Sainam Sam Cheewit

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Sai Nam 3 Chewi


  • Title: Sainam Sam Cheewit
  • Duration: ep 15 (think)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm
  • Broadcast network: Ch.7
  • Broadcast period: 2006

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Add info here



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Oh my gosh this lakorn dragged so much to me. So there were two generations. The first generations tells the love story of the

parents, who are: Pancake & Weir and Poo & Win. Pancake is the only daughter of a wealthy family. She falls in love with Weir, who

is the son of a poor boater. Poo is a clever young woman who is also from a poor family. Win, who is of Chinese heritage, lives

with his father, who sells ice cream. So everyone is poor except Pancake. Pancake and Weir falls in love and later have a son, who

is played by Por Natthawut. Poo and Win fall in love and also have son who is played by Oil Thana.

On with the second generation...the parents have aged and I have no clue who plays the parents. Weir and Pancake are married and

they both inherit Pancake's parents' company. For some reason, Weir's old character is not like his young character who was once

sweet and caring. After becoming wealthy, he turns into a mean and controlling father to his son, Chaopraya, played by Por.

Nevertheless, he is still friends with Teng, who was played by Win in their younger years. With that being said, Teng's son is

Khongkhem, played by Oil. Chaopraya and Khongkhem are roughly the same age and like their fathers, they are buddies. They go to

the same school and there they meet and befriend New and Jui. Later, all three guys fall for Jui.

For some reason, Chaopraya's father hates him and favors Khongkhem more than Chaopraya. After they graduate, Khongkhem works at

Chaopraya's father's company while Chaopraya seeks his careers as a farmer/boater. This causes the two buddies to go against each

other and fight for the same woman. New, whose character is sort of like mediator between the friends, does not take sides but

does his best to prevent hatred. He is also secretly in love with Jui.

Later, Khongkhem and Jui get married and have a son. However, Khongkhem, who is now a baddie, turns against his own family to

work with Chaopraya's evil father. Khongkhem gets into a situation which ultimately leads to him and his mother's death. He

leaves behind his wife Jui and their unborn son under Chaopraya's care. Before he dies, Khongkhem apologizes to Chaopraya and

finally accepts his faults. New, on the other hand, becomes a monk. Por and Jui are happily together with an adopted son and

Jui's son with Khongkhem.


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