Silamanee (2008)

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  • Title: ศิลามณี / Silamanee
  • Also known as: Precious Stone
  • Duration: 17 Episodes
  • Genre: Romance/Drama/Costume/Remake
  • Popularity: Top Rated 16-20
  • Air time: 8:30
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: 8 November 2008 - Present
  • Theme song: "Seek for Silamanee" Artist Name
  • Relate to: Silamanee (1994)

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Thongchai Prasongsanti
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Workpoint | Campordee for Channel 7



The precious emerald necklace of Chiangrath has been given to the family of Parote Rachasena, whom is proud in his dignity and looks down upon Northern women like his mother. In which has created his feud of hatred for Princess Saengfarng so she must go undercover as Ngam Saenluang and Mae Liang in order to get the Silamanee back. Between “him” and “her,” the fued that they have created towards each other, can it be turn into “love” or not? Only “Silamanee” will be the significant key to unlocking this puzzle.

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The love test of a royal princess and a proud man[3].

Silamanee is a scared thing which belongs to the republic of Chaingrath.It's the gift that the ruler will used for a betroth which had been traditionally passed down.

In, The Republic of Chaingrath, the northeast of Thailand, a little princess searng farng was abandoned by her mother aim the big agrument for her nationalism. With only the caring from her father,The King of Chaingrath,Searng Farng was left Chaingrath with the trip to Bangkok for the need of study as well as began to know her own mum which now has a new family.Her Commitment had made to her mom that Searng Fang never ever to be seeing her mum again.

After 10 years later, Searng Farng, the beautiful of Chaingrath, now become a beautiful high school girl with renamed Ngam San Louk as to hides her real idenity from her mum who now trying to seek her.Unfortunately once her father died with gave her a news abouth Chaingrath's the most precious thing called Silamanee which now doesn't local in Chaingrath ,illustrated her father old promise with his closet friend,Khun Ruj in order to find a best betrod for his daughter who to be Khun Ruj's eldest son including his giving Silamanee set to commence their agreement. However, Silamanee can return back to Chaingrath if the arrangment face some problem. Nothing Important to Ngam or Searng Farng than bring back these Precious stone, Ngam comes back to Bangkok and receives the address of her betrod's house. Her plan is just only take what her country own back. With one of her friend and also crushing on her, Chalee, the youngest son of Rachysena, Ngam, now, easily visit the house and meet Parot who she relised the second son of the family but it clearly reminds her of her accidenly met with Parot several times before and she know her well in spite of his unrecognising her as she now is Ngam Saenluang.

Parot is working in Thailand politics but also studying.He is the first son of family in real. He finds out Ngam's Behaviour just the regular girl with the sassy manner.Nothing he know about the Princesss idenity, he also blame her with a quiet argu word and makes his hating appears to Ngam.However, One day, he arrives at a Skill house from Chaing rai which belonged to a beautiful shopkeeper named Mae Lai who truly Searg Fang but with more womanly behaviour and now charming Parot.This is her second plan to tranform into three idenity person which ones can be the best way to deceives Parot into the trip for return back their Silamanee which Khun Ying Samerjai Rachasena is a little too obsessed with as well as it belonging to her without any evidence shows that it is the Chaingrath's thing.It is the event in her birthday party.

However, No any of Ngam plan start dying to deceives Parot instead of he truly in love with her and knew the true idenity of Silamanee,belonged to Chaingrath for long time ago. He wanted to marry Nagam as he already know her Princess Idenity but it's too late that both of them are begin engaging to another betroths.Fortunately, their betroths know Searng Farng and Parot's true love and bravely cancel their wedding plan. With the help of Chalee who now married Ngam half sister, Sisi, Parot's adoptive brother and his girlfriend, Ngam's cousin's family, Ngam's main servant and her own mother who now She found outh that her mother is really love her and tried to help her every problem, Parot and Searng Farng married in Chaingrath and starts their happiness. However,Khun Ying Samerjai beoming psycho of her too much demand on Silamanee and her too much hateful for Searng Fang which returns the new lover to Bangkok.No Problem can't slove, Khun Ying Samerjai Knows Searng Farng gratefulness and agree for her son's wedding with returning Silamanee for Ngam. The Lakorn ends with their happy reunion on the peaceful country of Chaingrath for the new lovers, Searng Farng and Parot as King and Queen of Chaingrath.

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Trivia or Interesting Info about this Lakorn

  • This is the second remake version of Siriam & Dodo Yuthpichai version of this lakorn.
  • Apiradee Pawaputanont return the cast in remake with act as Madam Samerjai Rachasena while the original casting of Papassara Teychapaiboon was replaced by Madam Athiti Buranayothin
  • The Actor and Actress mostly prefer the traditional clothes, likely similar to Burma old clothes while on Chaingrath scene

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