Prik Tai Gub Bai Kao

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  • Title: Prik Tai Gub Bai Kao / พริกไทยกับใบข้าว
  • Genre: Family Drama
  • Air time: March 17, 2008 - ?
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Production: Quiz & Quest
  • Theme Song: Unknown Artist - Krai Nor
  • Ending Song: Unknown Artist - Took Wan Chun Young Ruk Tur



“Prik Tai Gub Bai Kao” is family drama about love, rape, forgiveness and making amends for hurtful mistakes.

Though the community thinks she is a child of a “good time” gone wrong, Prik Tai is actually a product of a rape. No one believes her mother Waarn when she tells them she was raped. People think she give herself away to some stranger. Humiliated by the community, her mother withdraws from society. After the rape and giving birth, Prik Tai’s mother isolates herself from society and never leaves home.

Though her mother is an emotional wreck, Prik Tai grows up happy and healthy because she is showered with love by her grandfather. She grows up to be a medical student.

Bai Kao is Prik Tai's childhood friend. Bai Kao and Prik Tai had a very turbulent relationship growing up. Bai Kao loved to tease Prik Tai about her family situation. Though he bullied her throughout her childhood, Prik Tai secretly develops feelings for Bai Kao growing up. Bai Kao also harbors feelings for Prik Tai. When he realizes that he loves Prik Tai, he tries to make amends for all his bad deeds to win her heart.

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