Pob Pee Fah (2009)

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Pop Pee Fah
Pob Pee Fah


  • Title: Pob Pee Fah
  • Also known as: ปอบผีฟ้า (Sky Spirit Ogre)
  • Duration: 14 Episodes
  • Genre: superstition
  • Popularity: Rating of 7
  • Air time: Wed-Thu @ 8:30PM
  • Broadcast network: Channel 7
  • Broadcast period: Feb. 4, 2009 - March 19, 2009
  • Theme song: opening: "Pob Pee Fah" ???

closing: "Eek Naan Kae Nai" ???

Production Credits

  • Producer:
  • Director: Nirattisai Kaljareuk
  • Screenwriter: Kwantaywa
  • Company Name: Kantana



The mysterious story crossing over worlds and time that came from the love and the furiousness of two princess’s of Poo Kam kingdom that even if many hundreds of years pass by the love and furious rage still doesn’t disappear and becomes a more mysterious, twisted, and gut twisting story that involves many other lives that involve one another from this current life and the past. The ogre spirit is then a television drama that is mysterious and reflects goodness, sin, love, and loyalty of both spirits and mankind

The tale of a love story that became a vengeful feud starts once Jao Luang the ruler of Poo Kam brings Saeng La a pretty woman from another colony and travels back to Poo Kam causing Princess Laorng Tong the wife of Jao Luang to dislike it alot on top of that Jao Luang seems to be leaning towards loving Saeng Laa more until he even gives her the position of the Main Princess. This causes Laorng Tong who already has a envious heart to be vengeful enough to try and hurt Saeng Laa but at the same time being hurt from love she starts to split her feelings towards Aorparathorna the brother of Poo Kam’s ruler, but it’s only a secret love because Aorparathorna already has a lover who is Princess Man Kaew. This causes disappointment in addition to envy, vengeful nature of Princess Laorng to be more greater, Princess Laorng and So-Pee her closest servant travels into the forest to go and worship the ghost lord to ask for the ghost lord to give her power, but coincidentally Laorng Tong and So-Pee drinks the saliva of the ghost lord on accidentally and causes them to be cursed into being the heiress that must serve the Ogre Ghost lord forever.

The ghost lord helps Laorng Tong get rid of her heart’s rival, but Laorng Tong is then enslaved along with Poo Kam kingdom who must fall slave to the ghost lord and unable to be reborned along with Laorng Tong who must find fresh blood to serve the ghost lord in time frames to trade with eternal life, but Laorng Tong is negligent in feeding the Ghost Lord regardless of warnings from So-Pee her close servant. In the end the ghost that she has taken care of then possess her causing her to turn into a Ogre ghost along with So-Pee her loyal servant who is half ghost and half human that continue to serve her for many hundreds of year.

Many centuries go by and the regime of Poo Kam completely crumbles Aorprathhorna reborn into an handsome young archeologist named Poowanai who is obsessed with researching the regime of Poo Kam. Bpailin the lover of Poowanai that was chosen to play a famous movie this crosses Orradee who is a famous television drama actress. This is the reason that Orradee bullies Bpailin until it became big news. The fact that Orradee didn’t get the part in the movie caused Tananchai her boyfriend to not have money to gamble so he is very angry. Poowanai dreams of Poo Kam regime and then invites his best friend Chaiya to drive there and examine the big ancient kingdom.

Saeng Laa is reborned into Lin Faa who takes the duty of being a heavenly spirit that heals sick people in a village at the border of Cambodia. Lin Faa has two daughters which is Nuan and Manee; her husband had passed away long ago already. Lin Faa uses a heavenly spirit dance to invite the heavenly spirit to help cure the sick which does not bare well with the ghost lord that is possessing Laorng Tong. This causes Laorng Tong to be very angry in addition to remembering that Saeng Laa is her enemy in the past life so she lets the ogre ghost lord take possession of Lin Faa’s body.

While she is curing a person Laorng Tong lets the patient see’s an old lady that is gruesome looking until the patient is scared to death. In the end people start to see Lin Faa as Bpop Pee Faa (Ogre Ghost Spirit). Once it’s night Lin Faa is possessed by Laorng Tong and would go and find fresh animals in the village to eat. Nuan and Manee asks Lin Faa to stop being the Heavenly Spirit and move to another village, but Lin Faa refuses.

