Rai Risaya

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Rai Rissaya
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Rai Rissaya


  • Title: Rai Rissaya ร่ายริษยา
  • Also known as: Slander Envy Khmer title: Pjus Chet Rissaya (Envious Incantations)
  • Duration: 13 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Popularity: top rated
  • Air time: 20:30 HR Thailand Time (8:30PM) - Wednesday&Thursday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: October 10, 2007 - November 21, 2007
  • Theme song: "Jud Job Sood Tai" (The Last End)Amp Saowaluk
  • Ending song: "Tah Ter Mai Roo Laew Krai Jah Roo" (If you don't know, who's know?) Palapol Polkongseng
  • Insert song: "Mai Chai Rueng Bung Earn" (Not Unexpectedly)Benz Pornchita Na Songkhla / Atichart Chumnanont / Phiti Limjaroen

Production Credits

  • Producer: Natthanant Chaweewong
  • Director: Chana Kraprayoon
  • Author: "Kantima"
  • Screenwriter: "Eklikit"
  • Company Name: TV Scene and Pictures Co.,Ltd.



Intouch meets Plaejai on vacation at the island called "Got Than Ruk", owned by her. Awhile there, the two fell in love. When he leaves, he asks to take her with him, and she agrees. However, Intouch was to get engeged with Mukrin. Mukrin finds out that Intouch and Plaejai are deeply in love, with the help of his parents too, the three tries everything to kick Plaejai out. Later, Intouch meets Palita, who he will be working with because he's a music producer and she's a singer. Palita falls for him at first sight.

When Palita finds out that Intouch is in love with Plaejai, her old classmate, she's furious. So along with Mukrin, they each hated Plaejai and tortures her. Plaejai, is a very introverted person, so she's very nice and keeps everything to herself, never fighting back. However, that changes when Plaejai is pushed off the boat by Plaita. Everyone, including Intouch thinks that she's dead so they can only mourn for her; however Plaejai didn't die. Instead, she comes back as a whole new person and takes revenge on everyone who harmed her. With all that going on, Plaejai misunderstood that Intouch had never loved her, but only loved Palita. When in reality, Intouch had always loved Plaejai with his whole heart...


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