Thanothai Aur-amornrat (Tey Tano)

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Tey Tano
Tey Tano

name: Thanothai Aur-amornrat (ธโนทัย เอื้ออมรรัตน์)

  • nickname: Tey , Toey , Tano

(เต้ย , ทาโน่)

  • date of birth: 3/9/1985

(3 กันยายนพ.ศ. 2528)

  • birthplace: Bangkok , Thailand
  • blood type: A
  • hobbies: dancing , juggling games
  • line dance: breakdancing , hiphop , lockin' , krumpin' , poppin'
  • profession: singer , VJ FiveLive , DJ , MC , choreographer

(actor:- ever act in movie before)

  • singer group: Vwiilz (VWZ)(วีวิลซ์)
  • education: Software Development , Kasetsart University

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