La Ong Tet

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La Ong Tet
La Ong Tet
La Ong Tet


  • Title: La Ong Tet (ละอองเทศ)
  • Also known as: Foreign Dust
  • Duration: How Many Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy/Action ???
  • Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
  • Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm ???
  • Broadcast network: Channel 3
  • Broadcast period: 1997
  • Theme song: "theme song" Artist Name

Production Credits

  • Producer: Add info here
  • Director: Add info here
  • Screenwriter: Add info here
  • Company Name: Add info here


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It all began one day when reporters came to interview a man who fried noodles for a living. What was so unusual about a man frying noodles for a living you ask? Well he as a white man, living in the Thailand’s slum cooking noodles which not many Americans or Thai natives makes as well as he can. He went by the name of Don Smith and he has an eighteen year old daughter who is named DonLee. They live with Don’s mother in law and his wife, Minnie left him to raise them. His mother in law is like paralyzed from the waist down and she can’t movie her leg so she needs help getting around.

Kaream and his sister happened to watch the program about Don when it aired and they found it interesting and decided to go try it out. DonLee was the waitress that served them that day and he immediately fell in love with her at first sight because of her big Kool-AID looking smile. There is a guy named Nop who went to school with DonLee who was in love with her and he was the jock at the school and every girl wanted him. He was so in love that he volunteered his time at Don’s store even if his parents were well off.

As for Kaream, Nop’s older sister who just came back from America was in love with Kaream when he was over in America so when she returned she continued to pursue him. Kaream’s sister friend also was in love with him so it was the battle of the thick faced to get closer to Kaream between the two. They also had a nanny, named Soi(I believe) and she was in love with Kaream’s father and would do ANYTHING to get closer to him. He although has a second wife, who Kaream and his sister love as their own mother named Donreeya or Donna. Nanny Soi does not like Donna.

Kaream was thinking about opening a business and he admired Don’s ability to open and start a successful business and went to ask him for advice as a mentor. At first Don doesn’t want to get into it but after Kaream helped him with some bad guy he rethought about it and gave Kaream business advice.

The bad guys that Kaream helped Don with was hired by his wife new husband cause Don wouldn’t give them the blackmail money. Minnie knew something about Don that Don didn’t want DonLee to hear about. He told his daughter that she knew that he had come to Thailand when he wasn’t supposed to and so she thinks that Don “Jumped the border” (so to say).

So this begins Kaream’s journey into DonLee’s and well as Don’s life. DonLee begins to like Kaream as she sees him more and more. Kaream enjoys his time with DonLee and Nop, his sister, and Kaream’s sister’s friend become jealous and doesn’t like DonLee (Nop doesn’t like Kaream). DonLee also meets Kaream’s step-mom and they have and immediate bond.

Time passes and Kaream takes DonLee and her grandmother to the beach and there is where they discovered each others true feelings out in the open. Nop is heartbroken when DonLee says she sees him only as an older brother and takes it out on Kaream’s sister who already somewhat has feelings for him but later apologizes.

When they return from the beach she gets kidnap by Minnie’s new husband so that they get ransom money. Her grandmother also gets thrown so hard that she dies in the hospital later. Don and Kaream find out where DonLee is, just before the bad guy is about to cut off her finger and the police take them all. Kaream embraces DonLee, then her father, then Donna… who DonLee finds out is her real mother. Don and Donna were involved when they were in America and she left when the baby was born cause Kaream’s father just had to have her as his wife and her mother’s pressure. Don raised the baby and when DonLee was eight he brought her to Thailand to find her mother and somehow Minnie got into the picture.

Kaream’s father knows that there is something wrong with Donna and he starts to ignore it wanting it to go away but at the same time ignoring her. He was also jealous cause a mutual friend of both Don and Donna comes to see her often and fills her in about her daughter. She gets emotional and Nanny Soi takes this to her advantage and puts in a hidden camera shows it to Kaream’s father and he has a heart attack, so he avoids her more. Nanny Soi also wants to give herself to him but he refuses, so one day he comes in with a gun ready to fire and Kaream tries to take it from her and he gets shot. During his recovering stage DonLee takes care of him and Kaream’s sister and Nop also begin to build a relationship.

Donna finally stands up for herself and does what she wants for a change and she wants to go back to Don and her daughter and Kaream’s father finally understood and had already told her that she could do what she wanted. But before they could even rebuild their relationship Don makes a choice for all of them and decides to dedicate his time to the temple and to Buddha and so he decides he will become a monk. But before he does he tells Kaream’s father that he is entrusting him with his hearts, Donna and DonLee.

source: ThaiFanutic Galaxy

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