Kom just finished school from bangkok and returns to the village and falls in love with Manee and tries to help her family out. Saeng Jun the daughter of the village master Garmnarn Sing who secretly loves Kom pushes her father to kick Lin Faa’s family away from the village. Poowanai and Chai Ya is driving by and helps them. Saeng Jun see’s Poowanai and see’s that he looks better and he’s richer and turns her attention to him instead. Once Garmnarn Sing finds out that Poowanai and Chaiya are going to Poo Kam he asks to go along because of the valuable treasure that exists there. Saeng Jun also asks to go with them along with Yot the loyal servant of Garmnarn Sing to go help out.

Lady Laorng Tong makes an offer to Nuan to go and serve as her heiress at the Poo Kam regime. Nuan gladly takes the offer so that she could free her mother from it. Nuan asks Kom and Manee to take good care of her mother and they promise. Once she reaches there she is greeted by So-Phee at the entrance. Nuan meets Poowanai’s group who had been on there way beforehand. Laorng Tong uses the Ogre ghost to go and find the next heiress while she uses her powers to cause an eclipse and the eclipse causes a star that shows that the people who were involved with Laorng Tong is brought to meet her again. In the group is Orradee and Tananchai who escaped from the gamblers that they owe.

At Poo Kam Laorng Tong remembers Poowanai is Aorprathhorna, but Poowanai doesn’t remember anything of the past. At Poo Kam things are starting to get more and more complicated as Orradee isn’t happy that she meets Bpailin there and she also follows her lover in an envious nature because Tanachai continously tries to find away to violate, Bpai Lin, Nuan, and Saeng Jun. Nuan is also sad to find that Bpai Lin is the lover of Poowanai who she has secretly fallen in love with since she first met him. Kom and Manee meets a monk who advise them to practice Buddhism so they can find a way to help the others. He also advise them that a gold amulet will help them and everything will go back to peace. Kom agrees to go find Jao Luang Poo Kam’s grave and give the golden Amulet to Poowanai.

Sophee lets Yot go to see Laorng Tong first and he comes out with a handful of treasures. It’s found that Yot is not the next heir. Yot returns to the village and does as he promised to Laorng Tong and that is to worship her with fresh meat. This causes many animals and toddlers to die. Everyone then turns their attention and accuses Lin Faa once again. Kom and Manee then protects Lin Faa each and every time.

Tananchai gets to see Laorng Tong as next and he also returns with a handful of treasures and he refuses to tell anyone how the virtual to prove the heir is done. Orradee is the next to see Laorng Tong she asks Tananchai to wait for her, but Sophee refuses to let him wait so Tananchai has to leave without her. Orradee also returns with a handful of treasure. Orradee returns to the city and she and Tananchai gets into an arguement because Tananchai refuses to do as he had promised and Orradee was afraid that something bad would happen to them.

The next person to see Laorng Tong is Chom, but Chom was afraid of the ceremony and runs away until he gets to Lin Faa’s village. Manee and Kom helps Chom in time and asks them what happened at Poo Kam, but Chom is only able to tell what he remembers. Yot doesn’t like it and tries to hurt Chom, but Manee and Kom helps him in time. Kom then decides to go to Poo Kam to give the golden amulet to Poowanai. Manee doesn’t want him too, but she can’t stop him either.

Nuan waits her turn to see Laorng Tong, but Soh Pee refuses her. Nuan tells Poowanai about how Laorng Tong had made a meeting with her to come and be the heir. Saeng Jun see’s Nuan talking to Poowanai and gets jealous and throws a fit. Laorng Tong is forced to show herself and everyone is surprised. Nuan tries to collect on her promise in front of the chaos and she also tells her she is ready to be her heir as long as she doesn’t mess with her mother any longer. Laorng Tong gets angry and tells Soh Pee to hold her captive. Poowanai and Chaiya goes to find Nuan to help her. The two leave the regime in the middle of the night and meets Kom coincidentally. Kom gives Poowanai the golden amulet and tells him that the amulet must be placed on Jao Luang’s forehead on the middle of the lunar moon night only. Soh Pee comes and find them and calls the ogre ghosts to come and hurt Kom, but Kom is able to escape. Once he a returns to the village he meets with Manee and they both quickly give merit to save the people in Poo Kam regime.

