • In 2011, the project was linked to Bee Namthip and Pong Nawat but was cancelled.
  • The 2011 filming was stopped because abnormal things were happening on set.
  • In previous versions, abnormal incidences happened on set as well.
  • The writer who wrote the novel says that while she was writing, she would see a woman wearing a traditional Thai dress.
  • Nune had previously rejected the role of Ubon.
  • Prior to changing her mind and accepting the role, she had a dream of a woman wearing a traditional gold dress. When she read the script, Ubon's character resembled the woman from her dreams.
  • While filming, Nune felt like an inner force was helping her deliver her lines. Sometimes, she felt like her voice wasn't hers.

Credit to Krisayaporn & Mahalo Asianfuse Forum

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