Ram Pissaward

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Ram Pissaward


  • Title: Ram Pissaward/Ram Pissawad/Ram Pissawas/แรมพิศวาส
  • Also known as: Waning Affection.
  • Genre: Drama
  • Duration: 16 Episodes
  • Popularity: top rated (Rating of 19.6)
  • Air time: Monday - Tuesday 20.30p.m
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Theme song: "Jan kong tur/Your moon" by ???

Production Credits

  • Company Name:Polyplus


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Mam and Au life was a life you wish you had they were a loving couple that got married and was envy by everyone.On the other hand Noi life was the opposite and she was very jealous and want to be Au wife too.She used black magic to lure Au in,later became his mistress and broke Au's family apart.Noi poison her husband and took her child,Paul,to live with her and lied to he was her nephew.Living in Au's house Noi was a mistress that slept was mostly the guys and had children was diffenrt fathers.All events that are going to happen later effect the children of Noi's Mam's,Go,Som,Paul,Pat and another daughter who life was entangle by their parents past and affect their future.Stay tune to see what is going to happen and if a loving family can be put together.


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