Ton Rak Rim Rua

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Ton Rak Rim Rua
Ton Rak Rim Rua


  • Title: ต้นรักริมรั้ว / Ton Rak Rim Rua
  • Also known as: Love Started at the Fence
  • Duration: 11 Episodes
  • Genre: Romantic/Comedy/Drama
  • Popularity: Average
  • Air time: Fri-Sun
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: September 5, 2013 - September 28, 2013
  • Theme song: Ton Ruk Rim Rua by Pijika
  • Theme song 2: Kon Diao Tao Nun by Boy Peacemaker
  • Ratings:
    • Episode 1: 7.0 Premier
    • Episode 2: 6.5
    • Episode 3: 8.2
    • Episode 4: 7.1
    • Episode 5: 6.8
    • Episode 6: 7.3
    • Episode 7: 6.6
    • Episode 8: 8.1
    • Episode 9: 8.4
    • Episode 10: 8.1
    • Episode 11: 11.7 Finale


Production Credits

  • Producer: Jett
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Maker Group



Nalin is an Account Executive. When Nalin (Kimberly Ann Voltemas) was young, her father made a mistake in investment. The family almost went bankrupt. And they were saved by Kob’s grandma. After that experience Nalin learned that it’s very important to plan ahead and take a careful step before doing anything. She is the total opposite to Kob (Prin Suparat). She's an achiever. She plans ahead and sets clear goal. And she lives her life to achieve her goals. Currently her goal is to become Account Director. And she’s willing to do anything to achieve her goal.

Kob's an architect. After finishing a bachelor in Thailand, he went to US for his master degree. After that, he continued working in US for another 2 years. Then, he decided to come back to Thailand to open his own company. He’s good looking, playful but likes to tease other people. He’s not the romantic type and doesn't know how to sweet-talk. He loves freedom and takes it easy in life. He doesn't plan his life ahead of time; he will handle the situation as it comes. Kob may seem to be an under-achiever. But he’s smart and thoughtful. Because he’s good looking and playful, there are lots of girl, coming into his life. But he’d never tie himself with any girl, except Nalin. He may seem to be care-free person and never take anything seriously. But he is a fighter. If he’s mad, he will punch and kick butt. He won’t give up without a fight. If somebody takes his stuff, he will take back his belonging. This is also true with his girl. Through, he doesn’t show his feeling; he’s extremely protective of his girl… Nalin. He will get her back. No matter what.

Credit to @ Viki

Synopsis 2: Who would have thought Nalin would be married 3 times? Not with any random guy but to her best friend Kob. He lives next door and they had been friend since childhood. First time, they got married to please his dying grandma. It only lasted 7 days. They got divorced right after grandma passed away. Many years passed. They were still best friends. Nalin needed to get married to somebody in order to get a promotion at work. She didn't have anybody. So she asked for his hand in marriage. This time it was different. He started to have feelings for her. But his move was too late because Nalin just fell in love with another guy. What is he gonna be: Her husband or her best friend?

Credit to @ Viki


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