Reun Ga Lhong

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Reun Ga Lhong


  • Title: Reun Ga Lhong (เรือนกาหลง)
  • English translation: Galong's Haven
  • Duration: 17 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/Horror
  • Popularity: Add info here
  • Air time: Wed-Thur
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: October 10, 2013---December 5, 2013
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

  • Producer: Thongchai Maneerat Prasongsanti
  • Director: Siam Noomsaytee
  • Company Name: Pordeecom



Kalong (Pooklook) is the most beautiful girl in the village. She has been in love with Mai (New), a poor boy who grew up in the temple without any relatives. He intends to work hard in order to ask for Kalong’s hand in marriage from Mae Kloy, despite the fact that Mae Kloy does not want Mai as her son-in-law. She finds the fact that Mai is poor disgusting, so she forces Kalong to become Chote’s wife instead. Chote is known as a thug, he’s the son of Chuang, a rich elder in the village. Mae Kloy wants Kalong to have a comfortable life. But Kalong refuses to give up on her love, and no matter what, she wants to be with Mai forever. Mae Kloy is angry by this, she has Kalong whipped and locks her up in the basement. Kai feels very sorry for Kalong since he cannot make enough money to ask for her hand in marriage from her mother. The two decide the run off together, but Kalong changes her mind half way because she does not want to abandon Mae Kloy, Shaba, and Kawao, the latter two being her orphaned niece and nephew that she has to take care off. She does not want them to suffer as she is the breadwinner of the family.

Chuang comes to collect the debts that Mae Kloy owes to him from gambling. But since she is unable to pay him, he suggests that Kalong become Chote’s wife to wipe the debt completely and he will give a sum of money to her as well. Mae Kloy agrees to this which devastates Kalong. Pudjeeb, a close friend of Kalong’s, begs Mae Boonim to help pay off the debts. She also pleads that Mae Kloy allows Kalong to be with Mai. Mae Kloy is thankful that Mae Boonim has always helped her out so she calls for a meeting with Mai. She tells Mai that he can be with Kalong under the condition that their new home must be finished building within one month. If Mai fails, then Kalong will have to marry Chote. Kalong and Mai thank Pudjeeb for her help. She wishes them both luck in their lovelife despite the fact that she has feelings for Mai this entire time. But she is willing to sacrifice her happiness for her best friend and the man she loves.

Jork, a younger fellow temple dweller, rallies up friends and neighbors to donate woods and help build the house with Mai. Chote is afraid of losing Kalong so he asks his father go ask for her hand in marriage before Mai could. But Chuang thinks that Pudjeeb is more suitable for his son. Chote comes clean to his father that he does not really love Kalong, but only want to hurt Mai. Chuang suggests that he kidnaps Kalong and make her his wife.

Mai officially goes over to ask for Kalong’s hand in marriage the moment the house has been finished. However, Mae Kloy goes back on her word and says that Mai should have brought money for dowry as well. Kalong is devastated and tries to commit suicide. But Mai is able to snap her back to her senses, he tells her that they will get through anything together. He is willing to get the money by becoming a boxer and compete in other villages. Before he leaves on his trip, he takes Kalong to swear on their love at Goddess Saitong’s shrine. Mai swears that he, “will love Kalong only, unchanging.” And Kalong swears that she, “will love Mai only, unchanging” as well.

Little did the two realize at the time that their promises to one another to the Goddess have bind their fates together forevermore. Chote breaks in Kalong’s house to try to force himself on her. She flees to the Saitong shrine and pleads with Chote so that he would spare her. He refuses to listen to her. Kalong stabs him with a knife. Out of anger, Chote orders his men to take Kalong and kill her. Kalong is tied up to a boulder, she is then thrown into the pond. Kawao, Kalong’s nephew, witnesses everything that was happening because he was fishing at the time. Chote’s men go after Kawao in order to kill him and silence him. Kawao escapes to a shipping boat. He has to travel to other towns in order to hide from Chote’s men.

Kalong regains consciousness underwater, she tries to swim back to the surface but is unable because she is tied to a boulder. But because she has the will to fight for her love, she does not want to die. She unties herself and makes it to the surface. She is glad that she made it out alive but she is too afraid to tell anybody about what happened. She waits and waits for Mai as he comes back with a large amount of money he earned for the dowry. Chote is shocked to see that Kalong is still not dead. Everyone gets worried since Kawao had gone missing, so people start a search for him.

The auspicious day arrives, Kalong wears a beautiful wedding gown. She wants to prepare flowers for the monk at the ceremony. Jork volunteers to go pick some lotuses from the pond. Everyone waits a very long time before he gets back. But he is different, he does not make a lot of sense then he speaks and keeps staring at empty spaces. Kalong did not want this to ruin the ceremony so she goes get the lotuses herself. The wedding goes on as planned.

Kalong is a good wife to Mai. Their love flourishes and the two become one another’s shadow. However, things changed when Kawao returns to the village. Problems and complicated issues arose. Kalong’s promise to Mai means that she will do anything to make sure that Mai will be with her forever. Source: Kudalakorn

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