Take Me Home

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Take Me Home Poster
Take Me Home Poster
Mario and Vill


  • Title: Take Me Home
  • Genre: Horror
  • Release date: April 13, 2016
  • Popularity:
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Mario as Tan who is a male nurse working in a hospital and lose his memories. He tries to search where he's from, where his home is, any family members left. Why he loses memories. One day supernatural incident happened and brought him home. He saw beautiful nice house. He met his twin sister, Tubtim (Vill) who married Cheewin - nice architect with 2 kids. Her husband never knows his wife has a brother twin. He also met Waw, the old housekeeper who's glad to see him and tried to warn him the secret danger in this house. Also "Chom" the ghost spirit that waited for revenge. His return-home will bring him happiness or horror which might bring him death? This movie will be extremely horror.

Source: jediyuth

Translator: Mario Maurer Vietnam


Take Me Home

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