Poowanai and Chai Ya goes to find the room that holds the bodies until they go to find Jao Luang’s body, but he is unable to show himself to them. Soh Pee comes and see them and goes to tell Laorng Tong who kills Chai Ya. The dissapearance of Chai Ya worries Poowanai who sets out to look for him all over the regime along with Bpai Lin. Laorng Tong sends her ghost to hurt them but the Golden Amulet is able to save them everytime. The two then gets lost in a forest together. This causes the two to love each other even more. Nuan sees that Poowanai and Bpai Lin dissappeared together and starts to get jealous, but she remembers what she came for and that was her mother so she asks Soh Pee once again to allow her to see Laorng Tong, but Laorng Tong refuses because she heard that Yot was caught as the person who caused the animal and children in the village to die. The villagers lock Yot in a box made by holy string which caused him to be stuck. Yot is now half ghost and half human and Lin Faa starts to perform the heavenly spirit dance, but Laorng Tong appears before her and tells her if she continues to do so then she will kill Nuan. Lin Faa was worried about Nuan so she promised that she will not invite the spirit of heaven anymore regardless of how much Kom and Manee beg.

Laorng Tong calls Nuan into see her and threatens that she will kill Lin Faa, Manee, and everyone she loves unless she brings the Golden Amulet from Poowanai for her. Nuan must accept unwillingly to save her mother, but also because she sees that Poowanai doesn’t have any feelings for her such as she has for him. Nuan then finds all ways possible to bring the Golden Amulet and trade it for the life of her mother and get revenge against Poowanai for not loving her back although she has given her heart to him.

Garm Narn Sing and Saeng Jun is bored of waiting so they decide to look for the treasures. Garmnarm Sing is killed gruesomely by Laorng Tong. Saeng Jun is afraid of death so she begs for her life and promises that she will be Laorng Tong’s servant such as Soh Pee forever. Laorng Tong makes Saeng Jun half human and half ghost nothing less than what Soh Pee is. She also gives her powers to protect herself, but her human memories still exist so Saeng Jun is still in love with Poowanai and is jealous of Bpai Lin and follows her to hurt her with magic, but Poowanai gives Bpai Lin the golden Amulet to protect herself.

Nuan tries to find the golden amulet along Poowanai, but doesn’t find it. The buddhist chanting of Bpai Lin causes the amulet to have power to the point where Saeng Jun is unable to withstand it and is forced to go reborn. Bpai Lin then quickly goes to help Poowanai. Along the way Bpai Lin is stopped by Soh Pee but the amulet is able to beat Soh Pee. Nuan is shocked to see that Bpai Lin has survived and is even more shocked to see that the amulet is with Bpai Lin. Nuan tries to steal it from her but Bpai Lin doesn’t give it up. Soh Pee who is weak goes to tell Laorng Tong who is currently fighting Lin Faa who had just arrived to Poo Kam. Soh Pee tries to help Laorng Tong but then loses all powers. Kom and Manee goes into Poo Kam and goes to the room that holds the body of Jao Luang. Nuan once she see’s her younger sister she gets her senses back and turns to help everyone with the Virtual and place the amulet on Jao Luang Poo Kam’s forehead. This causes Laorng Tong to become a spirit that dissapears right away.

Poowanai marries Bpai Lin just as Kom marries Manee. Nuan undergoes a virtual to become the new Heavenly Spirit in place of her mother. She does the dance very beautiful just as Lin Faa her mother does. Lin Faa chooses the road of joining a nunnery and practice buddhism to give merit and grace for Laorng Tong.


Trivia or Interesting Info about this Lakorn

Credit to Wikipedia: Several of Pob Pee Fa's actors have been involved with incidents during filming. An unexplained fire broke out in one of the vans. The actors Ah’Dao Duangdao Jarujinda(ดวงดาว จารุจินดา), Ae Pornthip and Chiranan Manochaem were all hospitalized. A cameraman was hit with a stray bullet during the filming of a sword fighting scene. Actress Yui said before filming, she read two script of her role and have bad dreams like it seems real.

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