Reuan Saneha

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Reuan Saneha
Reuan Saneha


  • Title: เรือนเสน่หา / Reuan Saneha
  • Also known as: House of Love
  • Duration: 24 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Popularity: Average Rating 7.1
  • Ep 01 (04/22/2013) — 2.1 (3.0,2.0)
  • Ep 02 (04/23/2013) — 3.0 (4.0,2.8)
  • Ep 03 (04/29/2013) — 2.8 (3.2,2.7)
  • Ep 04 (04/30/2013) — 3.3 (3.9,3.2)
  • Ep 05 (05/06/2013) — 2.6 (2.9,2.5)
  • Ep 06 (05/07/2013) — 3.3 (3.6,3.2)
  • Ep 07 (05/13/2013) — 3.8 (4.7,3.6)
  • Ep 08 (05/14/2013) — 3.5 (5.0,3.3)
  • Ep 09 (05/20/2013) — 3.0 (4.7,2.7)
  • Ep 10 (05/21/2013) — 2.7 (4.4,2.4)
  • Ep 11 (05/27/2013) — 2.9 (4.2,2.7)
  • Ep 12 (05/28/2013) — 2.6 (4.4,2.3)
  • Ep 13 (06/03/2013) — 2.5 (3.7,2.2)
  • Ep 14 (06/04/2013) — 2.9 (4.0,2.8)
  • Ep 15 (06/10/2013) — 3.5 (5.0,3.2)
  • Ep 16 (06/11/2013) — 3.5 (5.5,3.1)
  • Ep 17 (06/17/2013) — 4.2 (6.1,3.9)
  • Ep 18 (06/18/2013) — 4.4 (6.3,4.1)
  • Ep 19 (06/24/2013) — 4.4 (7.3,3.8)
  • Ep 20 (06/25/2013) — 4.3 (7.3,3.8)
  • Ep 21 (07/01/2013) — 4.5 (6.8,4.1)
  • Ep 22 (07/02/2013) — 5.1 (7.6,4.6)
  • Ep 23 (07/08/2013) — 5.2 (7.8,4.7)
  • Ep 24 (07/09/2013) — 5.9 (8.7,5.4) *Finale*
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday
  • Broadcast network: Channel 5
  • Broadcast period: April 22, 2013 --- July 9, 2013
  • Theme song:

Production Credits

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  • Screenwriter: Add info here
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  • The year is 1905 during King Chulalongkorn’s reign, Thai slavery has come to an end. As men are fighting for a place society, women are fighting for a place at home. Reuan Sanaeha tells the story of Khun Luang Prap Thamrongnakhra and his two wives, one is very beautiful but very cold-hearted played by Bee Namthip. His second wife is a selfish woman from Chiangmai played by Pim Pimmada. The two women do not get along and are in constant competition for Khun Luang’s affection and the number spot in the household. Not only do they have competition with each other, they also have to compete with Khun Luang’s servant wives, especially Mali (Jeab), one of Khun Luang’s faithful servant wives. The story centers around the two women’s desire for the number spot in the household and the things they will do to get there. Credit: Lyn's Lakorn Blog [1]
  • Khun Luang (Tang) has two wives, the first being Chom (Bee) and the second one, Euang (Pim). A fortune teller informs Khun Luang that by the end of the year, he will have a child sent from heaven. This causes the wives to be competent and anxious to bear Khun Luang a child because the first one that does will inherit all of Khun Luang's wealth. Khun Luang then has an affair with a slave named, Soi (Parn Vietrio) and she becomes pregnant with this first ever child. However, Soi is murdered by Chom and as clever as she is, Chom covers up the murder and makes it look like an accident. The second woman to get pregnant with Khun Luang is Euang. Jealous, Chom tries to kill Euang too but Euang finds out beforehand and takes the first step before Chom gets to her. The plan backfires and Euang suffers a miscarriage, which leads her to pretend to be crazy. Thinking that Euang is crazy, Khun Luang bonds with Chom and gets her pregnant but at the same time, he had an affair with another new slave, Mali (Jieb). Chom and Mali become pregnant at the same time with Khun Luang's baby but Chom sets up an evil plan leading Khun Luang to suspect Mali is pregnant with Ming (R), another slave in the household. Mali and Ming are then forced out of the house. Mali gives birth to twin boys but because Chom finds out, she sets Mali's house on fire. Mali is only able to escape with one of her twins and along with Ming, they meet a pregnant villager who helps them. Mali helps the pregnant villager deliver a healthy daughter but the villager dies in childbirth so Mali and Ming decides to adopt the baby girl as their daughter. At about the same time, Chom is about to go into labor but Euang shows up, sets a part of Khun Luang's house on fire, helps Chom deliver a daughter, and takes the baby away afterwards. The next day, Chom's loyal servant brings a baby boy for Chom, to which Khun Luang thinks is his son. In fact, it is Mali's other twin son that survived the fire. A few years later, Chom gets pregnant a second time and delivers a baby boy. At this point, Khun Luang has twins sons, one of them he is raising but does not know belongs to Mali, the other twin is with Mali and Ming, the son with Chom and the daughter with Chom that Euang stole.
  • The relationship of the kids are as follows:

- Meuang (New Chaiyapol) and Sook (Nike) are twin brothers - Sook falls in love with Sai-Yood (Paan Paan), Mali and Ming's adopted daughter - Thep (Chom's son with Khun Luang) and Chuan-Chom (Egg) are siblings having the same parents, Khun Luang and Chom - Thep falls in love with his own older sister, Chuan-Chom, an evil plan set up by Euang

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